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Identified Flying Objects - Continued

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 22, 1999

Part II of the discussions inspired by Christine on the topic of UFOs, their influence or association with ~(Wave)~ power. For orientation purposes the "Brain Wave Diary" refers to UFO as Foo. Also the original opening statement is repeated from part I for continuity.

Well Project X readers - this is it. October 1st, 1999 and high time we moved one paranormal topic from para to normal. The credit for this goes to Christine - thanks Christine, who was gracious enough to allow me to share the answers received to her UFO questions. Christine insisted I in concert with the ~(Wave)~ clear up the UFO question for once and for all. From this day forward they are to be known as FOs because they are identified - now.

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (October 2, 1999)

Cheaters Never Prosper - It's our planet now chumps!

Christine Q) Is the Wave directly related to #1 Foo experience, you sort of elude to that in one of your explanations, but then later, when you try to explain what the Wave is, you don't refer at all to it.

A) Something Foo'y did happen when I was very young. I have thought about "what" for many years. The impressions I have formed run along these lines.

Our greatest gift is that of free choice.

Free choice cannot be corrupted or compromised. Therefore we are never told what to do by anything of a higher order. Therefore I was not directed to do anything. I was exposed to something unusual. Being exposed to something unusual confirms there are unusual things. Knowing of unusual things can motivate curiosity. Curiosity can be exercised if an individual wishes to. Free will is not corrupted or compromised through contact with legitimate higher entities.

We are born with a mind blank other than for primitive instructions ensuring we breathe, demand food and recognize discomfort and protest it. From there we observe and remember experiences. As we develop we are able to draw from these experiences or others documented experiences to perform cognitive reasoning.

What we cannot do is to know something we don't know - unaided.

Quick examples - Newton did not invent gravity, Einstein did not invent relativity. What they did do was to ask questions surrounding the apparent existence of these things. The questioning eventually let to receiving answers that defined what these things were.

However, this questioning was only possible because others had developed supporting groundwork to reference from. Such as developing language, discovering zero as a math value, etc., etc. Millions had to contribute millions of puzzle pieces, so that Newton and Einstein could fit their puzzle pieces into the picture - everything we develop is an immense team effort.

The point I am striving for is - our minds simply cannot independently know something it does not know.

The things I know and use allow me to anticipate, react and hypothesize, but I simply cannot think up something true, which I do not know about. However, each of us draws from some external "all knowing" source allowing the collective human knowledge base to progress. I like the example of Einstein for this, because he documented his discovery processes and alluded to the same key. The key is to seek new elements through asking questions of the source (Wave).

To Einstein's amazement his questions were answered. Ultimately, other scientists converted Einstein's theories into mathematical equations, which he freely admitted he could not understand. The classic one was his theory of gravity, which he spent five dedicated years asking about. The answers he received were in the form of very simple graphic representations which he then documented into word based explanations with simple models to illustrate the received points. Other scientists converted these to equations for use in calculations. This made them useful to others in a generic sense.

Einstein did not think up his theories, he channeled them in via asking.

If something did happen as a result of my experiencing something unusual at a very young age it was in the form of witnessing incredible possibilities and being provided with the key to seeking and questing - to question the source ~(Wave)~.

I do not believe I was instructed to do anything per say.

Illustrative of this would be to show a tribe of pygmies in the jungle an episode of "Lifestyles of the rich and famous", they would not literally understand what they were viewing, but I expect it would set up a questing atmosphere and desire within their group.

Closer to home - if individuals question and are sent representations of UFO, fairies, angels, ghosts, voices, pixies, lepricorns, miracles and other timeless phenomena and entities, then questions and questing are guaranteed. Whatever we can imagine is attainable. If there is a mistake, it is perhaps "thinking up" what these things might be instead of asking, "what are they?"

Christine Q) And do you think the subsequent Foo experiences were 'top-ups'?

A) In retrospect, I have concluded subsequent Foo experiences to be reinforcement for the first experience. To witness unusual possibilities first hand is a powerful incentive to believe all possibilities and to not slacken up on the questing. Yes, as you say, they were incentive "top-ups", but any actions as a result of experiencing them have to be my own - "free will" is the cardinal rule.

Christine Q) Do you perceive the Wave as separate from yourself?

A) What a great question! NO!

My representation for the Wave goes like this;

Imagine a thin ether substance permeating every nook and cranny of existence, throughout all places we humans can survive. Now imagine the function of the ether to be like the power lines strung above an electric streetcar. Imagine you are that streetcar. As a streetcar you need a way to connect to your power supply so you have an appendage (brain bit), which connects you to the overhead power line. Now you can draw power and be mobile.

Of course, the Wave is not constrictive like rails and power lines, so wherever you are, you are connected to it and can draw power from it on demand. This point is important. Unregulated streams of knowledge are disastrous (mental illness?). Not demanding, (questioning), leaves you with just what you know! Questions have to be valid wave compatible ones, or activation does not take place.

Now we could say that a streetcar is still a streetcar even when not connected - however it is not a fully functional streetcar. In this respect one can be separate from the Wave and still be a streetcar.

Hope this stuff clarifies things, Christine - with any kind of luck these answers inspire even more questions.

Loose ends - the blue and white symbol. The reference to this is found in the "Brain Wave Diary Epilogue" -- We are all a mother's child!

To be continued?

Love Light and Laughter for your journey,

Doug Lewis (AKA) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends * VBS *

@ the sight for sore eyes

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #24

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