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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #20

August 7, 1999

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. Project Y newcomers - Alexander Aldarow
3. Astral Projection Achieved Overnight! - Alexander Aldarow
4. The Basics of The SUNEYE Method - Joe Russa
5. The Source - Rinor Zidran
6. Dedicated to the Chosen - Doug Lewis
7. Prometheus Elucidation - Erik S.
8. The Commands of the Lord - Elijah
9. Merkaba - Gwen
10. Healing - John Cali
11. Closing Words

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Greetings, and welcome to the celebration of twenty newsletter editions in a row!! Remember how it all started? Project X wished to keep the world updated on what is going on in our group, as well as in the world; so we started with some 30 subscribers, and today we have almost thousand subscribers and growing, friends and believers world wide (thanks to SpiritWeb and eGroups), who are enjoying our bi-weekly paranormal/spiritual digest. This week we also celebrate a 5000th entry to Project X website and a 1000th visit to Project (the URLs are given below). This week was also marked by a grand progress in our development, as Aldarow managed to control Astral Projection, and Rinor was given a cosmic sign with multiple interpretations (see the reports below). This week, the first week of this marvelous August of '99, that seals the last summer of millennium, the Competition has ended, the best article and the winner of our prize were declared. Without any more delays, let's reveal you the official results.
As you may recall, eight articles from previous issues were selected by us and offered for your judgment and voting. 21 votes were received, and the article, which received more voices than anyone else is... Drums, please...
"Prometheus Elucidation", by Erik S, 17th issue!!!
The article is reprinted in this issue, as well as another article, "Gwen: Merkaba", 12th issue, that was chosen as our personal editorial favorite. We would like to thank Erik and all the other writers, nominated or not, for contributing their works to our humble e-zine. The whole thing wouldn't have happened without your help, your articles kept us amazed and made this newsletter to be the promise for the future, and we thank you all for making this idea possible, exciting, and unusual.
All the voters' names, no matter what they've elected. were placed in a cup, and one of them was randomly drawn. The second winner of the Competition is... Laverne Duncan, who will receive a book titled "Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After Death", by James Van Praagh. Congratulations, Laverne, we appreciate your and the others' feedback to the newsletter, and this is our unique way to manifest our gratitude.
There you have it, a short glance back and the results of the Competition. What should you expect to see in Project X Newsletter in the nearest future? More original features, presented by the most prominent people in the fields of parapsychology and New Age. Also, there will be issues dedicated to specific themes; in fact, we are looking for contributors to the next issue, the subject is: "Communication with the dead and the spirits". We will present you the hottest paranormal websites you can imagine. And there is more, there is always more... Next issue will be also the one AFTER the great eclipse of August 11, we are looking forward to exchanging notes on how it has influenced the collective human consciousness.
Remember this - our door is eternally open to any suggestions, requests and input you may have. The Chosen Ones is not merely an exclusive layer of the spiritual society, they are each and every one of you, who have recently opened up the the newest world of endless possibilities. Stay aware, and follow your personal path. We will all gather at the end.

Project Y newcomers    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Since the 19th issue, two brand new big Sections were opened in the Diary ( The first one is by Original Six (a.k.a. F), it is a series of interviews he had with his spiritual contact (SC), who has told him to publish them on websites such as ours. Here is but a short excerpt from one of the interviews:
"...(F)- What was the spiritual concept of the Internet?
(SC)- To have a physical substitute for telepathic communication until suppressed spiritual beings are, once again, able to communicate telepathically.
(F)- Can 'we', as spiritual beings, communicate telepathically?
(SC)- Yes. In a condition of spiritual freedom, or near spiritual freedom, or more spiritually free, beings are able to communicate, depending on their degree of freedom, telepathically.
(F)- Why did 'we' lose 'our' ability to communicate telepathically?
(SC)- 'You' did not lose it. It is there where it has always been. It is being suppressed from you."

To read F's section, go to Diary (, click on "Sections", then scroll down and click on "Original Six".

Another addition to Project Y is by Ioliar:
"I have discovered that there are some very evil beings heading towards this dimension. THEY are already hovering around the edges of physical reality like vultures. THEY feed off negative emotions; fear, anger, hate, pain, etc. THEY can generate those emotions in order to feed. After all, negative emotions are the easiest to generate and are self-perpetuating. All THEY have to do is nudge someone in the right way to make them feel more negative than they would normally and THEY're very, very good at it. Very subtle as well. THEY are also capable of direct psychic attack. I've been attacked in my 'dreams' as well as physically. THEY can manifest in this dimension, but not fully yet. The situation isn't correct for THEM to do this yet..."

