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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #25

November 5, 1999

1. Opening Words: Saved by Kabbalah - Alexander Aldarow
2. Spiritual Suppression - Lady Tia
3. The Council Of Light - Oriaha
4. A?Critical?Opportunity - Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
5. Messages from Mark Andrews - Mark Andrews
6. Looking beyond little green men and SETI's cult - Billy Cox
7. Abductions/Child Abuse/Domestic Violence - Fred R. Saluga
8. Today's Mail - Night
9. The Last War: Chapter One - Roots - Night
10. No Traces - Alexander Aldarow
11. Web Sites Recommendation - Alexander Aldarow
12. Closing Words

Opening Words: Saved by Kabbalah    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Hello, and welcome to the edition number quarter o' hundred! First, let me inform you that my [Aldarow] e-mail has been changed, so if you need a guidance or just a word of advise, do not hesitate to write. Now, to the matters at hand.
If you have read a couple of recent messages from me on our message board, you have probably noticed that the eternal optimist, that yours truly is, was down, depressed and frustrated in the worst way. Indeed, upon entering my first days in the Tel-Aviv University three weeks ago, I started one of the blackest periods of this year. It began with me not connecting with the vibe of place at first, followed by drastic problems with studies' schedule, and then more and more. Toward the closing of my first week Rinor and Tiamat helped me, feeding me with energies they sent my way, but as I started to feel better about the situation I got stuck in, a sickness stroke, ruining my home weekend. From there is was an endless fall to the bottom, with all the experience I gathered in the field of the spiritual collapsing, and my progress reduced to nothing. In a matter of days I entirely lost my purpose, my cause, my protection... my smile. It seemed that the evil forces got be this time for good...
But the signs for the salvation were everywhere, although I either chose to ignore them, or misused their intentions. I was submerged in a black lagoon of negative thinking. The problems didn't seem to go away by themselves, it was not a regular bad streak that has to come sometimes, since it had no symptoms of vanishing at all. On Tuesday, October the 26th, I was on my way home, suffocating physically (throat problems), as well as mentally and spiritually. At Tel-Aviv's central bus station I passed near a counter, where a man was selling books about Kabbalah. In a matter of minutes I poured him my soul out, about the low energies around me, about being in a dead end. He gave me a simple advise, that I shall pass to you, as I did to someone else, too.
He told me that Kabbalah does not acknowledge such thing as luck... and not even fate. Everything in our life is in our control, it is a direct consequence of our deeds, our thoughts, out perception, perhaps in the past lives as well, but no one has stated we have to pay all the time. We must be strong, and take it all under our own control. Money, time, environment, circumstances - don't let it take a hold of you.
I was driving back home in a bus, while giving myself a serious mental shake. I was silently yelling at myself, "I'm in control! I'm in charge! I am strong, from now and on, and forever!" I arrived home, and took the rest of the week off. I took care of internal matters, before moving back to external ones. When I saw that man, the Kabbalist, one week later, I underwent an 180 degrees change, and was radiating with happiness, and he smiled when he saw that in me.
You see, precious reader, we all must drop 'the constant victim' pattern right now! I know, it may seem hard and even non-achievable, considering the life and the world we are living in... but there we go again, the merry-go-round of darkness continues, since we don't have the strength to break free of that sucking swamp of routine misery. But you're wrong, you do possess that strength, it what makes you immortal, it what eventually makes you shining the light of Divinity - we can stop our personal suffering immediately! Whatever we did in the past, maybe even before birth, we must bury without any further delay. Stop carrying around the dead weight of guilt, of uncertainty, or constant concern - "What would other think?" Who cares!! It is YOUR life, and you, and only you, will be its master, its shaper, its sculptor and planner. Stop being a slave to the outside world, and let the inside world take you forward! Take the responsibility for YOUR life, because you're the one living it, and you're the only one that must rule it!
I hope I delivered the message in the clearest way to you. Kabbalah (not to be confused with Judaism, the religion), for instance, speaks exactly of the same universal aspects. In the next issue I will attempt to give you an Introduction to Kabbalah (the way Tiamat did the Introduction to Wicca), as I am being introduced to it myself these days, by the means of the book I bought at that counter, at the central bus station.
The energies are flowing freely now. 'Now' is the key word. 'Control' is another. Use them!
And enjoy the rest of the newsletter. It went out a little bit long, but who said you have to read it at once, instead of prolonging the joy as you wish, since you're the only one in charge NOW.

