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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #23

October 7, 1999

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. Our Own Matrix - Rinor Zidran
3. City of Devil / Country of Harold Klemp - Messages from Aurora, Nancy - Today's Mail
4. Identified Flying Objects: Brain Wave Diary - Doug Lewis
5. Wisdom from Rev. Karl Aull - Karl Aull
6. City of Light - Judith
7. ATOM's New Opportunity For 2000 - Darwin Gross
8. The Chases in the Other World - Rinor Zidran
9. A Web Site Recommendation - Alexander Aldarow
10. Closing Words

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Did you receive our postcard two weeks ago, dear reader? At first, it just seemed to be a nice idea, to send a lovely message to all our subscribers, to hundreds of people world-wide. Later, it proved to be more than that. Because, during the following hours - and days - I was receiving e-mails from people unimaginably distant in a geographic way, but yet so close, people thanking us, telling that it was exactly what they needed on that somewhat gloomy day, that it was like a warm hug from a friend, and that the message was very spirits-uplifting. I even 'guessed' someone's birthday! To receive those responses was such an immense experience!
Apparently, by sending the postcard to more than a thousand readers, I created a wave of positive energy, sweeping the Earth, banishing whatever negativity clung to our atmosphere. One more to the good guys!
Now, does any other paranormal newsletter does the same for you? :-)
I'm glad you liked it. I like you, too.
Our spiritual virtual postcards, by the way, were renewed and enhanced - more options added, such as a heading and a signature that you can chose from a list - if you have more suggestions, don't hesitate to e-mail me. Also, you can chose a color for your postcard's text and background; the list of the songs available was tremendously enlarged. Soon I will update the pictures as well.
There are more updates on our site, which popularity is growing daily - 1200 visits last month, more than 1500 are expected this month. In these days Rinor is finishing the translation of a large part of our Archives, we are planning to release it on this weekend, so keep checking the updates. And the message board continues flourishing, make sure you leave your imprint there as well. Especially interesting are messages from Layla - she has warned of the English train collision days before it occurred! It is truly a shame I was not able to deliver her message further to the masses. There were additional disturbing news on our Open Forum...
But it is time to return to what is in front of your eyes - the Newsletter. Remember the previous one, where I revealed the diabolic plans of the ancient demons in America? That edition brought us the biggest amount of high quality responses. Evidently, I was not the first one to notice an evil influence in the United States, as you can read from the messages below. Is there hope for us? Of course there is, always, as Rinor says in the article that seals this week's edition. And there is more, much more to tell you on this October's day, so I will clear the stage for another writers.
Allow me only to finish the opening words with a part of a message that somehow reached our bay:
"...As for the End of the World... it's coming very soon. But as you say, we will win. For it isn't the END of everything, as the Darkness would like to believe, it is the end of the world as we know it, and it shall become a paradise without war or money, without technology or hate..."

