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City of Light

Author: Judith    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 7, 1999

Meditation had always been something personal and private to me. The first time I joined a small group (2 others) in a mediation, we joined hands, shut our eyes, and in one breathe I was out, head falling forward, nearly crashing into a large crystal cluster someone had left on the floor in front of us. Someone caught my head as it went falling forward and the tape recorder picked up my words. I came home and transcribed them here. Isn't life a wondrous adventure? Laughing.


?? City of Light

Beneath the turquoise sea

In depths beyond the sun.

The spires and towers like pyramids,

Rise upward towards the stars

From whence they once did come-

Lit from light from those within.

The dolphin and the whale have seen

The City of Light beneath the sea.

Standing in the temple center

In the light of One.

The three of us once stood together

In the Temple of the Sun.

Eons later I see us still,

Like time go on and on.

Dressed in robes of life

Bathed in eternal light

And on my forehead rests

Over eyes of blue

The Crystal and the Dolphin.

From the light beneath the sea,

From the future or the past,

I come to bring the key

And the crystal will be returned

To the mountains of the moon

And once again the dragon will rule

For the dolphins have danced for me again

And the whales have sang my song

My sleep is gone, my eyes have cleared

I see once more before me

The City of Light that is

Layered through the mists of time

And the three of us stood together then-

As now.... for I am the Stargate...

from the City of Light

Beneath the sea... and once again... I am free.

Shortly after this poem was written, wild dolphins began to "join" me as I swam off the barrier islands of the Florida panhandle. To this day, they meet me each summer, introduce me to their new members and bring joy and laughter into my life. The "stargate", well, that is a story in itself. three years before this vision I dreamed I stood in the darkness of space and all around me we the multitudes of humanity, begging and pleading with me to show them how to open something they called a "stargate". I had no reference in my experience for the word or what it could have meant so when I recorded it in my dream journal I changed it to "dreamgate", that I could make some kind of sense of. But the next night, the moment my head hit the pillow, a voice through the dream said, "No, Judith, Stargate." I woke and changed it in my dream journal. As the years went by Stargate became a quest for me. What was it? Then I attended a lecture to find it was a pictograph, and as fate would have it, one I had doodled since I could hold a pencil. To the Ancient One's who etched it on stone in the Tanspecos area of west Texas , legend has it, it was a map home. Most of the words I have come to understand, but the Mountains of the Moon are still a mystery to me. I do know that someday I will understand even that part of the message.


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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #23

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