Spiritual Suppression    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)


Physical Injustices? You've all been subjected to or have witnessed such injustices, on an everyday basis. Actions that inflict harm to the body and psyche are reported on the news broadcast day in and day out, but how does one truly define injustices and what is the origin of their manifestation? Though this is only in theory, I move to show that these injustices originate on the realm of spirit, and from the entity that knows no time... the original self, the soul.

Looking at words and examples

Crime, a deviation in a written rule of society (law), has just recently been viewed as not just an earthly occurrence. Despite the fact that there are no easily accessible "written rules" of the Spirit World, crimes happen as often there, if they are, after all, not the precise origin. Let's take a look at the below terms, and really think about what they mean. These are words, which are put to use everyday.

Discrimination: unfair treatment of a person or group, on the basis of prejudice. The cognitive process, in which the differences between two or more stimuli are perceived. In discriminating against an individual for their system of beliefs or anything else they do which deviates from the norm of society [physical plane] is in fact a true injustice, or crime.

Intolerance: an absence of tolerance for difference of opinion or practice [esp. in religious matters], denial of the right to differ, narrow-minded. Intolerance is mostly expressed among those whose beliefs limit them to even conceive the notion that someone else could have opposing beliefs. As noted in the physical realm's societies, s/he who stands behind her/his beliefs are often chastised or excommunicated from others in society, being marked as wrong. This is yet another form of suppression, in the attempt to try to wear down the individual(s) differing from what is often times referred to as the "norm."

Ignorance: A willful neglect or refusal to acquire knowledge, which one may acquire.

Though these are merely words, every time one is acted out, it builds the dam which blocks out the free flow of the right to individual thought and freedom. Issues being fought such as discrimination and intolerance are the individual's attempts to regain his/her spiritual self. In channeling, s/he channels from a main source, whether ideas, thoughts or power are received. Such as the body is the carrier for the spirit that lies behind his/her eyes, so is the channel the conduit for the ideas, thoughts, or power channeled.

Theories agreed upon and concluded by Project X, is that these "negative" energies, which originate on the astral (spiritual) level, convince a number of individuals on the physical level, to concern themselves only with the material things, blocking out any desire to seek spiritual assistance or knowledge. In turn, other influences may or may not be forced upon them. In many cases, all the crime and lesser deviations essentially suppress "the self." The suppression comes in a variety of forms, such as execution of crimes, discrimination, intolerance, and yes, ignorance.

Often in society, the need or desire to seek knowledge has harshly been lacking, though, in times such as these, it is beginning to surface and expand, rapidly. Typically, the society which exhibits ignorance by their refusal to learn or understand things they don't presently comprehend perceive those who deviate from their way of thinking to pursue such facets of knowledge as different from themselves, which links back to intolerance and discrimination.

Spiritual Connections - Energy vibrations

"Emotions have their own wave pattern, ranging from the expression of anger at 4.8 vibrations per second (vps) to reverence at 9.8 vps. The sound of laughter is an exciting, lifting vibration, which affects the psyche centers and etheric body so that melancholy, fear and doubts can be dissolved. Our own voice can create red angry sounds or cold blue sounds, or when we are touched by beauty, the "ahh" sound." (Macdonell, "Colour and Sound.")

This enhancement of negativity shifts the earth to a downward Electro-Magnetic Frequency; similar to the EMF the human body is shifted towards, when in a state of depression. Emotions are reactions to the vibrations [i.e. energies], which are received by all. The mind interprets the vibration, decoding to read it as a sensation, then in turn, sends a response. Such a response is the reaction, which is experienced from the incoming vibrations. It can also shift the EMF of those around them. This would account for the ability of some individuals causing those around them to feel the same emotions that s/he feels. The earth, too, is a body, and that body has been depressed by the negative energy exhibited by humans. All the natural disasters, more present today than of yesteryear, are best described as Earth's ways of attempting to cleanse herself; initializing the process of an upward shift. It is believed that negative vibrations only exist on the lower levels, and as the vibrations rise, it is also thought that the negative vibrations can not be felt as strongly as the individual ascends to higher levels of vibration and frequency.