Our Own Matrix    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

Our dreams are one of the gates that we discovered that can lead us to the other world, to another world, a world where our most difficult problems can be solved, our questions can be answered, but also a world that lasts until we return to reality.
The gates we've discovered as the chosen ones, as people who were and are interested in the paranormal and the supernatural, are always there, and it is up to us to use them, whether it's hypnosis, trance, dreams, or even a walk in the nature, a walk that with our own belief will lead us to the answers.
I'm not saying, let us all forget about the now, the present, and dedicate ourselves to the other world, that is not the purpose; I'm saying it is time to use these gates more often now, seek our answers there, in a world with no limit, a world that is free, but a world that we need to learn more about, it is the world we enter when we walk through the gates we've discovered and learned to use.
The world we enter is our own Matrix, we don't know where we will find ourselves, unless we can control it, like lucid dreaming, or a hypnosis, where a person guides one's self to a certain place and finds him/herself there, then we become the ones, the ones who can control this Matrix, this world and find the answers to our questions, but not when we don't control it, like meditation that sets us free to whatever location, or a dream, an ordinary dream, where the world we see and feel, is the ?reality?, when it's only our own Matrix, programmed and designed by our subconscious.
From this theory, let us see how this world, the other world, is a place we need to be more careful as well.
The Old Ones, demons, evil spirits, all these entities, live and powerful in the other world, in reality we are in control, but when we enter the other world, in most cases we cannot control it, and this Matrix leads us by itself, and all we can do is fight there or follow it, that is why the Old Ones, and all the evil beings in this world are the dominant and they can hurt us there, that is why we need to be careful, and stay aware... always!
We are the chosen ones, we are the believers, we see, feel, taste and live this world, our reality, but we know there is another ?reality?, which in some ways is real, real in different interpretations, real in a way we sometimes think is not, but why? Because it has no specific pattern? Because we don't enter it all the time? Because life is impossible there? No, because we live here and now, we live in the reality, we learned to live one life, when on the other hand there is the other life, the astral life, the astral world, and we are the chosen ones because we enter this world all the time, every one of us enter there, all the people in the world enter there by their dreams, why aren't they the chosen ones? Because they don't know this world truly exist and how well it can be useful and helpful to us.
Each and every one of us in the world is potential to be a chosen one, in some way we all are, but the real chosen ones already know they are, and they are the people who enter the world, but also aware to it, aware this world exists and keep on entering in order to find what they are looking for, and maybe even later embrace it to the reality, the now, the present.
We saw the way, we walked it and keep on walking it, we are explorers who discovered new world, new dimension, and are aware of it and its meanings to us... but we also need to be careful, no world is perfect, not that we found one, and so, we have to stay aware all the time, here, now, and there, in the astral world... but always, always... remember who you are and where you came from, the gates to the other world are everywhere, we need to know how to use them, and remember to return as well.
To all of you out there I'll say good luck, because we all need it, if we'll believe, it will happen!
To all of you that are still seeking for the gates, watch out, you sometimes use them without being aware, know to return and distinguish between your own Matrix, and your own reality, all is left to say now is... love and light, use the gates, learn to use them, but watch out, stay aware.
Hear, see, feel, discover...

A special thanks to Aldarow who first showed me the gate, now it's the journey, it's time to beat The Matrix and learn to control it for us to be able to design it the way we want to in order to protect ourselves and find the answers to our questions, even there...

City of Devil / Country of Harold Klemp - Messages from Aurora, Nancy    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)

A letter from Aurora -

Hi, Alexander,

I am Aurora, dweller of the City of Devil, New York. I fully agree with what you have written about the NYC. It is the strangest place in the world. I have been living in this city for one year, and to be honest it was the unhappiest year in my life, never have I seen so much negative energy concentrated in one place. Manhattan is the doorway to THERE, it is the epicenter of the matrix system designed by devil to deceive mankind and distance it from the divine truth, that's why it is guarded by all kinds of wicked spirits and devilish creatures. Once a time the devil himself visit this city, the entrance is in one of the buildings either on the Fifth Avenue, or Riverside Drive, it can be the area near the Riverside Drive Church. Each visit of the Knight of Darkness is accompanied by strange rituals and ceremonies. Most of them are done on the astral plane, so you can't see them, but you can strongly fell their presence, and it is terrifying. The most painful aspect of living in NYC is the danger of loosing connection with God, the city is blocked by astral shield, that's why many prayers here can't reach destination. I was struggling for year to find my way through, I feel really devastated and entrapped. But I have to stay here for many reasons. At the same time I know that it is easy to live God in the safe isolation, somewhere in deep forest, or on the top of the mountain. But our purpose of life is not only to approach God, but to fight the Devil, the self-proclaimed governor of the Earth, to destroy his headquarters through which he commands his army, and false system of things through which he enslaves the people.


A letter from Nancy -

Dear Alex:
It's a good deal you made it to NY. It's a neat story of family too. We are the end results of our ancestors collective consciousness Alex, as you proved to yourself I see, and others. Possibly why you get so many good visions on truth is due to your family lineage.

The changes in America as you noted in NY trip, are pretty much speeded up since 1983, and after. Once the Kal agents or Satan's crew (Ancient Ones) ECKANKAR gangsters rose up into power positions in this country, added to other psychic traps out there, America has much to face ahead. Especially from Nature. Due to human thought forms creating a reversal in Nature! I told you it is mankind's choice JUST AS IN ATLANTIS. HISTORY REPEATS! I told you so long ago, and prophecy is not a psychic but Spiritual ability. It is trained in ATOMS to work only for Spirit and through The true Master of the times (Darwin Gross) we do serve Divine Spirit and tell of truths just as Spirit shows us.

I don't dare focus on the negativity myself as its all past now, I am ATOM and we know to only focus on Sugmad/GOD and Spirit's Divine Light and Sound, or My Master who guides me too. There needs to be more clear channels for Spirit through the one Living Master to stop the damages, that's what I try to share with others, PROTECTION is needed to turn things back on the negative. It's so important to use the double edge sword of GOD taught by the Ancient Teachings or Path, because only GOD is the solution, or we go the way of Atlantis, again. It requires the true link up with God's Spirit from a GodMan. DARWIN it is, Only Spirit wins over darkness, you know?

