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No Traces

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 5, 1999

One of a kind among the races:

The Man Who Leaves No Traces.

Lost in the mob with million faces:

The Man Who Leaves No Traces.

He walked through desert of damnation,

the man without a nation.

He crossed the forest of relief,

and hadn't moved a leaf.

His breath has touched the ancient walls,

but he received no calls.

Was it a curse or mere blessing?

No one can stop the guessing.

He watched the dying of the stars,

collapsing as some broken jars,

beheld the birth of saints and rain,

but still his footprints don't remain.

He traveled Time and Deepest Spaces,

The Man Who Leaves No Traces.

Embrace his everlasting journey?

Alexander Aldarow, 1.23.98

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #25

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