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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #24

October 22, 1999

1. Opening Words: Who exactly are the Chosen Ones? - Alexander Aldarow
2. The Messages Are Everywhere - Rinor Zidran
3. Tia's Input: Latest Experiences - Lady Tia
4. Identified Flying Objects - Continued - Doug Lewis
5. Who's There? - John Cali
6. Today's Mail: Celestial Prophecy - Ascension - Tania
7. A Vision - The Tictac_man
8. We Are... - Lady Tia
9. A Web Site Recommendation - Alexander Aldarow
10. Closing Words

Opening Words: Who exactly are the Chosen Ones?    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Today we open the 24th edition with a celebration of a birth of the six billionth Earthling. But is it a celebration at all? Should we celebrate the fact that our race once again failed to reverse one of its gloomiest prophecies? And was the child number six with nine zeros really born in Sarajevo, according to the UN secretary? Probably, not. The new millennium child was most probably given life in one of the Third World countries, he/she will never learn to read and write, and will die of famine and diseases before even reaching puberty. At the same moment, ten thousand miles away, a child born from a spoiled, doubtfully talented movie starlet and a doped rock drummer will inherit hundreds of millions and the worst thing he will ever know is a bad caviar poisoning. How is this situation different from the Dark Ages routine? The Chosen Ones are here to change the order of things.
Which actually leads me to the central message of my opening words. Many people e-mail me, asking who exactly are the Chosen Ones, how one knows whether s/he is a Chosen One; some even say that we fantasize too much, deliriously and arrogantly naming ourselves by such title. I realized I ought to give you all the explanation.
In general, a Chosen One is a person who opens up, especially recently, to additional possibilities, to beyond-the-physical perception, who greets the coming of a New Era, who becomes aware of unexpected connection between events and people. This person also has/had several/many 'paranormal experiences', and s/he finally does not reject or ignore them, but seeks to develop them and looks for deeper understanding, i.e., why has it happened to me, what does that dream/message/vision tries to say, and where does it lead me.
All in all, you can say that a major part of the human kind, that becomes spiritually awaken, are the Chosen Ones.
Now, among the Chosen Ones, there are those whose role in the upcoming scheme is of a crucial nature. For example, should the Christian-like Armageddon take place (I'm not saying this is how it will happen, it is only an example), then Messiah who comes at the Last Days, is definitely that special Chosen One. The Antichrist, who is born to face him, and who will take the Earth into the state of chaos and darkness, in another Chosen One, although a Dark Chosen One. If we take the Necronomicon's scenario for the final confrontation, then the person who releases the Old Ones from their prison is a Chosen One, and so are those who fight them and either defeat them, or lock them away, this time for good. Eventually, it will be a combination of several scenarios, or nothing at all will happen.
I'm not saying that you, or any of us, IS the key figure in saving the world; however, we all are, in a way. Just by helping to a friend of us, by healing one of the beloved ones, by donating to a noble cause, or by at least becoming more aware of our own nature and purpose, we are bringing the world a step closer to the salvation.
I hope I didn't sound as a doom-sayer, because normally I'm an extreme optimist. I hope my words were of valuable message to all of you.
There are very reassuring news, as always. Read a recent Tarot reading Tiamat performed on Project X and its direction:
1. Present Influences: There is guidance from the Ancient Ones.
2. Present Events: We have trust in our faith.
3. Past Events: Achievement of ideals.
4. Past or Passing Influences: Strong emotions.
5. Future Events: Opening of psychic passages; deeper levels of consciousness (more so than we have now).
6. Future Influences: Willpower; actions are backed by energy.
7. Environment: Achievement of physical goal.
8. Strength of Querent: Reaching for end of goal (this may pertain to two parties, both the whole of Project X, and myself, finding what is sought); the number 2 (for meditative purposes).
9. Hopes and Fears: The seeds have been planted; the journey has begun.
10. Final Outcome: Physical evolution, taking a look beneath the surface; the number 100 (again, for meditative purposes).
Tiamat, who is a member of our Board of Directors, has also established a sibling website to Project X - Community X ( Be sure you pay a visit, sign the guestbook and participate in yet another paranormal on-line chat.
And now, sit comfortably and relax, and I shall take you to another fascinating edition of Project X Newsletter. Everyone will find here something of a personal interest.