What new thing can I say, but good trip, great insights, and what else is new? I've seen so much come to pass I guess mankind just won't be prepared or is not ready to save themselves.

Oh, yes as you may recall? I told you the Ancient Teachings of ATOM where in past times a mystery religion, Jesus Christ was a 2nd initiate and Teacher also, and the Jewish group called ESSENES we were and we are GOD'S tested and true chosen ones! Spirit tests SOUL until your able to battle on, with the negative powers who know to hide from the light or be found out even destroyed!

See? They must try to destroy the truth or CHILDREN OF LIGHT, if they can to take over a power hold and gain control over others who can't see them. I don't joke but many more need to WAKE UP! See and listen, to the living Master here and now! ATOMS are US ALL IN SOUL FORM, but one must start early to gain the powers to protect and serve Spirit on higher ground than Astral or Casual, even Etheric but WORKING DIRECTLY IN FULL AWARENESS IN SOUL FOR THE SOUL PLANE.

I started in 1973, I AM still in ATOM, with the one true Master living today, but I am an Ancient SOUL! One can't start too soon on the Path back to God, you know. Each must choose. There needs to be a lot more trained on earth to protect it now. For only a few thousand of people might survive. Sadly but true!

So, Alex, I told you also, about America being a different country than you where used to! ATOMS are born to SPEAK THE TRUTH ~ PROPHETS R' US! Few can understand us so I do known your truth is viable... It's a lot like the X-FILES hey Alex? You got that RIGHT ON!

In Divine Spirit,
Nancy Krinkey

PS No need to answer, just wanted to remind you I told you some things too. You don't need to share this e-mail with others but you can if you wish, too. I know many wouldn't believe me about Darwin but these true Masters from GOD are alive and working in Divine Spirit all the time on Earth! I see Paulji too working with Darwin all the time, and the pure white light of God comes flowing through them. The sincerest solutions are going to come from GOD or not at all! Many can save or protect themselves or be protected in times ahead. If mankind will change from old ways to new. Thought forms are too MATERIALISTIC needs more SPIRITUALIZATION! SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

Quote Darwin, "'CONSCIOUSNESS IS LIFE" I SAY, LACK OF SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS IS NO LIFE ON PLANET EARTH IN FUTURE! Sort of like your dream in another time ending right? Think about it! Changes in this lifetime can do a world of good to soul. To each his own I'm all for non interference myself!

Identified Flying Objects: Brain Wave Diary    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Well, Project X readers - this is it. October 1st, 1999 and high time we moved one paranormal topic from para to normal. The credit for this goes to Christine - thanks, Christine - who was gracious enough to allow me to share the answers received to her UFO questions. Christine insisted I, in concert with the ~(Wave)~, clear up the UFO question for once and for all. From this day forward they are to be known as FO's because they are identified - now.

Reference "Brain Wave Diary" (October 1, 1999)

?? Cheaters Never Prosper - It's our planet now, chumps!

Hi, Christine:

Having a genuine sighting of an Unidentified Flying Object is the most frustrating thing I know of.

More frustrating than not having one.

In my case the objects seemed to find me rather than the other way around.

Of course, claiming to have had an experience is a fruitless, risky business because most people assume extraterrestrial beings are involved, little green men, etc., therefore, you, the sighter, must be demented, mistaken, drunk or anything but "normal". Unidentified means just that. An object which does not readily cross reference with something we can identify. Since having a documented experience with well informed witnesses many years ago, before UFO was even a coined phrase, I am adamant there are inexplicable things or phenomena still to be explained (thank goodness, I say). I was lucky enough to be "selected" again for a visit later on.

The waters around the topic are so muddied these days I can think of no way an individual could prove these things exist - even if you trapped one in your garage you would wind up eventually being disproved.

Kinda like grabbing a Lepricorn by the leg -- you will never be able to qualify for the pot of gold.

Now - My obligatory opinionated viewpoint *VBS*

Over the years I have concluded the objects are not extraterrestrial but originate from earth - just not from this time. (Just my opinion).

They (UFO's) make a terrible conversation piece and I lump them in with religion and politics as topics impossible to discuss objectively.