As expressed in Macdonell's "Colour and Sound" in issue 21 of Golden Age Magazine, the vibrations (or energy) of one's own voice also has the capacity to send out either lower or higher frequencies, which carry quite an impact on anyone or anything within range. For example, think of the tone that a guardian uses when scolding his or her child. What impact does this tone have upon the child? If such a theory is applicable to sound and tone, would it not also be applicable to body language and thought patterns as well?

Take now into consideration, what if for one moment a woman suddenly fell to what seemed like an unwarranted attack of depression, without any visible form there to send the vibrations through tone or body language? Though, what if there was an unseen force projecting thought patterns to the woman? If these thought patterns were of a low vibration, with the information currently stated in this paper, could it not send her into a depression that may possibly cause her to react a particular way towards fellow members of humanity or nature? Herein lies the manifestation of suppression.

As the world heads into the new millennium, there is a rise of interest and research pursued in the spiritual fields, as many are becoming more in touch with their personal spirituality. Every being on the physical realm has personal perceptions of both benevolent and malevolent energies inside and out of the physical realm. We, as beings on the physical realm, are constantly in contact with otherworldly entities on a daily basis. They are the whisper of breath, which whisks across the back of our necks, and a breakthrough of alternate electromagnetic fields [energy fields], i.e., a cold touch upon a warm hand, in a room where the temperature is somewhere in between. I propose that these ideas should be further investigated.
1. Macdonell, Wendy. "Colour and Sound." Golden Age Magazine. Issue. #21.
2. Macdonell, Wendy. "Colour and Sound." New Age On-Line Australia. Last updated: Visited: 20 Oct. 1999.
3. Last updated: 08 Sept. 1999. Visited: 20 Oct. 1999.

The Council Of Light    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Oriaha    (all articles by this author)

Greetings! I am Oriaha of The Council Of Light. Know that you are dearly loved beyond limit or that of measure. We greet you this day with a gentle nudge to assist you in your awakening and remind you of where you left your key to opening and remembering who you really are and fulfilling your contract within this life expression. Indeed these are grand times and you are not here by accident. Know that the keys to unlocking the doorway to your truth is through the conscious connection with that of your Higher Self, as well as with that of your Angels, guides and teachers. Know that for us to interact with you within this expression within the human condition you must first ASK for conscious connection and guidance. Is it not written within your scriptures "ask and you shall receive"? Know that in asking you enter the realm of INTENTION, and it is through intention from your heart that you are connected to ALL THAT IS. Ask for guidance in awakening to your contract, to your true self and EXPECT it to be there, for it is only through your intention of the request that we are allowed to respond and we are there in less than an instant. Remember that THOUGHT, WORD and ACTION are the tools of creation and manifestation. Be AWARE of SYNCHRONICITY and know that it is through synchronicity you will find brilliant crystals to guide you to your contract. You will begin to notice little signs calling you in this direction or that direction and feel assured that you are moving in the direction of finding your purpose, your contract.

Use the power of the word through AFFIRMATION to communicate absolute intent and express the I AM and the I HAVE of your intent, and KNOW it is so. You are a vast being of light with many expressions through incarnation on a journey home, back to wholeness and the knowing that indeed all is One. Communicate with your Higher Self and nonphysical family and friends at first light of your day and again upon returning to your bed at night. Be still and listen to your intuition for through your intuition and that still small voice that your Higher Self and spirit speaks to you. Do not be afraid when a thought pops into your consciousness that you do not claim as that of your own for it is the voice of your true self or that of your guides speaking to you. You will know them by the love that pours over and through you as the message is received into your waking consciousness. Do not be stunned when you awaken in the night only to hear a lecture in your mind that seems constant throughout your night, for indeed you are in night class and be assured that you will remember the lessons when the time to remember arrives. We within the knowing of Oneness are here to assist you in awakening and remembering the truth and we hear your calls. We will answer your calls when you ask us to be with you.

Know that it is through consciousness that you can change your world. You have the power to stop starvation and war and to flood the Earth with absolute light through your intent to merge with the light and anchor it with the flow of the collective consciousness that surrounds yourselves and the Earth. Consciousness ripples out into creation and through love and the intent to anchor light that all of creation is lifted and healed. Remember your planet is a living sentient being just as you are, she has feelings and knows what her children are doing and feeling at all times. She is connected to you for you are of her stuff and she has raised you and fed you and given you all the things you have ever had. She reacts to your emotions and yearns for you to remember her in your hearts and to love her as part of yourself, for indeed all things are connected in oneness.

