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The Chases in the Other World

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 7, 1999

After reading my first article, "Our own Matrix", it won't be difficult to understand this one.

The chases in the other world, are the chases I've been having these past two weeks in my Matrix, in my dreams.

(Dear friends, please excuse me for using the word "Matrix" so often, but it has become a word in my paranormal understanding, it won't be so hard to get use to it, thank you for your understanding.)

The past two weeks I was having dreams where I was being chased by evil, people who chased me in order to harm me, friends who suddenly laughed at me and made me feel unwanted, all in order to hurt me. At first I thought it were the Old Ones, after assuming some of them are out of their prison, maybe even killing children in reality (not physically, but making people hurt the children, control in reality using the persons mind, make him believe the bad and kill the children) as once been told to us, but I've got to the conclusion that we became much more powerful than before, in our beliefs, strength, and will in the paranormal and supernatural, that the evil beings feel intimidated and are now in chase for us in order to shut us down, make us feel afraid, so next time we won't enter the other world, so that next time we won't be looking for our answers, so that next time we will stay here in reality and stop the search for the truth... because they have come to realize that as a force, as thousands of people aware for their search, aware of the other world, the astral world, we are strong enough to defeat them.

In the dreams later on this week, the chase dreams continued to hunt me, but this time I was able to convince the chasers otherwise, they believed me, understood and became my friends, when this dream was not lucid, it was my own Matrix, and without being aware that it is a dream, in the ?reality? of the dream I was able to defeat them.

And the message will be?

The message is belief, we all have to believe we can do what ever we want, we can't control it all because there is a thing called destiny and I do believe in it, but most of the things we can do by our own.

All we need is love?

No, love is one of the strongest thing in this world, in this reality, maybe the one feeling that keeps us all from falling apart and lose ourselves, but we also need belief, we as individuals, as masters to our own body, mind and soul need to believe what we are doing, and never ever have the doubt.

You think I believe in everything since all The Project X began? Well folks, think again, I have become to believe everything I see, feel, know and realize only in the past two years, yes, until then, in everything me and Aldarow did we both had doubts: what if this is imagination? What if this is a hoax? What if this is only a coincidence and nothing more than that?

Well folks, no. I don't believe in coincidence, if something happened, it means it was supposed to happen, we need to know how to deal with it and embrace it to the present, the now, reality in the right way.

For conclusion, we can fight evil, we can defeat it, we don't need it, what we do need is believe in ourselves and the way we chose to live and walk on, we are the ones, we will stay the ones, and it is time to stop being afraid and take some actions, believe and banish evil, it is up to us, as for the chases, if you are in control of your Matrix, your dream, which means you are lucid, fight it, beat it, do whatever you want, you can even send a message to all evil beings. When you are unable to control your dream, you depend on the Matrix and you are being chased, well... good luck, nothing is hopeless if you believe, if I did it, so can you, so can all of us.

Sweet dreams, take care, fight evil and Stay aware!

From Rinor Zidran, co-founder of Project X

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #23

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