For (us) believers no explanation is required, for the non-believers no explanation is sufficient.

Christine was intrigued by my quote - "Over the years I have concluded the objects are not extraterrestrial but originate from earth - just not from this time" . This prompted an explanation.


OK, my conclusions are based mainly on analyzing accounts of encounters with occupants of Unidentified Flying Objects others claim to have had. Although many of these claimed encounters may be bogus I credit many to have had such encounters - starting with Eziekial. Time and time again there are commonalties reported - I will call these commonalties constants.

Some reported constants associated with occupants of Unidentified Flying Objects are:

- The occupants can emerge without the benefit of externally worn survival gear.
- The occupants are compatible to Earth gravitational forces.
- The occupants physical characteristics match those of almost all earth species - 2 eyes, 1 nose, one mouth, 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 torso, etc.
- The occupants are reported to be interested in our physical aspects, often performing probing procedures.
- The occupants are sometimes reported to engage with us in procreational ways.
- By and large, the occupants are interested in putting us back unharmed.
- By and large, the occupants assist the encountered through memory of experience loss.
- By and large, the visiting craft/occupants would rather flee us than fight us.
- They seem to like cattle parts - (perhaps Texan ET's???;-)) (feeble attempt at humour)

There are many more supportive constants but these will do to make the point.

My main supportive point is:

Given that encounter reporters could say anything they please, I find it odd that no one adds space suits, breathing apparatus, extra body parts, death ray guns and a whole lot of other spacey possibilities. (If you are telling a whopper you may as well make it a good one - eh).

Also, I hardly ever see any reference to intentional harm to the visited and I do see a lot of reference to an attempt to shield us from the fear of the encounter. It may not be very effective but the thought seems to be there. Given their obvious superiority they could scoop us up verbatim right out in the open if they wished. The reported fixation with organ probing and procreation attempts is suggestive of a similar biological composition or shared origin??????

There is more but this is the cornerstone of my conclusion.

- Evidence in favour of them originating from Earth - Overwhelming!
- Evidence in favour of them originating not from our universe - Zip!

Conclusion - The earth originated UFO occupant model wins *VBS*

Christine - I do have other (personal) supporting stuff but I will provide this directly to you if you do not mind! Who are they? What are they? What is their predicament? What is their purpose? etc.

More, more asked Christine, so...

Hi, Christine:

If we imagine for one moment wo/man's greatest desire, (out of ignorance), it would undoubtedly be to cheat death.

In previous cycles of "intelligent" life on this planet this same desire was manifest also. As we experiment with death defying techniques we will undoubtedly arrive at a similar solution - a form of suspended animation. In the past - and I mean millions of years ago, suspended animation was achieved by previous "cycles" of this planet.

Suspended animation does not cheat death but does allow for vast amounts of time to go by whereby surely by then, (at the awakening), we will have conquered death -- or avoided a life threatening situation such as a major meteor /earth collision or some such thing. We will awaken and be "treated" for physical achievement of immortality or will have avoided the catastrophic event, thinking we will pick up where we left off.

Let's say that an efficient way to achieve suspended animation involves being encapsulated in space, suspended in a wide orbit designed to be maintained through exact positioning of the "capsules" between the earth and the sun. A perfect trajectory maintained by the gravitational effect of the sun and earth while remaining undetectable from earth. A poor mans time travel machine.

At a predetermined time or through monitoring earth for certain activity (atomic?) the awakening will happen and we will return home. BUT, when we do, we find our planet has been usurped by another variation of semi-intelligent beings - we will find ourselves evicted and displaced. Now what?

Well, I think we have ring side seats for that one.

Being disenfranchised from your own planet by billions of halfway developed quasi "intelligent" beings like us - so similar but different - presents quite a challenge. Your technology although superior is in need of maintenance and repair. You have lost your history, connections, infrastructure and support mechanisms - you may also have lost the meaning of your mandate, purpose and objective. Quite a conundrum. Some have crashed, some have not. Insufficient resource to knock us off but sufficient to explore alternate cohabitation possibilities.

Well, survival is the primary objective for all life, so no doubt they try to scavenge, study us, check out available resources and plan alternate survival strategies with what is available (us and our half baked technology).

I expect there is no script, just a "fly by the seat of your pants kind of thing". Quite a predicament.

Anyway - like I said at the front - this bit of conjecture is just for fun, something for the mind to play with.

