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The Last War: Chapter One - Roots

Author: Night    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 5, 1999

[A remark - today we begin telling a story, that, as time progresses, will be written by several people. The idea was night's, who has also contributed the first chapter. Certain people of the Open Forum will join the original narrator along the way. The story is fictional, however, how much of it is truly a fiction?]

????????? THE LAST WAR

?? My name is William Foster, but you know me as night. I am the last of the five heroes. We were called leaders, heroes, great men. But to each other we were friends. This is their story as much as it is mine. Enjoy.

?????? Chapter one? -? ROOTS

?? I was born at the dawn of the information age in Savannah, Georgia. A large city proud of its historical roots. From early on I was tormented with loss and hate. My father died of cancer when I was only three. The rest of my family was to busy looking down on me to care for me. Only my mother was there for me. She would become the only happiness I would know. Even at an early age I felt I was different. I felt like an outsider looking in. All throughout my childhood I would have dreams of war.? Now I realize they were more, but hindsight is always the clearest. I would wake up from these dreams screaming and crying.? My mother would always come in and comfort me afterwards. She was my only comfort in those days. All throughout school the other children would torture and humiliate me. None of them would accept me. So on my eighteenth birthday I decided to leave...

{Next time William begins his journey for a better life. He never expected to find what he did.}

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #25

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