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City of Devil / Country of Harold Klemp - Messages from Aurora, Nancy

Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 7, 1999

A letter from Aurora -

Hi, Alexander,

I am Aurora, dweller of the City of Devil, New York. I fully agree with what you have written about the NYC. It is the strangest place in the world. I have been living in this city for one year, and to be honest it was the unhappiest year in my life, never have I seen so much negative energy concentrated in one place. Manhattan is the doorway to THERE, it is the epicenter of the matrix system designed by devil to deceive mankind and distance it from the divine truth, that's why it is guarded by all kinds of wicked spirits and devilish creatures. Once a time the devil himself visit this city, the entrance is in one of the buildings either on the Fifth Avenue, or Riverside Drive, it can be the area near the Riverside Drive Church. Each visit of the Knight of Darkness is accompanied by strange rituals and ceremonies. Most of them are done on the astral plane, so you can't see them, but you can strongly fell their presence, and it is terrifying. The most painful aspect of living in NYC is the danger of loosing connection with God, the city is blocked by astral shield, that's why many prayers here can't reach destination. I was struggling for year to find my way through, I feel really devastated and entrapped. But I have to stay here for many reasons. At the same time I know that it is easy to live God in the safe isolation, somewhere in deep forest, or on the top of the mountain. But our purpose of life is not only to approach God, but to fight the Devil, the self-proclaimed governor of the Earth, to destroy his headquarters through which he commands his army, and false system of things through which he enslaves the people.


A letter from Nancy -

Dear Alex:

It's a good deal you made it to NY. It's a neat story of family too. We are the end results of our ancestors collective consciousness Alex, as you proved to yourself I see, and others. Possibly why you get so many good visions on truth is due to your family lineage.

The changes in America as you noted in NY trip, are pretty much speeded up since 1983, and after. Once the Kal agents or Satan's crew (Ancient Ones) ECKANKAR gangsters rose up into power positions in this country, added to other psychic traps out there, America has much to face ahead. Especially from Nature. Due to human thought forms creating a reversal in Nature! I told you it is mankind's choice JUST AS IN ATLANTIS. HISTORY REPEATS! I told you so long ago, and prophecy is not a psychic but Spiritual ability. It is trained in ATOMS to work only for Spirit and through The true Master of the times (Darwin Gross) we do serve Divine Spirit and tell of truths just as Spirit shows us.

I don't dare focus on the negativity myself as its all past now, I am ATOM and we know to only focus on Sugmad/GOD and Spirit's Divine Light and Sound, or My Master who guides me too. There needs to be more clear channels for Spirit through the one Living Master to stop the damages, that's what I try to share with others, PROTECTION is needed to turn things back on the negative. It's so important to use the double edge sword of GOD taught by the Ancient Teachings or Path, because only GOD is the solution, or we go the way of Atlantis, again. It requires the true link up with God's Spirit from a GodMan. DARWIN it is, Only Spirit wins over darkness, you know?

What new thing can I say, but good trip, great insights, and what else is new? I've seen so much come to pass I guess mankind just won't be prepared or is not ready to save themselves.

Oh, yes as you may recall? I told you the Ancient Teachings of ATOM where in past times a mystery religion, Jesus Christ was a 2nd initiate and Teacher also, and the Jewish group called ESSENES we were and we are GOD'S tested and true chosen ones! Spirit tests SOUL until your able to battle on, with the negative powers who know to hide from the light or be found out even destroyed!

See? They must try to destroy the truth or CHILDREN OF LIGHT, if they can to take over a power hold and gain control over others who can't see them. I don't joke but many more need to WAKE UP! See and listen, to the living Master here and now! ATOMS are US ALL IN SOUL FORM, but one must start early to gain the powers to protect and serve Spirit on higher ground than Astral or Casual, even Etheric but WORKING DIRECTLY IN FULL AWARENESS IN SOUL FOR THE SOUL PLANE.

I started in 1973, I AM still in ATOM, with the one true Master living today, but I am an Ancient SOUL! One can't start too soon on the Path back to God, you know. Each must choose. There needs to be a lot more trained on earth to protect it now. For only a few thousand of people might survive. Sadly but true!

So, Alex, I told you also, about America being a different country than you where used to! ATOMS are born to SPEAK THE TRUTH ~ PROPHETS R' US! Few can understand us so I do known your truth is viable... It's a lot like the X-FILES hey Alex? You got that RIGHT ON!

In Divine Spirit,

Nancy Krinkey

PS No need to answer, just wanted to remind you I told you some things too. You don't need to share this e-mail with others but you can if you wish, too. I know many wouldn't believe me about Darwin but these true Masters from GOD are alive and working in Divine Spirit all the time on Earth! I see Paulji too working with Darwin all the time, and the pure white light of God comes flowing through them. The sincerest solutions are going to come from GOD or not at all! Many can save or protect themselves or be protected in times ahead. If mankind will change from old ways to new. Thought forms are too MATERIALISTIC needs more SPIRITUALIZATION! SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

Quote Darwin, "'CONSCIOUSNESS IS LIFE" I SAY, LACK OF SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS IS NO LIFE ON PLANET EARTH IN FUTURE! Sort of like your dream in another time ending right? Think about it! Changes in this lifetime can do a world of good to soul. To each his own I'm all for non interference myself!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #23

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