By the way, their mistake - like ours shortly, is not accepting that we die to live and live to die. Avoiding death is impossible, so why delay? Death is part of our continuing existence process, not an event.

To be continued?

Love, Light and Laughter for your journey,
Doug Lewis (AKA) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends * VBS *
@ the sight for sore eyes

Wisdom from Rev. Karl Aull    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Karl Aull    (all articles by this author)

(Forwarded by Mark Andrews)

We create vibratory possibilities about what we want to create in our world. When thought, feeling, and emotion become as One we reach our highest potential. Since feeling is electromagnetic charges moving across cell walls in our bodies, we are effectively moving energy throughout our bodies, as well as outside of our bodies. We have 1.17 volts of electrical potential in each of the cells in our bodies. This is the God energy within each of our cells - our power potential.

We experience IN our bodies BEFORE the event is experienced externally. This means: WE ARE and WE DO CREATE OUR REALITY. The Essenes created an equation to move energy throughout our bodies. It can be defined as a "lost mode of prayer", unlike prayer as we know it. This information was 'tossed aside', thrown away by early Christians, namely Constantine and his council, in the year 325 AD. Basically, what was left to pass on to later generations were the empty rituals.
It is not the ritual that 'makes it happen'. The ritual is but the expression that sets the tone for your prayer. Behind each prayer is a thought form. For example: a person may pray for more money. What is the thought behind this prayer? It is," I don't have enough money. I live in scarcity, I need more." Therefore, instead of receiving more money, this person will indeed live in scarcity because that is the thought that went out into consciousness and became real.

If we had had all of the information extracted from the scriptures, we may have learned to tune into the Earth's vibration and worked with it instead of inventing internal combustion, etc. that works against the Earth's vibration. Amazingly, we have come quite a long way without this information. We have found it along the way, although we are not all using these methods - yet.

The Essenes lived by these four tenants:

1. Only One of us is here. This is a holographic consciousness, a pattern whole and complete unto itself which is part of a larger pattern, and on and on into infinity. Each time an individual chooses a new option this person becomes a bridge. They have created a new way which changes the hologram of human consciousness.

2. The Unity consciousness is moving collectively toward this rare moment in history. We have lived in polarity, duality. Each time one person chooses to move out of this pattern, the consciousness changes.

3. We have direct access to the Creative Forces of this world. This is the Essene mode of Prayer. See it, say it, and it is done. You directly access creation, you create.

4. We have access to a 'secret science'. It is the Science of Compassion, the most ancient of sciences that allows us to gracefully transcend the greatest challenges of our lives with grace. The Essenes taught, and this is correlated by Tibetan monks, the world's record keepers, that you must embody the thought, feeling, emotion and knowing that IT IS DONE AND IT IS TRUE. "It is done." We have heard "Ask and you shall receive ~ Ask and it will be given you." The actual translation from the Aramaic is: Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer." (Ask and see it done.) The asking perpetuates the event.

Instead of asking for peace in our world, give thanks for the peace in the world and change the world paradigm.

This is the time of no time. We are creating it at this moment. The Tibetans see nothing beyond the Kali Yoga because it is being invented by us as we live it. This is a very different time than our past times. The Essene information matches with the Tibetan information, which matches with the Mayan information and the Hopi. We've heard it used in many contexts, but this truly is what the New Age means.

The "secret" of the Essenes was "PEACE". The Masters taught that you could 'move the mountain' if you aligned yourself, and therefore your world, in a vibratory template. You can envision this as three circles, one on top of the other. The circles from top to bottom were: thought, feelings, and emotions. ( They coupled emotions with the physical - the body.) When all three are aligned and mirror each other, you are in your optimum truth and your full power. You dishonor Self if you say one thing and feel another, you have shifted out of alignment with your pure potential.

The Essenes asked: "How do we create a unified pattern in thought, word, emotion and feeling in alignment?"
1. Find peace in body/emotions.
2. Seek peace in feelings. Call in Love to purify.
3. Seek peace in thoughts. though unseen, thought has the strength to shake and shape the body and the world.

In the presence of peace you have compassion and love. ( Look at the Dali Llama's face! ;-) )

The "secret code" of the Essenes is " PEACE BE WITH YOU". The other part of the equation is: If you come from the place that what you are choosing to have has already happened, in doing so you have created the template of that possibility and that is what allows it to be real.

In both Hopi and Tibetan tradition there is a prophecy that states that: When the people of the Red Rose lose their homes and are scattered across the world ~ peace will come to the world. This has happened. The Tibetan peoples have been driven from their homes. And where have they gone? All over the world. And what are they teaching? Peace. There are no mistakes or coincidences.