We leave you now dear ones and send you light, love, compassion, peace and joy with the hope that you find tolerance for one another and love one another. Know that you are loved beyond limit or that of measure. That our love for you is beyond definition. The human language is far too limited for you to truly understand and hold within your selves all the raw power of the love. And so it is.

I Am Oriaha Of The Council


A?Critical?Opportunity    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Patricia Diane Cota-Robles    (all articles by this author)

A Critical Opportunity -
Activating the Original Divine Blueprint for the Earth

November 11, 1999
11:11 AM? In Each Time Zone

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Era of Peace Welcome Page

Please read this information with an open heart and mind. We are being given an unprecedented opportunity to assist this sweet Earth and all life evolving upon Her. Even if you don't grasp the full magnitude of this Divine Truth, at least contemplate it as a possibility. Ask the Presence of God within your heart to assist you in being the most effective Peace-Commanding Presence and Divine Instrument of Light you are capable of being.

This event will assist in accelerating the energy, vibration and consciousness of the Planet a quantum leap up the spiral of evolution. The Earth's Ascension in the Light is in the hands of those who are embodied on Earth during this Cosmic Moment - that means you and me. We are not here by chance; we are here because we have volunteered to Love this Planet and assist in Healing Her back into Her original Divine Expression.

There are myriad events taking place in 1999 to prepare for the New Millennium. The Divine Plan that is now unfolding is a glorious, multifaceted and multidimensional symphony of Light Activities. These Activities are being divinely orchestrated by our Creator God, the unified efforts of the entire Company of Heaven and Humanity.

The next massive Global event will take place on November 11, 1999, and its central focus of attention will be at Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia. Australia's part of the Divine Plan is unique and critical to the success of every other facet of the plan. To fully understand the magnitude of Australia's mission at this time, we must know a little of its background.

Australia was originally part of the enormous continent of Lemuria. When the Golden Age of Lemuria ended, the souls evolving there fell into the depths of human miscreation. Our Father-Mother God realized the degree of human suffering, and issued a Divine Fiat to purify Lemuria by sinking it below the healing waters of the Pacific Ocean. Before the purging of that continent, God decreed that the Record-Keeper Crystals, which contain the genetic codes and the original blueprint of the Divine Plan for Earth be placed in a large monolith for safekeeping until Humanity could regain our direction.

The original patterns of perfection for the Earth were rendered dormant by Humanity's misuse of our creative faculties of thought and feeling. As we used our gift of free will to distort our life energies into mutated patterns of poverty, disease, hate, war, pain and all manner of suffering, the original Divine Plan for Earth was short circuited. Nothing is ever permanently lost, however, and God knew that one day Humanity would raise our heads above the veil of human effluvia. We would then be able to reconnect with the Light of God, and remember that we are Divine Sons and Daughters of God.

At that point we would be able to reactivate the Record-Keeper Crystals and reclaim the original Divine Intent of this Planet, thus restoring Her to a school of learning in which Humanity learns the process of co-creating Heaven on Earth.

After aeons of mind-boggling struggle and decades of incredible, life-transforming Activities of Light, we have finally reached that moment.

The monolith that contains the Record-Keeper Crystals is Ayers Rock or Uluru in Australia. On November 11, 1999, beginning with the first time zone on the Planet, at 11:11 AM and continuing for one hour, the Light of God will pour through the Portal of Uluru and begin activating the Record-Keeper Crystals. The patterns of perfection contained in the codes in the Crystals will begin to pulsate into the Divine Momentum in the center of the Earth. Those patterns will then expand out through the Crystal Grid System. That system is actually the acupuncture meridians in the body of Mother Earth.

For one hour in each time zone, beginning at 11:11 AM, more Light will blaze through the Portal in Uluru and expand out through the Crystal Grid System to bless all life on Earth. For 24 hours, the Earth will be bathed in an unprecedented wave of Divine Light.