The Messages Are Everywhere    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

Dear friends.
In this week's newsletter I've decided to write about the dreams I've been having, and focus on the cosmic messages in them, how each dream connects to the one that follows.

I dreamt I have been chased, chased by a group of people, their purpose was more to take something away from me than to hurt me, what they wanted was a computer disk I had, at the end I was able to get away and the disk remained in my possession.
I talked to Alex and told him that the way I see the cosmic message in that dream is that the disk contains some kind of information, the people chasing me wanted to have that disk more than anything else, and the meaning of it in reality: they, whoever they are, I assume - evil powers, want to take away some kind of ability I have, a paranormal ability, they feel intimidated and want to take it away from me.

The next day I had a dream where Alex and I were at some kind of a conference, and there was an argue between me and another man there, the man who hosted the conference, about groups at the world, I mentioned another group that he hasn't, and that was us, Project X.
An argue started next but at the end, I was smiling, happy, I won and he kept quiet.

This was the scariest dream this week... and maybe the ability???
In this dream I was me, an 18.5 year old boy that had a job in a TV or a Radio station, one of the employees there got sick in cancer, we were all sorry and stunned but she kept on working and hosting her show?
That day, I was walking in the streets when a two women who knew each other started a conversation, one of the women talked to me and told me about my back problems, but not how to deal with them, why the things I do are wrong for my back, and that the pains are all my fault, I was so angry that I just thought of saying to her: ?How do you dare speaking to me in this tone when I know the age you'll die?!?.
Yes, in this dream I was able to know the age people will die, everyone on the face of the planet, I had this ability...
Later on I had a vision that showed me that all my friends at work will die at a young age, between forty to fifty, that got me so upset that I was about to cry, they didn't know that, because the minute I had this vision I ran outside and did everything I could think of to stop, I wanted this ability to go away from me, I wanted to live a normal life and know nothing about anybody anymore.... just like a boy who minds his own business? but I don't know what happened next.

As I write this now, a thought occurred to me.
All the dreams I had these last two and a half weeks, evil was intimidated by me, he felt I can stop him (when I say I could stop him, I mean in my dreams, when what I do believe is that all of us, all the chosen ones out there can stop evil now, when he's weak and intimidated, it's time to join forces... it's time to beat the Matrix.)
And every dream I had, evil forces tried all they could to hurt me, physically and emotionally, tried me feel bad and scared, but each time they failed, I was able to stop them, I won those battles? and here come two dreams that follow each other, the first when evil failed to take away the disk from me, and the next, the dream that shows me I have the ability to know the age people will die, maybe the ability evil failed to take away from me... here's a good and very powerful paranormal ability, evil lost in this battle, but has he?
In this dream, I end up small, wanted this ability gone away from me, wanted to be a normal person again and know nothing that I knew so far, this means all the five years of Project X, I wanted to forget it all?
But you all need to remember, the Matrix is not reality, not the whole reality, and dreams are a Matrix, you need to remember what I've told you the last time, evil can't hurt us here, we are the powerful ones in reality, we are in control here, but when we cross the gate, when we enter the other world, the Matrix, the dream, they can hurt us there, so maybe they won this battle but they lost the war, because winning the war means us breaking up here, in reality, what evil is trying to do is to hurt us in the Matrix, in dreams, and from there they expect us to break up in reality, because if we broke up here, they did what they intended to, because they wanted us broken, and I know how? break the person in the Matrix, in his dreams so badly, that in reality he is not himself again, and therefore make him powerless against evil.
Well, here's a message, a real cosmic message from me to you, and to evil: They cannot break us, because no matter what we have our powers, we are strong and we will never lose ourselves, never!