We are transcending the catastrophic prophecies of yesteryears. Upon us is the shift of the ages, Zero Point, the Mayan and Hopi calendars of No Time. We are within 3-4 years, or closer, to this time. We are experiencing changes. We have lost magnetics on the Earth's surface. There have been major explosions of comets colliding with the back side of our sun. In 1997 there was a new signal picked up in Sucara, NM emanating from the center of the Milky Way. Two major ice shells in Antarctica fractured. In late 1997 an astronomer measured an explosion on the perimeter of our Universe second only to the Big Bang. There have been several since. Are these signs that new universes are forming?

There are many parallel/possibilities/realities. Revelations and Nostradamus gave us two possibilities. We determine which of the simultaneous realities will play out. What we are seeing IS NOTHING compared to the ancient prophecies, because we have already begun to change the paradigm. (As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.)

There was a great deal of information removed from Revelations. We only got to read the disasters. In the Essene translation, from the Aramaic, John asks the angel, after seeing the catastrophes, how it can be changed. The angel tells John, "It takes but one person." Then John saw a totally different outcome, a new heaven and earth, no war, no dis-ease, no pain. He saw "living waters", a flow of love. He witnessed two different and powerful realities ~ disaster and a new beginning: living in Oneness.

Other information removed was a Gospel of Mary. This tells of Mary and her mother, both trained Essenes raising Jesus in the Essene traditions. There was a Book of Visions, two books on Adam and Eve, secrets of the prophet Enoch ( not the same as the Keys of Enoch), and twelve books of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. After this, the remaining documents were condensed and changed to remove even more of the true meanings from the bible because the council did not understand it all and assumed the people wouldn't either. At this time the Essenes seemingly disappeared. We realize now that they dispersed throughout the world and many ended up in Tibet as well as other places.

A closing thought. Become the Peace through thought, feeling and emotion/body. Create peace in your body. This is what is meant by " Your body is a Temple." Give the feeling of peace within you a name so that you can call it forth for yourself and your world. that peace becomes a template, the bridge, for this world and all worlds. May this Peace bring Oneness to all. May our thoughts bring healing to all Beings in all worlds. we give thanks for creating this healing.
Inspired by information from Greg Braden

City of Light    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Judith    (all articles by this author)

Meditation had always been something personal and private to me. The first time I joined a small group (2 others) in a mediation, we joined hands, shut our eyes, and in one breathe I was out, head falling forward, nearly crashing into a large crystal cluster someone had left on the floor in front of us. Someone caught my head as it went falling forward and the tape recorder picked up my words. I came home and transcribed them here. Isn't life a wondrous adventure? Laughing.

?? City of Light
Beneath the turquoise sea
In depths beyond the sun.
The spires and towers like pyramids,
Rise upward towards the stars
From whence they once did come-
Lit from light from those within.
The dolphin and the whale have seen
The City of Light beneath the sea.

Standing in the temple center
In the light of One.
The three of us once stood together
In the Temple of the Sun.
Eons later I see us still,
Like time go on and on.
Dressed in robes of life
Bathed in eternal light
And on my forehead rests
Over eyes of blue
The Crystal and the Dolphin.

From the light beneath the sea,
From the future or the past,
I come to bring the key
And the crystal will be returned
To the mountains of the moon
And once again the dragon will rule

For the dolphins have danced for me again
And the whales have sang my song
My sleep is gone, my eyes have cleared
I see once more before me
The City of Light that is
Layered through the mists of time
And the three of us stood together then-
As now.... for I am the Stargate...
from the City of Light
Beneath the sea... and once again... I am free.

Shortly after this poem was written, wild dolphins began to "join" me as I swam off the barrier islands of the Florida panhandle. To this day, they meet me each summer, introduce me to their new members and bring joy and laughter into my life. The "stargate", well, that is a story in itself. three years before this vision I dreamed I stood in the darkness of space and all around me we the multitudes of humanity, begging and pleading with me to show them how to open something they called a "stargate". I had no reference in my experience for the word or what it could have meant so when I recorded it in my dream journal I changed it to "dreamgate", that I could make some kind of sense of. But the next night, the moment my head hit the pillow, a voice through the dream said, "No, Judith, Stargate." I woke and changed it in my dream journal. As the years went by Stargate became a quest for me. What was it? Then I attended a lecture to find it was a pictograph, and as fate would have it, one I had doodled since I could hold a pencil. To the Ancient One's who etched it on stone in the Tanspecos area of west Texas , legend has it, it was a map home. Most of the words I have come to understand, but the Mountains of the Moon are still a mystery to me. I do know that someday I will understand even that part of the message.
To read more of Judith's most beautiful experiences, go to Project Y Sections (all significant links are given at the bottom of this letter), and click on her name.

