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Today's Mail: Celestial Prophecy - Ascension

Author: Tania    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 22, 1999

Dear Alexander,

Hi. Thanks for your email and the postcard. I would like to tell about an experience I had in March this year in the hope that maybe you can give me some suggestions on what may have been happening to me.

?At the time I was going through the 21 day process to become Breatharian (A few days ago this sacred initiation unfortunately got world wide negative publicity as someone died from exposure while doing this.) I was doing the meditation for this and had the space brotherhood working on me at the time (I can't remember exactly where I was in this process when the below experience happened). The strongest energy I've ever felt was in and around me. This was so strong that one of my daughters actually burnt her hand when she went to touch mine.

?My fingers then started twitching weirdly, moving themselves and contorting in ways that normally wouldn't be possible. I saw this with my eyes and found it amusing to watch them as they seemed to have a life of their own and they looked very strange. I shut my eyes again and continued meditating.

?Heat had been building up in my body throughout this but when the heat got so hot it was to a point of being almost unbearable, I let fear get the better of me. I started wondering if this is what happens in cases of spontaneous human combustion. I got over this fear of death by burning by putting my trust in those higher beings that know better than I.

I then had another look at my hands and to my astonishment my hands seemed to be changing. My fingers were gone and had all blended in together to form a solid mass and this section where my fingers used to be was receding. I then shut my eyes wondering what was going to happen next, determined to get through what is probably the strangest half an hour meditation I've had in my life (at least in this lifetime).

?The next thing I started to feel was like my body was breaking up into individual cells. I felt like I was in the process of vanishing. Fear (one thing that's suppressed or shortened many experiences I could have had) kicked in again, fear that if I vanished would I be able to take form again (I'm a sole parent with two young children, one who's physically disabled). I was so worried about this that I demanded that what was happening to stop. I went quickly back to normal (In looks anyway I felt ungrounded for quite a while afterwards.)

?I am still a bit disappointed in myself, to lose my faith and trust while going through such an experience. Now I am left wondering what I would have experienced if I had continued. What would have happened to me? I really regret letting fear, a negative energy get in the way and stop what probably was going to be a big leap in my development.

Light and Love


P.S. Is it possible to shape shift in physical form? Was I maybe going to ascend??


Dear Tania.

OK, here's how it went. At first, while finally reading your letter to depth, nothing came to me, and I thought to suggest you a simple solution - since I cannot refer to this phenomenon, why don't we publish it in the next issue of our newsletter, and maybe someone who had the same experience, can relate to it. But then, we you were speaking about transformation and dissolving cells, it hit, and I was quite honestly amazed, since a recollection lead me to a message I received on the night between January the 1st and the 2nd, 1998, almost two years ago.

Anyhow, did you read "Celestial Prophecy" by James Redfield? In this book, the author presents us a series of Insights the humanity will go through, until (I hope i'm not spoiling it for you) we will reach the final step of our new evolution, as we will become invisible and unbound by our physical nature. After I read the last chapters of the book I went to sleep and dreamt of the same weightless stage of development, that can be reached - pay your maximal attention - by something that was named "heating up"!!!

And now, after all this time, I understand that what was meant is the process you've experienced, almost till its end - or maybe completely, who knows? So, this is how it happens? It could feel slightly different for the others, probably; I can't wait when it happens to me :)

In any case, please, please, let me publish your letter, I need to give this knowledge to the masses. I can omit any personal information from it, only focusing on the 'combustion', which actually is an 'ignition' of the next spiritiul-evolutional level.

Awaiting your approval.

Lover and Light to you, fellow soul.

On behalf of Project X,

Alexander Aldarow


Dear Alexander,

?Thanks for your letter. This is an incredible thought. You may be right about this being an experience as in the "Celestial Prophecy". I read this book several years ago and actually have recommended it to many people since. A friend coincidentally (if you believe in these) told me to reread this only a couple of weeks ago. So I think I'll do this now.

?I do have a belief in ascension (what they are referring to in the above book) and this is my aim after or while I'm on my earth mission. I feel this is still a time off even though recently a high guide told me my life's lessons are almost complete.

What you dreamt I find extremely interesting as I'd never heard about "heating up" being connected with ascension. If you come across anything else that connects these two processes please let me know, I'd really appreciate this. I've also just found some indication that physical shape-shifting may also be connected with heating up, e.g. "flesh burning with the heat of change" as in a "theriomorph" or "were shifter". (I know this sounds crazy but I found many sincere sounding people on the net that actually believe they are "weres".) By this I am currently concluding that any physical form change whether by ascension or in being a shapeshifter can involve a "heating up" process.

?It was not an easy decision to agree for my experience to be put in a newsletter, one of the reasons being I don't really know what was going to happen. All knowledge though should (and needs to) be shared so feel welcome to do with this as you wish. Please don't leave out or separate any of the main parts of the experience, e.g. the heating up, form changing or body cells disconnecting. I feel they are a package and shouldn't be separated.

Love and Light


P.S. If you go ahead could you include my email address as well as there may be others that want to respond or advise me.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #24

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