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Spiritual Suppression

Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 5, 1999


Physical Injustices? You've all been subjected to or have witnessed such injustices, on an everyday basis. Actions that inflict harm to the body and psyche are reported on the news broadcast day in and day out, but how does one truly define injustices and what is the origin of their manifestation? Though this is only in theory, I move to show that these injustices originate on the realm of spirit, and from the entity that knows no time... the original self, the soul.

Looking at words and examples

Crime, a deviation in a written rule of society (law), has just recently been viewed as not just an earthly occurrence. Despite the fact that there are no easily accessible "written rules" of the Spirit World, crimes happen as often there, if they are, after all, not the precise origin. Let's take a look at the below terms, and really think about what they mean. These are words, which are put to use everyday.

Discrimination: unfair treatment of a person or group, on the basis of prejudice. The cognitive process, in which the differences between two or more stimuli are perceived. In discriminating against an individual for their system of beliefs or anything else they do which deviates from the norm of society [physical plane] is in fact a true injustice, or crime.

Intolerance: an absence of tolerance for difference of opinion or practice [esp. in religious matters], denial of the right to differ, narrow-minded. Intolerance is mostly expressed among those whose beliefs limit them to even conceive the notion that someone else could have opposing beliefs. As noted in the physical realm's societies, s/he who stands behind her/his beliefs are often chastised or excommunicated from others in society, being marked as wrong. This is yet another form of suppression, in the attempt to try to wear down the individual(s) differing from what is often times referred to as the "norm."

Ignorance: A willful neglect or refusal to acquire knowledge, which one may acquire.

Though these are merely words, every time one is acted out, it builds the dam which blocks out the free flow of the right to individual thought and freedom. Issues being fought such as discrimination and intolerance are the individual's attempts to regain his/her spiritual self. In channeling, s/he channels from a main source, whether ideas, thoughts or power are received. Such as the body is the carrier for the spirit that lies behind his/her eyes, so is the channel the conduit for the ideas, thoughts, or power channeled.

Theories agreed upon and concluded by Project X, is that these "negative" energies, which originate on the astral (spiritual) level, convince a number of individuals on the physical level, to concern themselves only with the material things, blocking out any desire to seek spiritual assistance or knowledge. In turn, other influences may or may not be forced upon them. In many cases, all the crime and lesser deviations essentially suppress "the self." The suppression comes in a variety of forms, such as execution of crimes, discrimination, intolerance, and yes, ignorance.

Often in society, the need or desire to seek knowledge has harshly been lacking, though, in times such as these, it is beginning to surface and expand, rapidly. Typically, the society which exhibits ignorance by their refusal to learn or understand things they don't presently comprehend perceive those who deviate from their way of thinking to pursue such facets of knowledge as different from themselves, which links back to intolerance and discrimination.

Spiritual Connections - Energy vibrations

"Emotions have their own wave pattern, ranging from the expression of anger at 4.8 vibrations per second (vps) to reverence at 9.8 vps. The sound of laughter is an exciting, lifting vibration, which affects the psyche centers and etheric body so that melancholy, fear and doubts can be dissolved. Our own voice can create red angry sounds or cold blue sounds, or when we are touched by beauty, the "ahh" sound." (Macdonell, "Colour and Sound.")

This enhancement of negativity shifts the earth to a downward Electro-Magnetic Frequency; similar to the EMF the human body is shifted towards, when in a state of depression. Emotions are reactions to the vibrations [i.e. energies], which are received by all. The mind interprets the vibration, decoding to read it as a sensation, then in turn, sends a response. Such a response is the reaction, which is experienced from the incoming vibrations. It can also shift the EMF of those around them. This would account for the ability of some individuals causing those around them to feel the same emotions that s/he feels. The earth, too, is a body, and that body has been depressed by the negative energy exhibited by humans. All the natural disasters, more present today than of yesteryear, are best described as Earth's ways of attempting to cleanse herself; initializing the process of an upward shift. It is believed that negative vibrations only exist on the lower levels, and as the vibrations rise, it is also thought that the negative vibrations can not be felt as strongly as the individual ascends to higher levels of vibration and frequency.

As expressed in Macdonell's "Colour and Sound" in issue 21 of Golden Age Magazine, the vibrations (or energy) of one's own voice also has the capacity to send out either lower or higher frequencies, which carry quite an impact on anyone or anything within range. For example, think of the tone that a guardian uses when scolding his or her child. What impact does this tone have upon the child? If such a theory is applicable to sound and tone, would it not also be applicable to body language and thought patterns as well?

Take now into consideration, what if for one moment a woman suddenly fell to what seemed like an unwarranted attack of depression, without any visible form there to send the vibrations through tone or body language? Though, what if there was an unseen force projecting thought patterns to the woman? If these thought patterns were of a low vibration, with the information currently stated in this paper, could it not send her into a depression that may possibly cause her to react a particular way towards fellow members of humanity or nature? Herein lies the manifestation of suppression.

As the world heads into the new millennium, there is a rise of interest and research pursued in the spiritual fields, as many are becoming more in touch with their personal spirituality. Every being on the physical realm has personal perceptions of both benevolent and malevolent energies inside and out of the physical realm. We, as beings on the physical realm, are constantly in contact with otherworldly entities on a daily basis. They are the whisper of breath, which whisks across the back of our necks, and a breakthrough of alternate electromagnetic fields [energy fields], i.e., a cold touch upon a warm hand, in a room where the temperature is somewhere in between. I propose that these ideas should be further investigated.



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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #25

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