ATOM's New Opportunity For 2000    (view on a separate page)
Author: Darwin Gross    (all articles by this author)

Ancient Teachings Of the Masters Institute Of Greater Understanding
Home Study Discourse 2000
The Golden Key
Back To Basics
by Darwin Gross
"There are thousands today who are at peace in their thinking because they have been able to grasp, in some degree, the essence of their Being. The Ancient Teachings Of the Masters assists those individuals who are sincere in claiming their spiritual destiny here, now." -- Darwin Gross
Help Yourself With Spirit
The ATOM Home Study Discourse provides the keys to unlock the knowledge and wisdom that already exists within you. A universal spiritual education, sacred and personal to each individual, presenting the opportunity to unfold into Self and God Realization here now.
An ATOM Education
The purpose of the ATOM Teachings is to offer the INDIVIDUAL an opportunity in this lifetime to unfold the consciousness to a point where he or she can experience the Heavenly Worlds while still living in the physical body. We learn with the assistance of the Teacher to "shift" the attention and become consciously aware of ourselves as Soul.
Nothing To Join
There is nothing to join... for how does join life?... You're already in it! The Ancient Teachings Of the Masters is the oldest spiritual education known to Man. Every step of the way is up to you and you go at your own pace. It should be understood the ATOM Teachings are neither a philosophy, religion, metaphysics, "new age", psychic phenomena, yoga, nor any old or new system created by MAN. It is simply the most direct Path back to God.
A Sacred Way Of Life
The ATOM acquires and lives by the highest attributes: Total Freedom, Total Awareness, and Total Responsibility. He is unfettered by the guilt and fear that has been imposed upon the race of Man for centuries, yet his goal is not social change or reform. He acts within the laws of Man while placing his attention upon the worlds of God. The God we know in this Teaching is like a great whirling vortex, out of which comes Divine Spirit. This Spirit is like a sea of atoms, and man is a fish swimming in this sea. This is what we call the Ocean of Love and Mercy. The individual becomes a dweller in the higher consciousness, as the light and sound of Soul.
Benefits Of ATOM Study
Current Subscribers will receive:
1 -- The spiritual guidance, spiritual protection, and divine succor from the Living Teacher of the Time Darwin Gross.
2 -- Special Discounts on all books, study tools, workshops and seminars.
3 -- Bi-monthly newsletters: Communication from Darwin, and Updates from Be Good To Your Self Publishing.
4 -- Eligibility for Light & Sound Initiation with two consecutive years of study.
An Historic Time
As we enter the new millennium, we are truly blessed to have a Bourchakoum Teacher living in our midst, having full access to his Books and Discourses and being chosen by the Teacher and Divine Spirit to study them. This makes them very precious indeed, for they are written for the sincere ones who have recognized the privilege of being in this ATOM Teaching, of which the privilege of the Discourse may not always be ours.
Specially Prepared
The ATOM Home Study Discourse is prepared by the Teacher in a meter-form that is a pulsating rhythm of the spiritual spheres that resembles a heartbeat, which is unrecognizable to the human senses and mental faculties, but which is instantly perceived by Soul. It is this that brings a calming and balancing to the individual if he goes over it carefully without a lot of mental activity and value judgments interfering.
Carefully reading and absorbing the Discourse free of opinions, and immersing one's self in the pulsating rhythms of the spiritual realms the student quickly unfolds like a lovely flower, increasing one's understanding of existence and oneself.
Personal Information
The ATOM Home Study Discourse is a private communication between the student and the Teacher. What comes with it is a spiritual and physical responsibility that has been entered into through Divine Spirit. Many students are not aware of the confidential nature of the individual Discourses, or why the Discourses are such an important factor in his/her unfoldment no matter what level of Initiation, as there is a rhythm established with studying one lesson per month for the 12 month period. Subscribing to the Discourse at the beginning of the cycle of the new year affords the student spiritual protection, spiritual guidance, and divine succor which are unheard of with other paths. The ATOM Discourses can not be shared with outsiders, for they will not be protected under the spiritual cloak of the Teacher. You may share and discuss the Discourses with only those Family members living under the same roof.
Unconditional Love
The love which the Teacher pours out upon the student has no concept in words. It is something beyond the very capacity of the individual to understand. Such unconditional love can never be mistaken for anything else or can never be pulled down; the student must rise in his inner understanding to reach its level. The Teacher's presence here on the Earth Plane makes it possible for Man to receive spiritual enlightenment again. His way to God is not a program for the masses but for the individual.
The ATOM Home Study Discourse
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by Darwin Gross
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The Chases in the Other World    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

