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Tia's Input: Latest Experiences

Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 22, 1999

-Tia's vacation-


We drove around, and ended up driving through a ghetto (low housing community), where I was the first of the three of us to feel concentrations and dilutions of growing and diminishing pains in my chest. It was quite a painful experience.

Later that night, driving through downtown Tampa, we saw the towering buildings, everywhere. I didn't like it.


During the day, a friend and I walked through the city (downtown area), and as I looked up at these monstrous towers and buildings, it reminded me of the vision, and of Aldarow's description of New York.

As you may or may not know, I was there because of a College Literary/Journalistic Conference. In the early evening, I left the banquet (one of the few times anyone will ever see me dressed up) to retrieve something from my Advisor's room, which happened to be on the 14th floor. Due to superstitions, building owners will not name the 13th floor, the "13th floor". Instead, they call it either Penthouse or 14th floor. In my mind, even though it is called "14th floor" I know well enough that it is in all essence, the "13th floor". I stepped off the elevator and began walking down the hall. It felt, for lack of a better term, "strange". The entire hallway was surging with unknown energy. I came to the door, and entered. It seemed like a nice room, so I walked around, and went to the window. I looked out at the lovely view. As I began to turn away, in my mind I heard the dulled (faint) sound of a human shriek, reached for the camera and walked out the door. I walked out and proceeded down the hall. As I approached the elevator, waiting for it, I could feel the energy surrounding me, and felt a sharpness in my head. By the time I reached the bottom floor, I was still in the process of shaking it off.

Upon returning to the banquet, I consulted a friend of mine, who is in the middle of a spiritual transition in her life, who I regularly consult about the paranormal. She had originally requested my assistance with something, and I had helped her out.

Later on that night, my friend and I ventured to the "14th floor", as I had something to deliver to the woman staying in that room. My friend also sensed the energy in the hallway.

Less than an hour later, we returned with our bags, because we were eating in that room and then were to depart for our return home. This time, her significant other and a friend of his were with us. While eating (sitting next to the window) I had heard a faint scream aloud, outside the window. I turned to my friend, asking if she too had heard it, and she nodded in agreement. Later on, her soulmate, i.e., her significant other, had told her he had heard something, it ended up being the same something that the two of us heard.

On the trip home, she and I were making conjectures as to what was going on there. Apparently, my friend had seen the woman (whose voice we heard earlier) being pushed out of the window by a man wearing an airline pilot's uniform. Finally we concluded that this must have been why all the windows in the hotel were locked and bolted shut, though I would still like to know one thing... "How does this knowledge solve anything?"


Early this morning on the drive home, I was sitting calmly in the car, on the interstate, looked up to the ceiling of the car, closed my eyes, and saw what appeared to be a single human eye, looking back at me.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #24

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