Stay aware!
Now, do you know why evil is intimidated?
Evil is intimidated because he now saw and understood the power of Project X and the chosen ones, we direct each other and we support each other? for the rest of our sweet lives, but beware, evil is now on the high attack, he has nothing to lose now, so if you enter your Matrix and evil hurts you there, fight, you lost there, evil hurt you bad, don't worry, you could enter again, but remember this: NEVER BREAK IN REALITY!
Remember this, because Matrix is not reality, and breaking up there is not the end, because the important thing is to hold on here and never lose the battle of reality, this is what evil is trying to do, break us here by our nightmares and by our fear in and from our own Matrix? Stay aware... always!

Tia's Input: Latest Experiences    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)

-Tia's vacation-


We drove around, and ended up driving through a ghetto (low housing community), where I was the first of the three of us to feel concentrations and dilutions of growing and diminishing pains in my chest. It was quite a painful experience.

Later that night, driving through downtown Tampa, we saw the towering buildings, everywhere. I didn't like it.


During the day, a friend and I walked through the city (downtown area), and as I looked up at these monstrous towers and buildings, it reminded me of the vision, and of Aldarow's description of New York.

As you may or may not know, I was there because of a College Literary/Journalistic Conference. In the early evening, I left the banquet (one of the few times anyone will ever see me dressed up) to retrieve something from my Advisor's room, which happened to be on the 14th floor. Due to superstitions, building owners will not name the 13th floor, the "13th floor". Instead, they call it either Penthouse or 14th floor. In my mind, even though it is called "14th floor" I know well enough that it is in all essence, the "13th floor". I stepped off the elevator and began walking down the hall. It felt, for lack of a better term, "strange". The entire hallway was surging with unknown energy. I came to the door, and entered. It seemed like a nice room, so I walked around, and went to the window. I looked out at the lovely view. As I began to turn away, in my mind I heard the dulled (faint) sound of a human shriek, reached for the camera and walked out the door. I walked out and proceeded down the hall. As I approached the elevator, waiting for it, I could feel the energy surrounding me, and felt a sharpness in my head. By the time I reached the bottom floor, I was still in the process of shaking it off.

Upon returning to the banquet, I consulted a friend of mine, who is in the middle of a spiritual transition in her life, who I regularly consult about the paranormal. She had originally requested my assistance with something, and I had helped her out.

Later on that night, my friend and I ventured to the "14th floor", as I had something to deliver to the woman staying in that room. My friend also sensed the energy in the hallway.

Less than an hour later, we returned with our bags, because we were eating in that room and then were to depart for our return home. This time, her significant other and a friend of his were with us. While eating (sitting next to the window) I had heard a faint scream aloud, outside the window. I turned to my friend, asking if she too had heard it, and she nodded in agreement. Later on, her soulmate, i.e., her significant other, had told her he had heard something, it ended up being the same something that the two of us heard.

On the trip home, she and I were making conjectures as to what was going on there. Apparently, my friend had seen the woman (whose voice we heard earlier) being pushed out of the window by a man wearing an airline pilot's uniform. Finally we concluded that this must have been why all the windows in the hotel were locked and bolted shut, though I would still like to know one thing... "How does this knowledge solve anything?"


Early this morning on the drive home, I was sitting calmly in the car, on the interstate, looked up to the ceiling of the car, closed my eyes, and saw what appeared to be a single human eye, looking back at me.

Identified Flying Objects - Continued    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Part II of the discussions inspired by Christine on the topic of UFOs, their influence or association with ~(Wave)~ power. For orientation purposes the "Brain Wave Diary" refers to UFO as Foo. Also the original opening statement is repeated from part I for continuity.

Well Project X readers - this is it. October 1st, 1999 and high time we moved one paranormal topic from para to normal. The credit for this goes to Christine - thanks Christine, who was gracious enough to allow me to share the answers received to her UFO questions. Christine insisted I in concert with the ~(Wave)~ clear up the UFO question for once and for all. From this day forward they are to be known as FOs because they are identified - now.