After reading my first article, "Our own Matrix", it won't be difficult to understand this one.
The chases in the other world, are the chases I've been having these past two weeks in my Matrix, in my dreams.

(Dear friends, please excuse me for using the word "Matrix" so often, but it has become a word in my paranormal understanding, it won't be so hard to get use to it, thank you for your understanding.)

The past two weeks I was having dreams where I was being chased by evil, people who chased me in order to harm me, friends who suddenly laughed at me and made me feel unwanted, all in order to hurt me. At first I thought it were the Old Ones, after assuming some of them are out of their prison, maybe even killing children in reality (not physically, but making people hurt the children, control in reality using the persons mind, make him believe the bad and kill the children) as once been told to us, but I've got to the conclusion that we became much more powerful than before, in our beliefs, strength, and will in the paranormal and supernatural, that the evil beings feel intimidated and are now in chase for us in order to shut us down, make us feel afraid, so next time we won't enter the other world, so that next time we won't be looking for our answers, so that next time we will stay here in reality and stop the search for the truth... because they have come to realize that as a force, as thousands of people aware for their search, aware of the other world, the astral world, we are strong enough to defeat them.
In the dreams later on this week, the chase dreams continued to hunt me, but this time I was able to convince the chasers otherwise, they believed me, understood and became my friends, when this dream was not lucid, it was my own Matrix, and without being aware that it is a dream, in the ?reality? of the dream I was able to defeat them.
And the message will be?
The message is belief, we all have to believe we can do what ever we want, we can't control it all because there is a thing called destiny and I do believe in it, but most of the things we can do by our own.
All we need is love?
No, love is one of the strongest thing in this world, in this reality, maybe the one feeling that keeps us all from falling apart and lose ourselves, but we also need belief, we as individuals, as masters to our own body, mind and soul need to believe what we are doing, and never ever have the doubt.
You think I believe in everything since all The Project X began? Well folks, think again, I have become to believe everything I see, feel, know and realize only in the past two years, yes, until then, in everything me and Aldarow did we both had doubts: what if this is imagination? What if this is a hoax? What if this is only a coincidence and nothing more than that?
Well folks, no. I don't believe in coincidence, if something happened, it means it was supposed to happen, we need to know how to deal with it and embrace it to the present, the now, reality in the right way.
For conclusion, we can fight evil, we can defeat it, we don't need it, what we do need is believe in ourselves and the way we chose to live and walk on, we are the ones, we will stay the ones, and it is time to stop being afraid and take some actions, believe and banish evil, it is up to us, as for the chases, if you are in control of your Matrix, your dream, which means you are lucid, fight it, beat it, do whatever you want, you can even send a message to all evil beings. When you are unable to control your dream, you depend on the Matrix and you are being chased, well... good luck, nothing is hopeless if you believe, if I did it, so can you, so can all of us.

Sweet dreams, take care, fight evil and Stay aware!

From Rinor Zidran, co-founder of Project X

A Web Site Recommendation    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

This week I strongly recommend you pay a visit to Zenzibar (the pun, obviously, is intentional): OK, I really don't like describing what you should see by your own eyes, but just to prepare you: Zenzibar is an Alternative Culture Index. The idea is so refreshing, that I liked it instantly. It is not only about spirituality and parapsychology, the site managed to cover all the areas, where an alternative approach is most welcomed: science, medicine, and more. You will find there links to any page on any alternative topic you can think of. So, it's set, then - I will meet you in the Land of the Alternative.

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

Almost forgot to mention - a mistake was made by me in the last edition. In the article "America: Home of the Brave, Land of the Old Ones?", in the description of Tiamat's third dream, it should be "We (me and Tiamat) were stopped by a man who told us the winds have slowed up a bit".
"All I can offer you is the truth, nothing more than that"
?? - Morpheus, "The Matrix"

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