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The Messages Are Everywhere

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 22, 1999

Dear friends.

In this week's newsletter I've decided to write about the dreams I've been having, and focus on the cosmic messages in them, how each dream connects to the one that follows.


I dreamt I have been chased, chased by a group of people, their purpose was more to take something away from me than to hurt me, what they wanted was a computer disk I had, at the end I was able to get away and the disk remained in my possession.

I talked to Alex and told him that the way I see the cosmic message in that dream is that the disk contains some kind of information, the people chasing me wanted to have that disk more than anything else, and the meaning of it in reality: they, whoever they are, I assume - evil powers, want to take away some kind of ability I have, a paranormal ability, they feel intimidated and want to take it away from me.


The next day I had a dream where Alex and I were at some kind of a conference, and there was an argue between me and another man there, the man who hosted the conference, about groups at the world, I mentioned another group that he hasn't, and that was us, Project X.

An argue started next but at the end, I was smiling, happy, I won and he kept quiet.


This was the scariest dream this week... and maybe the ability???

In this dream I was me, an 18.5 year old boy that had a job in a TV or a Radio station, one of the employees there got sick in cancer, we were all sorry and stunned but she kept on working and hosting her show?

That day, I was walking in the streets when a two women who knew each other started a conversation, one of the women talked to me and told me about my back problems, but not how to deal with them, why the things I do are wrong for my back, and that the pains are all my fault, I was so angry that I just thought of saying to her: ?How do you dare speaking to me in this tone when I know the age you'll die?!?.

Yes, in this dream I was able to know the age people will die, everyone on the face of the planet, I had this ability...

Later on I had a vision that showed me that all my friends at work will die at a young age, between forty to fifty, that got me so upset that I was about to cry, they didn't know that, because the minute I had this vision I ran outside and did everything I could think of to stop, I wanted this ability to go away from me, I wanted to live a normal life and know nothing about anybody anymore.... just like a boy who minds his own business? but I don't know what happened next.

As I write this now, a thought occurred to me.

All the dreams I had these last two and a half weeks, evil was intimidated by me, he felt I can stop him (when I say I could stop him, I mean in my dreams, when what I do believe is that all of us, all the chosen ones out there can stop evil now, when he's weak and intimidated, it's time to join forces... it's time to beat the Matrix.)

And every dream I had, evil forces tried all they could to hurt me, physically and emotionally, tried me feel bad and scared, but each time they failed, I was able to stop them, I won those battles? and here come two dreams that follow each other, the first when evil failed to take away the disk from me, and the next, the dream that shows me I have the ability to know the age people will die, maybe the ability evil failed to take away from me... here's a good and very powerful paranormal ability, evil lost in this battle, but has he?

In this dream, I end up small, wanted this ability gone away from me, wanted to be a normal person again and know nothing that I knew so far, this means all the five years of Project X, I wanted to forget it all?

But you all need to remember, the Matrix is not reality, not the whole reality, and dreams are a Matrix, you need to remember what I've told you the last time, evil can't hurt us here, we are the powerful ones in reality, we are in control here, but when we cross the gate, when we enter the other world, the Matrix, the dream, they can hurt us there, so maybe they won this battle but they lost the war, because winning the war means us breaking up here, in reality, what evil is trying to do is to hurt us in the Matrix, in dreams, and from there they expect us to break up in reality, because if we broke up here, they did what they intended to, because they wanted us broken, and I know how? break the person in the Matrix, in his dreams so badly, that in reality he is not himself again, and therefore make him powerless against evil.

Well, here's a message, a real cosmic message from me to you, and to evil: They cannot break us, because no matter what we have our powers, we are strong and we will never lose ourselves, never!

Stay aware!

Now, do you know why evil is intimidated?

Evil is intimidated because he now saw and understood the power of Project X and the chosen ones, we direct each other and we support each other? for the rest of our sweet lives, but beware, evil is now on the high attack, he has nothing to lose now, so if you enter your Matrix and evil hurts you there, fight, you lost there, evil hurt you bad, don't worry, you could enter again, but remember this: NEVER BREAK IN REALITY!

Remember this, because Matrix is not reality, and breaking up there is not the end, because the important thing is to hold on here and never lose the battle of reality, this is what evil is trying to do, break us here by our nightmares and by our fear in and from our own Matrix? Stay aware... always!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #24

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