That Light will then build gently and lovingly, moment by moment, until the Summer Olympics which will take place in Australia in 2000. At that time billions of people all over the World will turn the focus of their attention to Australia for two full weeks. The collective cup of Humanity's focused attention during the Olympics will form a Chalice of Light through which monumental amounts of Divine Light will pour into the Record-Keeper Crystals at Uluru. That tremendous expansion of Light will intensify the activation of the genetic codes and the blueprint for the original Divine Intent of this sweet Earth. The Light will blaze through every atomic and subatomic particle of life on Earth. Then the Earth and all Her life will Ascend a quantum leap further up the spiral of evolution closer to the loving Heart of our Creator God.

So how can you and I effectively assist in bringing this Divine Plan to God-Victorious fruition? Well, first of all, we must remember that in order for something to manifest in the physical plane, it must be drawn through the Divine Heart Flame of someone abiding in the physical plane. In other words, God needs a body.

Even though this Light will blaze through the Crystal Grid System to every corner of the Earth, unless people absorb the Light into their Heart Flames and project it into their spheres of influence on the Holy Breath, it won't be tangibly available for the masses of Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom.

You and I are being asked by the Company of Heaven to be the Hands of God in the world of form. All we have to do to be the Instruments of God's Light on Earth is surrender ourselves to that Divine Intent. We must then ask our God Selves to remove any blocks, interference, resistance, doubt or confusion in our lower human egos. Ask that only the Light of God flow through your thoughts, words, actions and feelings during that Cosmic Moment. Consecrate and dedicate your life energy to fulfilling the Immaculate Concept of your Divine Plan and the Divine Plan for the Earth in this holy mission.

We have been preparing for aeons of time to serve the Light of God during this unique moment of Earth's Ascension. We already have pulsating within our hearts all of the skill, sacred knowledge, strength, courage, desire and ability we need to succeed. All we have to do now is get our fear-based human egos out of the way.

Trust yourself, and? KNOW Victory is Ours!!!

God Bless You, and Thank You for remembering who you are and why you are on Earth at this time.

{Sent by Bruce Baker, the original author of Spiritual Homework Assignment, Project X Newsletter, issue 21}

Messages from Mark Andrews    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

"We interrupt this program..." - rumored address to the nation by President Clinton

Some rumors are just too good not to be shared!

If you know me well enough, you are most aware of the fact that I have devoted an obsessive amount of my life and energies toward all matters pertaining to earth's higher place in the Galactic order and earth humanity's struggle to ascend into our God given state of awareness.

Most of you are already aware of Art Bell and Richard C. Hoagland. If not - Art Bell hosts the most widely listened to overnight radio program in the US; Coast to Coast AM. Richard C. Hoagland is a former NASA consultant who is most famous for his investigations into the face and pyramids on Mars, as well as similar anomalies on the moon.
Richard Hoagland was a guest on Art Bell's program in the early hours of Friday, 10-22-99. The matter of an upcoming address to the American people by President Clinton was one of the topics discussed. I am still trying to get more definitive confirmation regarding the alleged address and its contents. However, I will share some educated speculation.
I subscribe to 4 daily internet UFO news services that provide non-stop feeds around the clock. The hottest and most consistent topics of the past 6 months have dealt with:

1. The approach toward earth of a wide band of asteroids coming in the wake of Comet Lee. ( some visible coming from the direction of the sun during the total eclipse in August ).

2. The arrival into our solar system of a very large space station of extraterrestrial origins: said to have assumed a distant orbit around earth.

3. The on-going debates among the hierarchies of NASA, the Pentagon Space Command, and other US government agencies as to what here to fore classified information should be released to the public in light of the previous two developments.

4. A decided effort on the part of the Clinton administration to distance itself from those forces in the US and Global governments that have sought to maintain secrecy in matters of long standing covert contacts and treaties with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Richard Hoagland stated that he had been told of plans for an up-coming address by President Clinton. Knowing how clouded all UFO related information can be, I can only speculate that any such announcement must involve any or all of the above listed elements.
The address is scheduled to be given at 11:50 PM. I'm sorry that I cannot be very precise as to the date, but my best guess from what little I was able to glean from the broadcast is that it would be given around the 17 of November ( a Wednesday night ). This timing would also suggest that other world leaders will be addressing their people at the same time.
I have heard some eerie speculation that such an address may include a declaration of martial law in response to the first 2 items listed above.
On the other hand, there is the usual "buzz" that the announcement will be a first step toward the declassification of some UFO information.
You can be sure that I'm trying to follow this story as well as I can. I will try to keep everyone as up to date on all of this as I am able.