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (October 2, 1999)

Cheaters Never Prosper - It's our planet now chumps!

Christine Q) Is the Wave directly related to #1 Foo experience, you sort of elude to that in one of your explanations, but then later, when you try to explain what the Wave is, you don't refer at all to it.

A) Something Foo'y did happen when I was very young. I have thought about "what" for many years. The impressions I have formed run along these lines.

Our greatest gift is that of free choice.

Free choice cannot be corrupted or compromised. Therefore we are never told what to do by anything of a higher order. Therefore I was not directed to do anything. I was exposed to something unusual. Being exposed to something unusual confirms there are unusual things. Knowing of unusual things can motivate curiosity. Curiosity can be exercised if an individual wishes to. Free will is not corrupted or compromised through contact with legitimate higher entities.

We are born with a mind blank other than for primitive instructions ensuring we breathe, demand food and recognize discomfort and protest it. From there we observe and remember experiences. As we develop we are able to draw from these experiences or others documented experiences to perform cognitive reasoning.

What we cannot do is to know something we don't know - unaided.

Quick examples - Newton did not invent gravity, Einstein did not invent relativity. What they did do was to ask questions surrounding the apparent existence of these things. The questioning eventually let to receiving answers that defined what these things were.

However, this questioning was only possible because others had developed supporting groundwork to reference from. Such as developing language, discovering zero as a math value, etc., etc. Millions had to contribute millions of puzzle pieces, so that Newton and Einstein could fit their puzzle pieces into the picture - everything we develop is an immense team effort.

The point I am striving for is - our minds simply cannot independently know something it does not know.

The things I know and use allow me to anticipate, react and hypothesize, but I simply cannot think up something true, which I do not know about. However, each of us draws from some external "all knowing" source allowing the collective human knowledge base to progress. I like the example of Einstein for this, because he documented his discovery processes and alluded to the same key. The key is to seek new elements through asking questions of the source (Wave).

To Einstein's amazement his questions were answered. Ultimately, other scientists converted Einstein's theories into mathematical equations, which he freely admitted he could not understand. The classic one was his theory of gravity, which he spent five dedicated years asking about. The answers he received were in the form of very simple graphic representations which he then documented into word based explanations with simple models to illustrate the received points. Other scientists converted these to equations for use in calculations. This made them useful to others in a generic sense.

Einstein did not think up his theories, he channeled them in via asking.

If something did happen as a result of my experiencing something unusual at a very young age it was in the form of witnessing incredible possibilities and being provided with the key to seeking and questing - to question the source ~(Wave)~.

I do not believe I was instructed to do anything per say.

Illustrative of this would be to show a tribe of pygmies in the jungle an episode of "Lifestyles of the rich and famous", they would not literally understand what they were viewing, but I expect it would set up a questing atmosphere and desire within their group.

Closer to home - if individuals question and are sent representations of UFO, fairies, angels, ghosts, voices, pixies, lepricorns, miracles and other timeless phenomena and entities, then questions and questing are guaranteed. Whatever we can imagine is attainable. If there is a mistake, it is perhaps "thinking up" what these things might be instead of asking, "what are they?"

Christine Q) And do you think the subsequent Foo experiences were 'top-ups'?

A) In retrospect, I have concluded subsequent Foo experiences to be reinforcement for the first experience. To witness unusual possibilities first hand is a powerful incentive to believe all possibilities and to not slacken up on the questing. Yes, as you say, they were incentive "top-ups", but any actions as a result of experiencing them have to be my own - "free will" is the cardinal rule.

Christine Q) Do you perceive the Wave as separate from yourself?

A) What a great question! NO!

