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A Web Site Recommendation

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 22, 1999

1) Psychic World Tarot ( - Tarot predictions for current events, updated every two weeks.

2) Hushmail ( - not a paranormal-related, rather, a conspiracy-related. You see, all the regular e-mail you send can be easily cracked and read by many of those faceless governmental bodies, who care not for your privacy. It is like when you shop on-line, for instance, buying a DVD at - any average hacker can retrieve your credit number within an hour. It's all about the encryption, and Hushmail uses powerful 1024-bit encryption technology. Try it, it's for free! (Ah, the magic 'F' word. :-) )

3) Now, to an even more serious matter - Hatewatch ( Are you concerned with the growing world-wide animosity as we are? Hatewatch keeps track on all the racist, white-race-domination, homophobic and other filthy websites, newsgroups and organization. The lists are frighteningly long. You want a better world? Then take a stand against those hatred-spreaders, both in cyberspace and a real life.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #24

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