Questions Answered - answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions

written by Alexander Aldarow
current update: March 10, 2011

Q. What is a "chosen one"? Who are the chosen ones? Am I a chosen one?
A. These are, indeed, the most commonly asked questions we receive. I hope that my answer will assist in dispersing some fog of hazy ambivalence and uncertainty.

Simply put, a chosen one is a person who spiritually awakes. Take Rinor and myself, for instance. The story of how we began and how we progressed is partially told throughout this website. Out of curiosity and attraction to the paranormal, we tried a regressive hypnosis, and Rinor saw his past reincarnations. As we continued these explorations, the images of the past were replaced by what we called "cosmic messages". Through Rinor's hypnotic trances and my dreams, we came in contact with various non-corporeal entities. Furthermore, these were not disjointed contacts; there was a direction and a guidance behind all the phenomena. We came more aware to the fact that the reality is not only physical. We also saw how many events in our lives are connected, synchronized. We were told that we will meet other people, who walk similar paths - the other "chosen ones."

I must warn, however, in order to prevent further dispute, that a "chosen one" does not stand above any other human being. He/She simply is drawn to the supernatural, has an inner feeling of self-purposefulness, a longing for self-discovery, self-fulfillment. Yes, a chosen one is unique, as unique as every single person is. A chosen one is a spiritual person. That is all. It is not a title of self-glorification, it is merely an expression that attempts to describe a lightworker, a medium, a healer, a dreamer, a mage, a UFOlogist, a practitioner, a believer, an eclectic, and so on. Furthermore - and this is my most recent discovery - a person shouldn't attach one's self to this or any other title. Don't rush to define yourself just yet, don't fixate your progress with a word you enjoy using when introducing yourself. In the end, you are simply YOU ("I Am"). A soul.

So why still use such an allegedly "misleading" definition? Ah, here comes the cosmic part. These are the exact words that so many people, at the beginning of their individual journeys, hear in a dream, a vision, a random encounter. A voice reaches them and whispers, "You are a chosen one." On some unconscious/higher level, you have chosen that this lifetime is the best period to start unfolding, to accelerate your development, and, along with the Universe's/God's help, you begin your climb up toward the enlightenment. It is a miraculous journey, full of surprises, harsh challenges and moments of bliss. It is your unique path - although I have encountered some details common to a few people.

What is more surprising is that, according to statistics, the expressions "chosen one(s)" and "Project X" are the most frequent words that people type in search engine before they reach these pages. Yes, there is a lot of cosmic meaning involved with these two simple words, chosen ones.

Many chosen ones feel that they are here to make the world a better place; they receive a lot of aid and reassurance from prophetic texts; others feel that the most important task is to understand one's self, to reach your spiritual core. Both are noble causes, although, if I may add my opinion here - and I may - I believe that a person must rescue one's self, before rushing to save the world. We tend to create dogmatic patterns around ourselves, twisting our vision, and it is these patterns that must be shattered first. But that is not the topic of this answer. I also wish to add here, that my views have changed/evolved during the years, and you can encounter, especially in older newsletters, a slightly different opinions by yours truly. It can be a stimulating study, though, to track the evolution of the thought, anyone's thought. In the future, my views will surely change again.

To conclude this long answer, and to reply to "Am I a chosen one?" I can only say one thing - don't ask me such a question. I am not here to limit you with my definitions - I even try not to limit myself. You are spiritually opening up, that is all I can tell you in response.

Q. Can I write to you about an experience I had? Can I share something with you? Can you help me?
A. Yes, you can write to me, my e-mail is . So far I have been contacted by hundreds of people and did my best to help them. I cannot promise miracles, but I can guarantee that you have found a listening ear. If I feel I cannot be much of a help in the area you ask me about, I, with your permission, will direct you to one of my friends, whom I believe to have more expertise in that area.

By default, our correspondence will remain discreet. I will not share your e-mails with anyone else. However, if you wish for your message to reach more people, I can suggest two ways - our Free Spirits message board, where you can interact with other Project X's regulars, ask their opinions, and so on, and Project X Newsletter, through which you can share your experiences and publish your thoughts, reaching hundreds of readers.

All in all, remember - we are here for YOU, we are always open to a dialogue.

Q. Are you guys some sort of a cult?
A. Not only we are not a cult, we are not even an organization. Yes, there is a circle of friends that was formed around Project X website, but there is no hierarchical structure, no agenda, or rules, or ideology. There could have been some common ground in the beginning, but, since the circle of "Project Xers" is constantly changing (people leaving, coming, changing their minds) and expanding, there was no way for the original ideology to preserve - which is even better.