My representation for the Wave goes like this;

Imagine a thin ether substance permeating every nook and cranny of existence, throughout all places we humans can survive. Now imagine the function of the ether to be like the power lines strung above an electric streetcar. Imagine you are that streetcar. As a streetcar you need a way to connect to your power supply so you have an appendage (brain bit), which connects you to the overhead power line. Now you can draw power and be mobile.

Of course, the Wave is not constrictive like rails and power lines, so wherever you are, you are connected to it and can draw power from it on demand. This point is important. Unregulated streams of knowledge are disastrous (mental illness?). Not demanding, (questioning), leaves you with just what you know! Questions have to be valid wave compatible ones, or activation does not take place.

Now we could say that a streetcar is still a streetcar even when not connected - however it is not a fully functional streetcar. In this respect one can be separate from the Wave and still be a streetcar.

Hope this stuff clarifies things, Christine - with any kind of luck these answers inspire even more questions.

Loose ends - the blue and white symbol. The reference to this is found in the "Brain Wave Diary Epilogue" -- We are all a mother's child!

To be continued?

Love Light and Laughter for your journey,
Doug Lewis (AKA) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends * VBS *
@ the sight for sore eyes

Who's There?    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: John Cali    (all articles by this author)

{This message I've received in this week's e-mail really helped me to place certain late things in an appropriate perspective and focus, therefore I suggest you won't skip it}

Note from John:

Chief Joseph has often told me (and others) the only true purpose for our lives is to remember who we are. All else is incidental.

How often - and how badly - we get caught up in the forgetting of who we are! We place our identity - our self-esteem - our very reason for being - in something or someone outside ourselves. It could be a job, a spouse, a child, a place, a teacher, a house, a bank account - or whatever.

But these are all "things" we "own" only temporarily. We have forgotten they are only tools our higher selves have given us to help us fulfill our true purpose in this lifetime - remembering who we truly are - divine beings in human form, literally Gods and Goddesses.

Have you forgotten who you are from time to time? I certainly have. Especially lately. At one point, I feared I was losing my focus, losing my self. So, a few days ago, I asked Joseph what my real work in this lifetime was. His answer was simple and direct. "Your work right now is to be yourself."

Here's Joseph.


Have you ever wondered, my dear ones, who you are - what is your life all about? I suspect you have, at least occasionally.

What your life is all about is simple - it's the remembering of who you truly are. That is your life's purpose. If you want to distill everything you have ever done in your life - or ever will do - into one simple word, that word is "remembering."

You came into this incarnation as the playful, joyful, creative Gods and Goddesses you truly are. You decided to take on human form for a while because you thought it might be fun. It would be exciting to play the three-dimensional game with your sisters and brothers on this beautiful Planet Earth.

And so you came into human form once again. You played and were joyful for a little while. Until "reality" kicked in, that is.? Then you began forgetting. And you had lots of help pushing you into the forgetfulness - your parents, teachers, churches, governments, etc., etc.

You forgot - totally, but not forever - who you are. You often found yourselves looking into your own hearts and minds, and wondering, "Who's there? Who is this stranger I've become?"

In the beginning, of course - before the forgetfulness took hold - you did not question yourselves often. Today, however, with the major shifts the human race and Mother Earth are undergoing (the "ascension process," if you prefer) you are questioning more and more. You're questioning everything. But, most especially, you're questioning who you are - and what your purpose is. Is there a reason for it all?

Yes, there is a reason for it all. That reason is your life's purpose - to remember who you truly are, to return to the joyful memory of your true selves, to return Home to the oneness with all that is.

When you can remain connected with your God and Goddess selves for even a few brief moments each day, gradually the bliss and ecstasy your soul feels at all times will return to your human consciousness.

When that begins to happen, your life can indeed become heaven on earth.

You will still have your earthly challenges to deal with. But you will handle them with the ease and grace of the Goddesses and Gods you truly are.

