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Wisdom from Rev. Karl Aull

Author: Karl Aull    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 7, 1999

(Forwarded by Mark Andrews)

We create vibratory possibilities about what we want to create in our world. When thought, feeling, and emotion become as One we reach our highest potential. Since feeling is electromagnetic charges moving across cell walls in our bodies, we are effectively moving energy throughout our bodies, as well as outside of our bodies. We have 1.17 volts of electrical potential in each of the cells in our bodies. This is the God energy within each of our cells - our power potential.

We experience IN our bodies BEFORE the event is experienced externally. This means: WE ARE and WE DO CREATE OUR REALITY. The Essenes created an equation to move energy throughout our bodies. It can be defined as a "lost mode of prayer", unlike prayer as we know it. This information was 'tossed aside', thrown away by early Christians, namely Constantine and his council, in the year 325 AD. Basically, what was left to pass on to later generations were the empty rituals.

It is not the ritual that 'makes it happen'. The ritual is but the expression that sets the tone for your prayer. Behind each prayer is a thought form. For example: a person may pray for more money. What is the thought behind this prayer? It is," I don't have enough money. I live in scarcity, I need more." Therefore, instead of receiving more money, this person will indeed live in scarcity because that is the thought that went out into consciousness and became real.

If we had had all of the information extracted from the scriptures, we may have learned to tune into the Earth's vibration and worked with it instead of inventing internal combustion, etc. that works against the Earth's vibration. Amazingly, we have come quite a long way without this information. We have found it along the way, although we are not all using these methods - yet.

The Essenes lived by these four tenants:

1. Only One of us is here. This is a holographic consciousness, a pattern whole and complete unto itself which is part of a larger pattern, and on and on into infinity. Each time an individual chooses a new option this person becomes a bridge. They have created a new way which changes the hologram of human consciousness.

2. The Unity consciousness is moving collectively toward this rare moment in history. We have lived in polarity, duality. Each time one person chooses to move out of this pattern, the consciousness changes.

3. We have direct access to the Creative Forces of this world. This is the Essene mode of Prayer. See it, say it, and it is done. You directly access creation, you create.

4. We have access to a 'secret science'. It is the Science of Compassion, the most ancient of sciences that allows us to gracefully transcend the greatest challenges of our lives with grace. The Essenes taught, and this is correlated by Tibetan monks, the world's record keepers, that you must embody the thought, feeling, emotion and knowing that IT IS DONE AND IT IS TRUE. "It is done." We have heard "Ask and you shall receive ~ Ask and it will be given you." The actual translation from the Aramaic is: Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer." (Ask and see it done.) The asking perpetuates the event.

Instead of asking for peace in our world, give thanks for the peace in the world and change the world paradigm.

This is the time of no time. We are creating it at this moment. The Tibetans see nothing beyond the Kali Yoga because it is being invented by us as we live it. This is a very different time than our past times. The Essene information matches with the Tibetan information, which matches with the Mayan information and the Hopi. We've heard it used in many contexts, but this truly is what the New Age means.

The "secret" of the Essenes was "PEACE". The Masters taught that you could 'move the mountain' if you aligned yourself, and therefore your world, in a vibratory template. You can envision this as three circles, one on top of the other. The circles from top to bottom were: thought, feelings, and emotions. ( They coupled emotions with the physical - the body.) When all three are aligned and mirror each other, you are in your optimum truth and your full power. You dishonor Self if you say one thing and feel another, you have shifted out of alignment with your pure potential.

The Essenes asked: "How do we create a unified pattern in thought, word, emotion and feeling in alignment?"

1. Find peace in body/emotions.

2. Seek peace in feelings. Call in Love to purify.

3. Seek peace in thoughts. though unseen, thought has the strength to shake and shape the body and the world.

In the presence of peace you have compassion and love. ( Look at the Dali Llama's face! ;-) )

The "secret code" of the Essenes is " PEACE BE WITH YOU". The other part of the equation is: If you come from the place that what you are choosing to have has already happened, in doing so you have created the template of that possibility and that is what allows it to be real.

In both Hopi and Tibetan tradition there is a prophecy that states that: When the people of the Red Rose lose their homes and are scattered across the world ~ peace will come to the world. This has happened. The Tibetan peoples have been driven from their homes. And where have they gone? All over the world. And what are they teaching? Peace. There are no mistakes or coincidences.

We are transcending the catastrophic prophecies of yesteryears. Upon us is the shift of the ages, Zero Point, the Mayan and Hopi calendars of No Time. We are within 3-4 years, or closer, to this time. We are experiencing changes. We have lost magnetics on the Earth's surface. There have been major explosions of comets colliding with the back side of our sun. In 1997 there was a new signal picked up in Sucara, NM emanating from the center of the Milky Way. Two major ice shells in Antarctica fractured. In late 1997 an astronomer measured an explosion on the perimeter of our Universe second only to the Big Bang. There have been several since. Are these signs that new universes are forming?

There are many parallel/possibilities/realities. Revelations and Nostradamus gave us two possibilities. We determine which of the simultaneous realities will play out. What we are seeing IS NOTHING compared to the ancient prophecies, because we have already begun to change the paradigm. (As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.)

There was a great deal of information removed from Revelations. We only got to read the disasters. In the Essene translation, from the Aramaic, John asks the angel, after seeing the catastrophes, how it can be changed. The angel tells John, "It takes but one person." Then John saw a totally different outcome, a new heaven and earth, no war, no dis-ease, no pain. He saw "living waters", a flow of love. He witnessed two different and powerful realities ~ disaster and a new beginning: living in Oneness.

Other information removed was a Gospel of Mary. This tells of Mary and her mother, both trained Essenes raising Jesus in the Essene traditions. There was a Book of Visions, two books on Adam and Eve, secrets of the prophet Enoch ( not the same as the Keys of Enoch), and twelve books of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. After this, the remaining documents were condensed and changed to remove even more of the true meanings from the bible because the council did not understand it all and assumed the people wouldn't either. At this time the Essenes seemingly disappeared. We realize now that they dispersed throughout the world and many ended up in Tibet as well as other places.

A closing thought. Become the Peace through thought, feeling and emotion/body. Create peace in your body. This is what is meant by " Your body is a Temple." Give the feeling of peace within you a name so that you can call it forth for yourself and your world. that peace becomes a template, the bridge, for this world and all worlds. May this Peace bring Oneness to all. May our thoughts bring healing to all Beings in all worlds. we give thanks for creating this healing.

Inspired by information from Greg Braden

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #23

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