"For He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.
They shall bear thee up in their hands lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.
And no terror shall come near thee. Neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling."

One day of Peace

UFOTruth -

Something to think about...


This is a 24 hour concept where no guns are fired on earth, including on television.

For 24 hours, whosoever was at war in December 1999, agrees that for one whole day, no guns would be fired. The silence would be golden.

The television programmers of the world agreed NOT to air any programming with a violent content?

At present, this ONE DAY IN PEACE concept is beginning to get further circulation. Can you spread this concept so that a possibility might become a reality? This is a "thought-wave campaign"... that is to say, the more people who grasp this thought, the more it comes into reality.


JANUARY 1st, 2000


Amazing coincidence

I'm sure you have heard a great deal of news coverage regarding the plane crash that took the life of professional golfer Payne Stewart and five others on 10-24-99. Today (10-25-99) on Paul Harvey's mid-day news, Mr. Harvey told of some lesser known details about the incident. These facts defy simple chance.
If you are able to access the newscast via the Internet, I would encourage you to hear his report? Otherwise, I will try to summarize his report. I'm sorry that I cannot from memory supply some of the necessary names, locations, etc.. My search to find the information on the net has not yet been successful.

The Learjet 35 was scheduled to make the 800 mile flight from Orlando to Houston. On take-off it was heading Northwest. It was suppose to turn left to achieve a straight course for Houston. Once pressure was lost, the plane, of course, continued on its Northwesterly course. You have probably heard how the jet "dolphined" in flight from between 22,000 to 51,000 feet altitude. After approximately 1,500 miles of flight, the Learjet had used up all of its fuel and came down. It fell on to a field near the town of Mina, South Dakota.
The owner of the field is also a professional golfer who was scheduled to play against Payne Stewart in the Tour Champion in Houston next week. ( The destination of the flight ) The man was hunting in the field at the time of the crash and witnessed the event.
You have to wonder if there were some unseen forces directing it all...
The angle of the plane at the time of depressurization...
The exact amount of fuel to carry the plane on automatic pilot to exactly that location...
The fact that the other pro-golfer was in the field to witness the crash.
I'm sure most people would find all of this curious but without meaning. I can't necessarily see any meaning to it either. All I can say is that it is just another case of undefinable synchronicity. Spooky.

Love in Christ,

Looking beyond little green men and SETI's cult    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Billy Cox    (all articles by this author)

A copy of the newspaper column below and its web location is being sent out to the PRG/X-PPAC contact list as well as the national media list of several thousand. It is a masterpiece.
It is written by Billy Cox, a great media friend of the UFO/Dislcoure movement for "Florida Today," which serves Central Florida - home of the Kennedy Space Center.
All receiving this are requested to do everything possible to spread the content of this column and its web location. Post on your website, send to your email list, send to your local media, and send to your political representatives.
The UFO/ET cover-up is ending. The media will drive the process, open Congressional hearings will define the process, and disclosure will culminate the process.
It is time for American journalists to step forward and take on the biggest news story in history. Colleagues like Billy Cox are showing them the way.

Stephen Bassett
Paradigm Research Group (
Spread the word about X-PPAC
and the politics of disclosure

Source: Florida Today

Space Online
Oct. 23, 1999
Looking beyond little green men and SETI's cult

By Billy Cox

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - As cults go, members of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence community are a benign crowd. What's not to love? They're cool. They want to contact ET - using radiotelescopes.

They are dreamers with doctorates. They command the vocabularies of science with eloquence and self-effacing humor. They are the underdogs; they fight bland congressional tightwads for funding and lose. They bounce back, resilient. They reside, with the greatest of ease, simultaneously, in opposing worlds of rationalism and faith. And it is that faith - pursued without evidence to support the sanctified medium of radio, dogmatic and selective in its beliefs, closed to alternative possibilities - which makes their science look so insecure.

A full house turned out Tuesday night in Cocoa to catch the SETI show at Brevard Community College's Fine Arts Auditorium. Leading the sermon was Dr. Seth Shostak, a brilliant wit at the privately funded SETI Institute of Mountain View, Calif. Given a) the billions of stars orbiting billions of galaxies, b) the ongoing discovery of new planets, and c) amino acids-laden cosmic debris seeding the universe like sperm cells, painting space as a yawning pond wriggling with life forms was easy enough. Audience members were told how they, too, could assist the radio hunt by downloading and crunching signals with the so-called SETI@Home program.

