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Identified Flying Objects: Brain Wave Diary

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 7, 1999

Well, Project X readers - this is it. October 1st, 1999 and high time we moved one paranormal topic from para to normal. The credit for this goes to Christine - thanks, Christine - who was gracious enough to allow me to share the answers received to her UFO questions. Christine insisted I, in concert with the ~(Wave)~, clear up the UFO question for once and for all. From this day forward they are to be known as FO's because they are identified - now.

Reference "Brain Wave Diary" (October 1, 1999)

?? Cheaters Never Prosper - It's our planet now, chumps!

Hi, Christine:

Having a genuine sighting of an Unidentified Flying Object is the most frustrating thing I know of.

More frustrating than not having one.

In my case the objects seemed to find me rather than the other way around.

Of course, claiming to have had an experience is a fruitless, risky business because most people assume extraterrestrial beings are involved, little green men, etc., therefore, you, the sighter, must be demented, mistaken, drunk or anything but "normal". Unidentified means just that. An object which does not readily cross reference with something we can identify. Since having a documented experience with well informed witnesses many years ago, before UFO was even a coined phrase, I am adamant there are inexplicable things or phenomena still to be explained (thank goodness, I say). I was lucky enough to be "selected" again for a visit later on.

The waters around the topic are so muddied these days I can think of no way an individual could prove these things exist - even if you trapped one in your garage you would wind up eventually being disproved.

Kinda like grabbing a Lepricorn by the leg -- you will never be able to qualify for the pot of gold.

Now - My obligatory opinionated viewpoint *VBS*

Over the years I have concluded the objects are not extraterrestrial but originate from earth - just not from this time. (Just my opinion).

They (UFO's) make a terrible conversation piece and I lump them in with religion and politics as topics impossible to discuss objectively.

For (us) believers no explanation is required, for the non-believers no explanation is sufficient.

Christine was intrigued by my quote - "Over the years I have concluded the objects are not extraterrestrial but originate from earth - just not from this time" . This prompted an explanation.


OK, my conclusions are based mainly on analyzing accounts of encounters with occupants of Unidentified Flying Objects others claim to have had. Although many of these claimed encounters may be bogus I credit many to have had such encounters - starting with Eziekial. Time and time again there are commonalties reported - I will call these commonalties constants.

Some reported constants associated with occupants of Unidentified Flying Objects are:

- The occupants can emerge without the benefit of externally worn survival gear.

- The occupants are compatible to Earth gravitational forces.

- The occupants physical characteristics match those of almost all earth species - 2 eyes, 1 nose, one mouth, 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 torso, etc.

- The occupants are reported to be interested in our physical aspects, often performing probing procedures.

- The occupants are sometimes reported to engage with us in procreational ways.

- By and large, the occupants are interested in putting us back unharmed.

- By and large, the occupants assist the encountered through memory of experience loss.

- By and large, the visiting craft/occupants would rather flee us than fight us.

- They seem to like cattle parts - (perhaps Texan ET's???;-)) (feeble attempt at humour)

There are many more supportive constants but these will do to make the point.

My main supportive point is:

Given that encounter reporters could say anything they please, I find it odd that no one adds space suits, breathing apparatus, extra body parts, death ray guns and a whole lot of other spacey possibilities. (If you are telling a whopper you may as well make it a good one - eh).

Also, I hardly ever see any reference to intentional harm to the visited and I do see a lot of reference to an attempt to shield us from the fear of the encounter. It may not be very effective but the thought seems to be there. Given their obvious superiority they could scoop us up verbatim right out in the open if they wished. The reported fixation with organ probing and procreation attempts is suggestive of a similar biological composition or shared origin??????

There is more but this is the cornerstone of my conclusion.

- Evidence in favour of them originating from Earth - Overwhelming!

- Evidence in favour of them originating not from our universe - Zip!

Conclusion - The earth originated UFO occupant model wins *VBS*

Christine - I do have other (personal) supporting stuff but I will provide this directly to you if you do not mind! Who are they? What are they? What is their predicament? What is their purpose? etc.

More, more asked Christine, so...

Hi, Christine:

If we imagine for one moment wo/man's greatest desire, (out of ignorance), it would undoubtedly be to cheat death.

In previous cycles of "intelligent" life on this planet this same desire was manifest also. As we experiment with death defying techniques we will undoubtedly arrive at a similar solution - a form of suspended animation. In the past - and I mean millions of years ago, suspended animation was achieved by previous "cycles" of this planet.

Suspended animation does not cheat death but does allow for vast amounts of time to go by whereby surely by then, (at the awakening), we will have conquered death -- or avoided a life threatening situation such as a major meteor /earth collision or some such thing. We will awaken and be "treated" for physical achievement of immortality or will have avoided the catastrophic event, thinking we will pick up where we left off.

Let's say that an efficient way to achieve suspended animation involves being encapsulated in space, suspended in a wide orbit designed to be maintained through exact positioning of the "capsules" between the earth and the sun. A perfect trajectory maintained by the gravitational effect of the sun and earth while remaining undetectable from earth. A poor mans time travel machine.

At a predetermined time or through monitoring earth for certain activity (atomic?) the awakening will happen and we will return home. BUT, when we do, we find our planet has been usurped by another variation of semi-intelligent beings - we will find ourselves evicted and displaced. Now what?

Well, I think we have ring side seats for that one.

Being disenfranchised from your own planet by billions of halfway developed quasi "intelligent" beings like us - so similar but different - presents quite a challenge. Your technology although superior is in need of maintenance and repair. You have lost your history, connections, infrastructure and support mechanisms - you may also have lost the meaning of your mandate, purpose and objective. Quite a conundrum. Some have crashed, some have not. Insufficient resource to knock us off but sufficient to explore alternate cohabitation possibilities.

Well, survival is the primary objective for all life, so no doubt they try to scavenge, study us, check out available resources and plan alternate survival strategies with what is available (us and our half baked technology).

I expect there is no script, just a "fly by the seat of your pants kind of thing". Quite a predicament.

Anyway - like I said at the front - this bit of conjecture is just for fun, something for the mind to play with.

By the way, their mistake - like ours shortly, is not accepting that we die to live and live to die. Avoiding death is impossible, so why delay? Death is part of our continuing existence process, not an event.

To be continued?

Love, Light and Laughter for your journey,

Doug Lewis (AKA) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends * VBS *

@ the sight for sore eyes

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #23

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