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Our Own Matrix

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 7, 1999

Our dreams are one of the gates that we discovered that can lead us to the other world, to another world, a world where our most difficult problems can be solved, our questions can be answered, but also a world that lasts until we return to reality.

The gates we've discovered as the chosen ones, as people who were and are interested in the paranormal and the supernatural, are always there, and it is up to us to use them, whether it's hypnosis, trance, dreams, or even a walk in the nature, a walk that with our own belief will lead us to the answers.

I'm not saying, let us all forget about the now, the present, and dedicate ourselves to the other world, that is not the purpose; I'm saying it is time to use these gates more often now, seek our answers there, in a world with no limit, a world that is free, but a world that we need to learn more about, it is the world we enter when we walk through the gates we've discovered and learned to use.

The world we enter is our own Matrix, we don't know where we will find ourselves, unless we can control it, like lucid dreaming, or a hypnosis, where a person guides one's self to a certain place and finds him/herself there, then we become the ones, the ones who can control this Matrix, this world and find the answers to our questions, but not when we don't control it, like meditation that sets us free to whatever location, or a dream, an ordinary dream, where the world we see and feel, is the ?reality?, when it's only our own Matrix, programmed and designed by our subconscious.

From this theory, let us see how this world, the other world, is a place we need to be more careful as well.

The Old Ones, demons, evil spirits, all these entities, live and powerful in the other world, in reality we are in control, but when we enter the other world, in most cases we cannot control it, and this Matrix leads us by itself, and all we can do is fight there or follow it, that is why the Old Ones, and all the evil beings in this world are the dominant and they can hurt us there, that is why we need to be careful, and stay aware... always!

We are the chosen ones, we are the believers, we see, feel, taste and live this world, our reality, but we know there is another ?reality?, which in some ways is real, real in different interpretations, real in a way we sometimes think is not, but why? Because it has no specific pattern? Because we don't enter it all the time? Because life is impossible there? No, because we live here and now, we live in the reality, we learned to live one life, when on the other hand there is the other life, the astral life, the astral world, and we are the chosen ones because we enter this world all the time, every one of us enter there, all the people in the world enter there by their dreams, why aren't they the chosen ones? Because they don't know this world truly exist and how well it can be useful and helpful to us.

Each and every one of us in the world is potential to be a chosen one, in some way we all are, but the real chosen ones already know they are, and they are the people who enter the world, but also aware to it, aware this world exists and keep on entering in order to find what they are looking for, and maybe even later embrace it to the reality, the now, the present.

We saw the way, we walked it and keep on walking it, we are explorers who discovered new world, new dimension, and are aware of it and its meanings to us... but we also need to be careful, no world is perfect, not that we found one, and so, we have to stay aware all the time, here, now, and there, in the astral world... but always, always... remember who you are and where you came from, the gates to the other world are everywhere, we need to know how to use them, and remember to return as well.

To all of you out there I'll say good luck, because we all need it, if we'll believe, it will happen!

To all of you that are still seeking for the gates, watch out, you sometimes use them without being aware, know to return and distinguish between your own Matrix, and your own reality, all is left to say now is... love and light, use the gates, learn to use them, but watch out, stay aware.

Hear, see, feel, discover...

A special thanks to Aldarow who first showed me the gate, now it's the journey, it's time to beat The Matrix and learn to control it for us to be able to design it the way we want to in order to protect ourselves and find the answers to our questions, even there...

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #23

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