To read this highly important text, go to the same site, click on "Sections", then scroll down and click on "Ioliar". This Section is to be expanded soon, too.

Astral Projection Achieved Overnight!    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

I've been trying to make a non-physical trip for a while now, and the SUNEYE method, which is introduced in the article below, was the simplest the most effective I've ever read. I've tried it several times before, but I was not focused on my goal, and wished only to merge into a deep sleep, therefore it did not work for me... until this Monday morning. It was then that I set my alarm clock to slowly wake me up at 5 AM, and after some 15 minutes I returned to sleep, focusing on my "third eye" and telling myself, "Now I will have an out-of-body experience". Needless to say, I was working "by the book" (see the method on SUNEYE website), and it worked out exactly "by the book". First, I was having a dream, in which a little, but a strong girl was bothering me, and I couldn't get rid of her. I tried to escape her, and a voice, perhaps my own, told me, "It's a dream, why waste an effort." Realizing it is just a dream (lucidity!), I woke up, to find myself, as I half-expected, in a sleep paralysis. The noisy wind began, as it always does in most of my ASP (Awareness during Sleep Paralysis) events; I felt pain in the right ear, and in the left one I heard voices and a music, then it was as if a broadcasting DJ was announcing the next song; I figured it out that I perhaps have tuned in to a radio station. Then, with a great ease, I directed myself out of my body.
I saw the ceiling approaching my eyes. I was floating, "back-swimming", as I've told Rinor in a dream I had afterwards, in the space of my bedroom. I flew through its wall and into the living room, where I found my mother. The strange things, she saw me too, and she appeared to me as a relatively famous television star. I guess, it was not quite a pure, 100% OBE, rather an astral projection, but the important thing is that I was aware during the whole thing! I amazed the astral image of my mother, as I sank to my knees into the carpeted floor. I thought at first that she probably cannot hear me, since I may appear as a ghost to her, so I tried to show her the number 7, to imply turn the TV set to the 7th channel, the MTV - perhaps it was the station I was picking in my paralysis. Eventually, I attempted to teleport myself to Rinor's room, but the experience faded at this stage...
Only to repeat two days later! I had troubles falling asleep back, after waking up at 5 AM, so, disappointed, I decided that I've prolonged the waking period too much, and I should turn on my left side, facing the bed's back, and try to catch some sleep instead. But the scenario, the program, the pattern recurred; I found myself in a lucid dream, made my exit out of it, the state of paralysis began - but very subtle this time, and before you know it, I took off, rising up from my physical self. The most thrilling thing about the second time is there were at least three or four launches and re-entries! At first, I tried to move my arms like a dog that swims, only to activate my physical arms back there, in the bed, and it brought me back into the well familiar body. Immediately I went out again. Several important lessons were learnt by me in this experience. An image of a leaf being separated from a notebook assisted me in the upwards separation. Also, as I was floating in my room, I looked around and saw the window, only it was bigger then mine, closed and I could see much more green plants in the backyard than there are in reality. This has taught me that I'm on the astral plane. Anyhow, as I looked at the window I felt that my eyes are closed, and I should open them for a better view. What actually happened is that my physical eyes opened up, and I was staring at the reddish back of my bed. It has also brought me back once again, and I perceived that my astral eyes were already open, no need to use the other set. When I took off for the last time, I actually felt bored - am I only to "haunt" aimlessly this room, without being able to cross the walls into another apartments? Then let the force, that aided me, take me whenever it wants; let it flow. I forget to mention that at the first time, the one that took place on Monday, August 4, when I was half-asleep, re-entering the dreamland, I heard a crow outside my window, and I said to it, "Help me" (you know how the crows are symbolic for our small group). Following this, I perceived that I am being handed a red color or energy by the crow. Now, on the last takeoff, as I let it flow, I said to God the same words, "Help me". The next thing is, I was given a trophy cup into my hand, that became a champagne glass (an empty one, naturally). I was clutching with my fingers, intensively caressing it, saying, "You will become matter!", trying to drag it from the astral plane into the physical world. I was in my bed, eyes open, feeling the cup, that was now a regular tall drinking glass, and what I beheld was that I has two pairs of arms (!), one of them was phantom-like, transparent; the strangest thing is my thought at the moment, that both pairs weren't mine!
Of course, when I entirely woke up, I couldn't find the glass in my sheets. The last lesson is, you cannot transform an astral energy into a tangible matter.
The message, though, was obvious. The cup I was given, was an invitation to drink from the Source, the source of Life, Knowledge and much more. You can read more about the Source in Rinor's article. You can achieve your own Astral Travel overnight - see the next article for that purpose. I await anxiously your responses on the latest event I have just described you.
God, we can fly!!