Go in peace, my dear ones.
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Today's Mail: Celestial Prophecy - Ascension    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Tania    (all articles by this author)

Dear Alexander,
Hi. Thanks for your email and the postcard. I would like to tell about an experience I had in March this year in the hope that maybe you can give me some suggestions on what may have been happening to me.
?At the time I was going through the 21 day process to become Breatharian (A few days ago this sacred initiation unfortunately got world wide negative publicity as someone died from exposure while doing this.) I was doing the meditation for this and had the space brotherhood working on me at the time (I can't remember exactly where I was in this process when the below experience happened). The strongest energy I've ever felt was in and around me. This was so strong that one of my daughters actually burnt her hand when she went to touch mine.
?My fingers then started twitching weirdly, moving themselves and contorting in ways that normally wouldn't be possible. I saw this with my eyes and found it amusing to watch them as they seemed to have a life of their own and they looked very strange. I shut my eyes again and continued meditating.
?Heat had been building up in my body throughout this but when the heat got so hot it was to a point of being almost unbearable, I let fear get the better of me. I started wondering if this is what happens in cases of spontaneous human combustion. I got over this fear of death by burning by putting my trust in those higher beings that know better than I.
I then had another look at my hands and to my astonishment my hands seemed to be changing. My fingers were gone and had all blended in together to form a solid mass and this section where my fingers used to be was receding. I then shut my eyes wondering what was going to happen next, determined to get through what is probably the strangest half an hour meditation I've had in my life (at least in this lifetime).
?The next thing I started to feel was like my body was breaking up into individual cells. I felt like I was in the process of vanishing. Fear (one thing that's suppressed or shortened many experiences I could have had) kicked in again, fear that if I vanished would I be able to take form again (I'm a sole parent with two young children, one who's physically disabled). I was so worried about this that I demanded that what was happening to stop. I went quickly back to normal (In looks anyway I felt ungrounded for quite a while afterwards.)
?I am still a bit disappointed in myself, to lose my faith and trust while going through such an experience. Now I am left wondering what I would have experienced if I had continued. What would have happened to me? I really regret letting fear, a negative energy get in the way and stop what probably was going to be a big leap in my development.
Light and Love

P.S. Is it possible to shape shift in physical form? Was I maybe going to ascend??

Dear Tania.
OK, here's how it went. At first, while finally reading your letter to depth, nothing came to me, and I thought to suggest you a simple solution - since I cannot refer to this phenomenon, why don't we publish it in the next issue of our newsletter, and maybe someone who had the same experience, can relate to it. But then, we you were speaking about transformation and dissolving cells, it hit, and I was quite honestly amazed, since a recollection lead me to a message I received on the night between January the 1st and the 2nd, 1998, almost two years ago.
Anyhow, did you read "Celestial Prophecy" by James Redfield? In this book, the author presents us a series of Insights the humanity will go through, until (I hope i'm not spoiling it for you) we will reach the final step of our new evolution, as we will become invisible and unbound by our physical nature. After I read the last chapters of the book I went to sleep and dreamt of the same weightless stage of development, that can be reached - pay your maximal attention - by something that was named "heating up"!!!
And now, after all this time, I understand that what was meant is the process you've experienced, almost till its end - or maybe completely, who knows? So, this is how it happens? It could feel slightly different for the others, probably; I can't wait when it happens to me :)
In any case, please, please, let me publish your letter, I need to give this knowledge to the masses. I can omit any personal information from it, only focusing on the 'combustion', which actually is an 'ignition' of the next spiritiul-evolutional level.
Awaiting your approval.
Lover and Light to you, fellow soul.