The doors slammed when several listeners advanced the UFO heresies, wondering if maybe those alien life forms hadn't already arrived. One woman rattled off a list of related Web sites, prompting Shostak to charge, "None of those sources you've mentioned are credible."

Too bad. Because one of the sites Shostak dismissed - - has nothing to do with alien implants, ancient astronauts, or any other subjective aspect of the phenomenon. It's jammed solely with scanned-in photocopies of government documents - 7,000 or so, from acronyms such as the CIA, DIA, FBI and USAF - acquired through the Freedom of Information Act. The patterns of high-level interest are clear; what they're onto is not. We get glimpses of what we already know - military and commercial pilot reports of wild UFO evasive maneuvers, associated power failures, radar signatures, etc. - but the best stuff presumably has been blacked out by censors.

Pressed further by another listener who asked why UFO researchers and SETI guys couldn't reason through this thing, Shostak replied, "Scientists don't object to a dialogue; it just doesn't go anywhere."

Speaking for all scientists, naturally. But not a nine-member Stanford University panel led by physicist Peter Sturrock who, after examining the available evidence in 1998, advocated a rigorous public investigation. Good luck.

The data Sturrock's colleagues studied was assembled by billionaire philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller, who circulated a lengthy briefing paper on UFOs to top government officials, reportedly including President Clinton. But the lid remains sealed. In his memoirs, Friends In High Places, now-disgraced former associate attorney general Webb Hubbell states one of his greatest regrets was being unable to get to the bottom of the UFO mystery, which Clinton ordered him to do.

Our chief executives often lack the proper security clearances to know what's going on. Witness Ronald Reagan's Iran-contra debacle. Or consider the Venona intercepts of the 1940s. That's when Signals Intelligence monitored the chatter of Soviet espionage rings in the United States and knew everything about the real - but extremely limited - activities of domestic agents. Disclosure could've preempted Joe McCarthy's persecutions of the innocent, since the names of the guilty were known, but protecting the information was evidently more important than protecting American citizens. We didn't learn until Senate hearings in 1996 that then-Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Omar Bradley withheld access to the truth from President Truman.

Among the ironies of Shostak's remarks was that the not-credible Black Vault - constructed by 18-year-old John Greenewald Jr., of Mission Hills, Calif. - also offers instructions on how to participate in SETI@Home. Thus, by appropriating "scientists" for the SETI elite and shooing everyone else into the barnyard of cheap laughs over "little green men," Shostak and colleagues create artificial schizoid divides that fail to further the public interest.

The Cold War is over, but the pathology of secrecy oozes forward. Consequently, SETI glows in the dark.

Billy Cox can be reached at (407) 242-3774, or
FLORIDA TODAY, P.O. Box 419000, Melbourne, FL 32941-9000.

Abductions/Child Abuse/Domestic Violence    (view on a separate page)
Author: Fred R. Saluga    (all articles by this author)

I have been conducting research on UFO's and law enforcement for about 5 months and have found something that I found to be very interesting.

I have sent out several e-mails and also regular mail on this research and received many interesting responses on the alien abduction question. Many people state that they would not discuss the abduction and possible bruises and marks with anyone for fear of law enforcement coming to their home on a domestic violence complaint. This is also true with children, as parents would not even let the child attend school with unexplained marks or bruises as they would be visited by Child Abuse Investigators and that they would have to explain the bruises and marks and when they could not, their children would be taken away and that they may be charged with child abuse.

I find these replies very interesting and would appreciate any feedback that I could get on the above and any information as to if indeed this ever did happen.

I would also appreciate any information on the government experimenting on children without the knowledge or the knowledge of the parents that could be classified as child abuse.

I would like to thank you in advance for your time and cooperation regarding the above request and all information will be deeply appreciated. If you do not want to e-mail me, I have my address at the bottom of this e-mail and you do not have to give name or address, just the facts. (Sounds like a cop).


Fred R. Saluga,
2731 BlairStone Road,
Apartment #77,
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
e-mail: (

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Author: Night    (all articles by this author)

I would like to submit this for your newsletter.