And yes, since I maintain the website, the newsletter, the board, I can be considered somewhat of a "leader", but there is no way I can force my opinions or orders on anyone else, and thank God for that! The last thing I need to see is dependency and clinging on a guru's or a leader's words. And besides, I'm not that sure my words are suitable for everyone to "live by." They barely work for me :-) Just like everyone else here, I can teach, but there is yet much more to learn. We all are different and equal.

So, to (hopefully) set the record straight once and for all, Project X is not a cult or an institution, it is the title of the website you are currently reading.

Q. How can I become a member?
A. Since we are not an organization, there is no membership per se. We can communicate through the e-mails, you can post on our board, and get subscribed or published in the newsletter. If, by this, you wish to consider yourself a Project X member, so be it - it does not oblige you or us to anything.

Q. I'd like to have some explanation what all the sections of the website are about, before I start clicking on them.
A. Site Map will be added later, as I'm currently redesigning the entire site.

Q. I've visited your site before October 2002, and I don't remember so much articles and experiences on your previous Project X version.
A. They were there, in the newsletters. That was actually a huge miss on my part, since the newsletters have literally hundreds of excellent articles, but, in the previous version of Project X website (back at Geocities), they weren't showcased as they are now.

Q. So why are your and Rinor's articles listed before the others'?
A. Naturally, it does not mean that Rinor's and my opinions and experiences are more important. But, since we are the folks behind the site, and the "founding fathers" of Project X, we take the privilege to be listed first. Some of our items were preserved on separate pages, the way they had been back at the Geocities. Then we are listing all the authors in alphabetical order, according to the first letters of their first name or Internet nickname. For each author, the articles are listed in chronological order of their appearance in the newsletters. I did not include links to articles I took from other newsletters, or to those that were forwarded to me, only to articles submitted exclusively to Project X Newsletter.

Q. This Project X Newsletter seems interesting, what and how can I write for it?
A. Take a look at some of the editions, preferably the later ones, to get the spirit of the things. Generally speaking, you can write anything spirituality-related - which, of course, covers a lot of subjects. PXN (Project X Newsletter) is about personal experiences, esoteric techniques, thought-provoking essays and an occasional poetry. I'm often asked about the length of the article you submit - the length should be reasonable. We can always split the article in two or more parts, making it a series (if it originally wasn't), or publish just a part of it, with a link to your website, where the intrigued subscriber can read the rest.

Send your article in the body of the e-mail message, or as an attached file of TXT, HTML or DOC format. The newsletter is distributed in plain text format, so there is no need using bold, underline or colors. Don't forget to mention your article's title, and check for typing mistakes. It will be published along with your name/nickname and e-mail address (for readers' responses), unless you state otherwise. Your website's URL can also be advertised along with the article, in order to invite a few visitors.

* As of August 29, 2003, the newsletter takes a sevferal-months-long hiatus. Please don't send me any new articles for it, unless you just want me to read them. You are also invited to post them at our Free Spirits board.

Q. I have an on-line service, or a book coming out soon, or just a new website - and, yes, Alex, they are spirituality-related - can I advertise them in your newsletter, and how much will it cost me?
A. It's absolutely free. In return, if it's not much of a trouble, we can only ask you to add a link back to us. Think of it, you get mass exposure, plus three links (in the newsletter, since I also upload it to this website, in Links, and in Yahoo! Groups PXNe archive). As I explain in Links, it can boost both your and my link popularity.

Q. May I use your newsletter, or parts/articles from it, in my own newsletter, my website, etc.? For that matter, can I use/reprint articles from your website?
A. You may forward the newsletter in its entirety, "as is", to your mailing list or to your friends. If you only wish to use a specific article, you MUST include with it the relevant copyright information, author's name, e-mail, URL and all the additional information appearing before or after the article. When in doubt, directly contact the author. Also, contacting the author and letting her/him know that you are going to use the article will be the courteous thing to do.
Another MUST is ending the article with the following two lines:

Excerpted from Project X Newsletter

You have our fullest permission to use any article from Project X website, but, again, don't forget mentioning author's name, e-mail and other data, let the author know you've chosen to reprint the article, and end it with the words:

Courtesy of Project X - the search for the Chosen Ones

As for the art, such as paintings and photography, you MUST directly contact the artist or the writer.

Q. Can I publish my art or photography on your website?
A. Of course. (Look, I've managed to produce a short answer!)

Q. I have found a broken link or a typo on your page...
A. Yes, I was getting to that. If you encounter something out of order here, please let me know - your help will be greatly appreshiated ;-)

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