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Opening Words: Who exactly are the Chosen Ones?

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 22, 1999

Today we open the 24th edition with a celebration of a birth of the six billionth Earthling. But is it a celebration at all? Should we celebrate the fact that our race once again failed to reverse one of its gloomiest prophecies? And was the child number six with nine zeros really born in Sarajevo, according to the UN secretary? Probably, not. The new millennium child was most probably given life in one of the Third World countries, he/she will never learn to read and write, and will die of famine and diseases before even reaching puberty. At the same moment, ten thousand miles away, a child born from a spoiled, doubtfully talented movie starlet and a doped rock drummer will inherit hundreds of millions and the worst thing he will ever know is a bad caviar poisoning. How is this situation different from the Dark Ages routine? The Chosen Ones are here to change the order of things.

Which actually leads me to the central message of my opening words. Many people e-mail me, asking who exactly are the Chosen Ones, how one knows whether s/he is a Chosen One; some even say that we fantasize too much, deliriously and arrogantly naming ourselves by such title. I realized I ought to give you all the explanation.

In general, a Chosen One is a person who opens up, especially recently, to additional possibilities, to beyond-the-physical perception, who greets the coming of a New Era, who becomes aware of unexpected connection between events and people. This person also has/had several/many 'paranormal experiences', and s/he finally does not reject or ignore them, but seeks to develop them and looks for deeper understanding, i.e., why has it happened to me, what does that dream/message/vision tries to say, and where does it lead me.

All in all, you can say that a major part of the human kind, that becomes spiritually awaken, are the Chosen Ones.

Now, among the Chosen Ones, there are those whose role in the upcoming scheme is of a crucial nature. For example, should the Christian-like Armageddon take place (I'm not saying this is how it will happen, it is only an example), then Messiah who comes at the Last Days, is definitely that special Chosen One. The Antichrist, who is born to face him, and who will take the Earth into the state of chaos and darkness, in another Chosen One, although a Dark Chosen One. If we take the Necronomicon's scenario for the final confrontation, then the person who releases the Old Ones from their prison is a Chosen One, and so are those who fight them and either defeat them, or lock them away, this time for good. Eventually, it will be a combination of several scenarios, or nothing at all will happen.

I'm not saying that you, or any of us, IS the key figure in saving the world; however, we all are, in a way. Just by helping to a friend of us, by healing one of the beloved ones, by donating to a noble cause, or by at least becoming more aware of our own nature and purpose, we are bringing the world a step closer to the salvation.

I hope I didn't sound as a doom-sayer, because normally I'm an extreme optimist. I hope my words were of valuable message to all of you.

There are very reassuring news, as always. Read a recent Tarot reading Tiamat performed on Project X and its direction:

1. Present Influences: There is guidance from the Ancient Ones.

2. Present Events: We have trust in our faith.

3. Past Events: Achievement of ideals.

4. Past or Passing Influences: Strong emotions.

5. Future Events: Opening of psychic passages; deeper levels of consciousness (more so than we have now).

6. Future Influences: Willpower; actions are backed by energy.

7. Environment: Achievement of physical goal.

8. Strength of Querent: Reaching for end of goal (this may pertain to two parties, both the whole of Project X, and myself, finding what is sought); the number 2 (for meditative purposes).

9. Hopes and Fears: The seeds have been planted; the journey has begun.

10. Final Outcome: Physical evolution, taking a look beneath the surface; the number 100 (again, for meditative purposes).

Tiamat, who is a member of our Board of Directors, has also established a sibling website to Project X - Community X ( Be sure you pay a visit, sign the guestbook and participate in yet another paranormal on-line chat.

And now, sit comfortably and relax, and I shall take you to another fascinating edition of Project X Newsletter. Everyone will find here something of a personal interest.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #24

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