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Who's There?

Author: John Cali    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 22, 1999

{This message I've received in this week's e-mail really helped me to place certain late things in an appropriate perspective and focus, therefore I suggest you won't skip it}

Note from John:

Chief Joseph has often told me (and others) the only true purpose for our lives is to remember who we are. All else is incidental.

How often - and how badly - we get caught up in the forgetting of who we are! We place our identity - our self-esteem - our very reason for being - in something or someone outside ourselves. It could be a job, a spouse, a child, a place, a teacher, a house, a bank account - or whatever.

But these are all "things" we "own" only temporarily. We have forgotten they are only tools our higher selves have given us to help us fulfill our true purpose in this lifetime - remembering who we truly are - divine beings in human form, literally Gods and Goddesses.

Have you forgotten who you are from time to time? I certainly have. Especially lately. At one point, I feared I was losing my focus, losing my self. So, a few days ago, I asked Joseph what my real work in this lifetime was. His answer was simple and direct. "Your work right now is to be yourself."

Here's Joseph.


Have you ever wondered, my dear ones, who you are - what is your life all about? I suspect you have, at least occasionally.

What your life is all about is simple - it's the remembering of who you truly are. That is your life's purpose. If you want to distill everything you have ever done in your life - or ever will do - into one simple word, that word is "remembering."

You came into this incarnation as the playful, joyful, creative Gods and Goddesses you truly are. You decided to take on human form for a while because you thought it might be fun. It would be exciting to play the three-dimensional game with your sisters and brothers on this beautiful Planet Earth.

And so you came into human form once again. You played and were joyful for a little while. Until "reality" kicked in, that is.? Then you began forgetting. And you had lots of help pushing you into the forgetfulness - your parents, teachers, churches, governments, etc., etc.

You forgot - totally, but not forever - who you are. You often found yourselves looking into your own hearts and minds, and wondering, "Who's there? Who is this stranger I've become?"

In the beginning, of course - before the forgetfulness took hold - you did not question yourselves often. Today, however, with the major shifts the human race and Mother Earth are undergoing (the "ascension process," if you prefer) you are questioning more and more. You're questioning everything. But, most especially, you're questioning who you are - and what your purpose is. Is there a reason for it all?

Yes, there is a reason for it all. That reason is your life's purpose - to remember who you truly are, to return to the joyful memory of your true selves, to return Home to the oneness with all that is.

When you can remain connected with your God and Goddess selves for even a few brief moments each day, gradually the bliss and ecstasy your soul feels at all times will return to your human consciousness.

When that begins to happen, your life can indeed become heaven on earth.

You will still have your earthly challenges to deal with. But you will handle them with the ease and grace of the Goddesses and Gods you truly are.

Go in peace, my dear ones.


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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #24

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