On behalf of Project X,
Alexander Aldarow

Dear Alexander,
?Thanks for your letter. This is an incredible thought. You may be right about this being an experience as in the "Celestial Prophecy". I read this book several years ago and actually have recommended it to many people since. A friend coincidentally (if you believe in these) told me to reread this only a couple of weeks ago. So I think I'll do this now.
?I do have a belief in ascension (what they are referring to in the above book) and this is my aim after or while I'm on my earth mission. I feel this is still a time off even though recently a high guide told me my life's lessons are almost complete.
What you dreamt I find extremely interesting as I'd never heard about "heating up" being connected with ascension. If you come across anything else that connects these two processes please let me know, I'd really appreciate this. I've also just found some indication that physical shape-shifting may also be connected with heating up, e.g. "flesh burning with the heat of change" as in a "theriomorph" or "were shifter". (I know this sounds crazy but I found many sincere sounding people on the net that actually believe they are "weres".) By this I am currently concluding that any physical form change whether by ascension or in being a shapeshifter can involve a "heating up" process.
?It was not an easy decision to agree for my experience to be put in a newsletter, one of the reasons being I don't really know what was going to happen. All knowledge though should (and needs to) be shared so feel welcome to do with this as you wish. Please don't leave out or separate any of the main parts of the experience, e.g. the heating up, form changing or body cells disconnecting. I feel they are a package and shouldn't be separated.
Love and Light

P.S. If you go ahead could you include my email address as well as there may be others that want to respond or advise me.

A Vision    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: The Tictac_man    (all articles by this author)

There was a great evil in the past, and to combat it there were the chosen, out of those chosen were the five. The five made up the points of the pentagram. Years ago, back in the days of the Roman empire or before, these five for one reason or another called upon their power. All I know is that a great war was going on, and one of the five was wounded. Thus as they brought their power together in the star's center, the wounded one died, giving his last bit of energy into the circle. The star was then misshaped, one point slightly skinnier and longer than the rest were. I know not that significance, just that it is important. Because after I had that vision, I had another, in which I stood over the ruins, and a spirit guide told me the name of the one that had given his life.
It was important for me to remember the star, that's all I know. Then the third vision came, in which I was in my backyard (in a dream), and my spirit guide told me to draw the star. I had used the yellow chalk, and the spirit guide told me,
"You must never forget the star!!! Never forget the star..."
I am searching for any one who has had visions similar to my own, or are psychic.

Father Secret, a.k.a. the Tictac_man

We Are...    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)

In the moonless overcast
we shine in the night.
Lying between the dark
and the luminescent light.
Of Answers?
we have all, yet none.

In the light of the crescent glow
do we ponder of things unknown.
Though some of us wish for ignorance,
wishing not to know what is known,
None of this is taken lightly.

We are the shadows that dance,
between flame and smoke.
Everflowing with desire which will not be snuffed out.
Misunderstood my mortals,
and watched by guardians.

We are the mediums... we are the channels.

None have purpose,
though those who find purpose are true indeed.

In the moonlight, full,
we stand together, yet alone.
Walking the path of grey, we are of balance;
Of balance we see all.

Knowing of emotions, all and none.
And of love,
that which is claimed not, by many...

Though this essence claims otherwise.

?? 10.05.99

A Web Site Recommendation    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

1) Psychic World Tarot ( - Tarot predictions for current events, updated every two weeks.
2) Hushmail ( - not a paranormal-related, rather, a conspiracy-related. You see, all the regular e-mail you send can be easily cracked and read by many of those faceless governmental bodies, who care not for your privacy. It is like when you shop on-line, for instance, buying a DVD at - any average hacker can retrieve your credit number within an hour. It's all about the encryption, and Hushmail uses powerful 1024-bit encryption technology. Try it, it's for free! (Ah, the magic 'F' word. :-) )
3) Now, to an even more serious matter - Hatewatch ( Are you concerned with the growing world-wide animosity as we are? Hatewatch keeps track on all the racist, white-race-domination, homophobic and other filthy websites, newsgroups and organization. The lists are frighteningly long. You want a better world? Then take a stand against those hatred-spreaders, both in cyberspace and a real life.

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"As the thunder rumbles and calls to the outskirts of the field, where the final battle is about to take place, the Chosen Ones shall be summoned and Gathered, for this is the hour of the true test of their strength, passion and virtue, and this is the hour when the greatest evil shall be defeated, for ever and ever more."
- Aldarow

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