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ATOM's New Opportunity For 2000

Author: Darwin Gross    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 7, 1999


Ancient Teachings Of the Masters Institute Of Greater Understanding


Home Study Discourse 2000

The Golden Key

Back To Basics

by Darwin Gross

"There are thousands today who are at peace in their thinking because they have been able to grasp, in some degree, the essence of their Being. The Ancient Teachings Of the Masters assists those individuals who are sincere in claiming their spiritual destiny here, now." -- Darwin Gross

Help Yourself With Spirit

The ATOM Home Study Discourse provides the keys to unlock the knowledge and wisdom that already exists within you. A universal spiritual education, sacred and personal to each individual, presenting the opportunity to unfold into Self and God Realization here now.

An ATOM Education

The purpose of the ATOM Teachings is to offer the INDIVIDUAL an opportunity in this lifetime to unfold the consciousness to a point where he or she can experience the Heavenly Worlds while still living in the physical body. We learn with the assistance of the Teacher to "shift" the attention and become consciously aware of ourselves as Soul.

Nothing To Join

There is nothing to join... for how does join life?... You're already in it! The Ancient Teachings Of the Masters is the oldest spiritual education known to Man. Every step of the way is up to you and you go at your own pace. It should be understood the ATOM Teachings are neither a philosophy, religion, metaphysics, "new age", psychic phenomena, yoga, nor any old or new system created by MAN. It is simply the most direct Path back to God.

A Sacred Way Of Life

The ATOM acquires and lives by the highest attributes: Total Freedom, Total Awareness, and Total Responsibility. He is unfettered by the guilt and fear that has been imposed upon the race of Man for centuries, yet his goal is not social change or reform. He acts within the laws of Man while placing his attention upon the worlds of God. The God we know in this Teaching is like a great whirling vortex, out of which comes Divine Spirit. This Spirit is like a sea of atoms, and man is a fish swimming in this sea. This is what we call the Ocean of Love and Mercy. The individual becomes a dweller in the higher consciousness, as the light and sound of Soul.

Benefits Of ATOM Study

Current Subscribers will receive:

1 -- The spiritual guidance, spiritual protection, and divine succor from the Living Teacher of the Time Darwin Gross.

2 -- Special Discounts on all books, study tools, workshops and seminars.

3 -- Bi-monthly newsletters: Communication from Darwin, and Updates from Be Good To Your Self Publishing.

4 -- Eligibility for Light & Sound Initiation with two consecutive years of study.

An Historic Time

As we enter the new millennium, we are truly blessed to have a Bourchakoum Teacher living in our midst, having full access to his Books and Discourses and being chosen by the Teacher and Divine Spirit to study them. This makes them very precious indeed, for they are written for the sincere ones who have recognized the privilege of being in this ATOM Teaching, of which the privilege of the Discourse may not always be ours.

Specially Prepared

The ATOM Home Study Discourse is prepared by the Teacher in a meter-form that is a pulsating rhythm of the spiritual spheres that resembles a heartbeat, which is unrecognizable to the human senses and mental faculties, but which is instantly perceived by Soul. It is this that brings a calming and balancing to the individual if he goes over it carefully without a lot of mental activity and value judgments interfering.

Carefully reading and absorbing the Discourse free of opinions, and immersing one's self in the pulsating rhythms of the spiritual realms the student quickly unfolds like a lovely flower, increasing one's understanding of existence and oneself.

Personal Information

The ATOM Home Study Discourse is a private communication between the student and the Teacher. What comes with it is a spiritual and physical responsibility that has been entered into through Divine Spirit. Many students are not aware of the confidential nature of the individual Discourses, or why the Discourses are such an important factor in his/her unfoldment no matter what level of Initiation, as there is a rhythm established with studying one lesson per month for the 12 month period. Subscribing to the Discourse at the beginning of the cycle of the new year affords the student spiritual protection, spiritual guidance, and divine succor which are unheard of with other paths. The ATOM Discourses can not be shared with outsiders, for they will not be protected under the spiritual cloak of the Teacher. You may share and discuss the Discourses with only those Family members living under the same roof.

Unconditional Love

The love which the Teacher pours out upon the student has no concept in words. It is something beyond the very capacity of the individual to understand. Such unconditional love can never be mistaken for anything else or can never be pulled down; the student must rise in his inner understanding to reach its level. The Teacher's presence here on the Earth Plane makes it possible for Man to receive spiritual enlightenment again. His way to God is not a program for the masses but for the individual.

The ATOM Home Study Discourse

The Golden Key

Back To Basics

by Darwin Gross

Regular Donation: $150.00

Senior Citizens (65 yrs. +): $85.00

Youth (up to 18 yrs.): $35.00

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #23

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