Dear friends,

Much has happened to me since I came to Project X. I have met new friends and unfortunately lost a few. I think I am writing this to relate a few of my experiences.
It started four years ago. I was going to work just like every other day. I allowed my mind to wander as I often did. Then all of the sudden I felt all this knowledge flow through me. It was peaceful. For the first time I felt like I belonged. Just as fast as it came it was gone. I couldn't focus on anything for the rest of the day. This is when my nightmares began.
These nightmares plague me even to this day. They involve everything from flying over my hometown after it had been destroyed to five warriors standing around a ball of light. All of them involved the destruction of mankind. There was one in particular that is always fresh in my mind. I was at work cleaning when a friend said "someone is here to see you". When I turned around I saw a shadow standing there. I say shadow because that is the closest way to describe what I saw. It was staring at me with these bright green eyes. I would then wake up in a cold sweat. I have had this dream a few times until one night at work. I was cleaning my area at work. I saw a black figure behind me out of the corner of my eye. In the next instant I felt a sharp pain on both sides of my neck. When I regained my composure and looked around no one was there.
About six months later I came to P_X (Project X). I met many good friends (Alex, Ioliar, Tiamat, Original Six, and others). I also lost good friends. I recently lost a good friend because of rumors that she and I were having an affair. This wouldn't have been so bad if she had not been married. She believes that I started the rumors, but I didn't. I don't know how the rumors started. She won't talk to me and has not shown up for a shift when she works with me. I wish this had not happened.
I am also constantly attacked now. I have gone through three cars since coming here. Thanks to all of you I can protect myself. I just wanted to share this with you all.

for life,

The Last War: Chapter One - Roots    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Night    (all articles by this author)

[A remark - today we begin telling a story, that, as time progresses, will be written by several people. The idea was night's, who has also contributed the first chapter. Certain people of the Open Forum will join the original narrator along the way. The story is fictional, however, how much of it is truly a fiction?]

????????? THE LAST WAR

?? My name is William Foster, but you know me as night. I am the last of the five heroes. We were called leaders, heroes, great men. But to each other we were friends. This is their story as much as it is mine. Enjoy.

?????? Chapter one? -? ROOTS

?? I was born at the dawn of the information age in Savannah, Georgia. A large city proud of its historical roots. From early on I was tormented with loss and hate. My father died of cancer when I was only three. The rest of my family was to busy looking down on me to care for me. Only my mother was there for me. She would become the only happiness I would know. Even at an early age I felt I was different. I felt like an outsider looking in. All throughout my childhood I would have dreams of war.? Now I realize they were more, but hindsight is always the clearest. I would wake up from these dreams screaming and crying.? My mother would always come in and comfort me afterwards. She was my only comfort in those days. All throughout school the other children would torture and humiliate me. None of them would accept me. So on my eighteenth birthday I decided to leave...

{Next time William begins his journey for a better life. He never expected to find what he did.}

No Traces    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

One of a kind among the races:
The Man Who Leaves No Traces.
Lost in the mob with million faces:
The Man Who Leaves No Traces.
He walked through desert of damnation,
the man without a nation.
He crossed the forest of relief,
and hadn't moved a leaf.
His breath has touched the ancient walls,
but he received no calls.
Was it a curse or mere blessing?
No one can stop the guessing.
He watched the dying of the stars,
collapsing as some broken jars,
beheld the birth of saints and rain,
but still his footprints don't remain.
He traveled Time and Deepest Spaces,
The Man Who Leaves No Traces.
Embrace his everlasting journey?

Alexander Aldarow, 1.23.98

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Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

1) Webmasters out there, all the free resources you need to make sure there will be a constant flow of visitors to your pages is on this excellent site: 1001 Free Webmaster Resources ( Another step to increase your hits is to exchange reciprocal links with our Project X
2) Viewzone: Jurassic Art ( - ancient stones of different sizes were discovered, depicting humans... flying on a winged dinosaur, using a telescope and an organ transplantation, and more. Intrigued? Click the URL, then.
3) Stepping Stones ( - Welcome, fellow traveler on the path. Sit back, relax and enjoy your visit! Read an enlightening experience, put in a request for healing, shop for unusual items, look through some great links, or discover the answer to why pyramids aren't just for mummies! Don't forget our free contest!

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"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
- H. P. Lovecraft (the quote suggested by Rinor)

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