The Basics of The SUNEYE Method    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Joe Russa    (all articles by this author)

Taken with author's approval from his wonderful site, "SUNEYE - The Ultimate Out-of-Body and Lucid Dream Guide" (

What is the SUNEYE Method? Well, to understand the SUNEYE Method, you have to know a little about what causes a lucid dream and astral projection.

Lucid dreams and astral projections are caused by three factors. They are:

?# Desire
?# Technique
?# Environment

Once these factors are present, inducing a lucid dream and astral projection becomes natural. Natural you say? Yes, lucid dreams and astral projections are very much a natural phenomenon, much like sleep is. Well, if that was the case, how come I never experienced them? The answer to that question is that, you have already experienced them every night, more or less. You see, you dream and astral project every night (even though scientist have not been able to prove this). You are just not aware that these things are occurring to you, and becoming aware is the key. And how do you become aware of lucid dreaming and astral projecting? By practicing the three factors above.

Let me explain each of the factors and show how it affects our ability to have lucid dreams and astral projections.

?* Desire - Well this one is self-explanatory, or is it? I know people that are really obsessed with the idea of having a lucid dream or astral projection. The problem is that it does not come through in the technique that they use. One way of expressing your desire is through affirmations and visualizations; not just anything written up. The affirmations and visualizations must express your desire in order for it to become effective.
?* Technique - The technique or method you use has to be thoroughly analyzed and tested. I have seen a lot of techniques that are based on theory. They are published in books, and eventually, accepted by practitioners, even though, they never work. The consequence is people believing that they will never be able to have an astral projection or lucid dream because the techniques did not work for them. When the fact is, the technique was based on theory and never tested for its effectiveness.
In order for a technique to induce astral projections and lucid dreams, the person that created the technique has to really understand how astral projections and lucid dreams occur.
?* Environment - This is the most important factor, and also, the factor that is mostly disregarded. What do I mean by environment? People will automatically think about climate temperature or body position. What I mean by environment is the state your mind and body must be in order for astral projection and lucid dreams to occur.

People think that by doing a technique, it will get them to astral project or lucid dream, not at all. Your mind and body must be in a state that is conducive to astral projections and lucid dreams.

After all of the techniques that I have tried, I have found that in order for you to have an easy and natural lucid dream or astral projection, your mind must be alert, but your body must be deeply asleep. This is the reason people have turned to deep relaxation techniques or PMR. They thinking that it will help their bodies get deeply asleep.

The problem with these techniques is that, even though your body might become deeply asleep, your mind will end up falling asleep with it. For the few that have been able to keep their minds awake while their bodies fell asleep, reports that, astral projections and lucid dreams are usually very blurry, confusing and uncontrollable.

What makes it even worst, the experience usually lasts a few seconds. Why? Because, even though you manage to keep your mind alert, it still wants to fall deeply asleep and you will have to triple your concentration to stay in control.
In order for you to have astral projections and lucid dreams, the technique or method that you use must have all of the three factors mentioned. Most only contain one and, a very few, contain two. The SUNEYE Method contains all 3 factors. That is why the SUNEYE Method has such a high success rate; most of the people that have tried the method reports positive results the first time they try it.

To learn the SUNEYE Method and many more reports on Joe Russa's research and training, click here:

The Source    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

Morning time, a phone is ringing, Aldarow on the other line asking me to come to his place for a hypnosis session, I wanted to, but was not so sure if I'll be there.
Half an hour later I was at Aldarow's home... and at about 11:52 we started the hypnosis. At first, as always, nothing came to me, then everything wasn't so clear until Aldarow guided me. As he guided me to a basement, I found myself going down a ladder, but there was no ground, at least I couldn't see it. I decided to jump all the way down, and as I "flew" down, I felt as if I was floating.
I found myself in that "basement", which wasn't a basement at all, but a room with no doors, windows, or even air. I started having difficulties breathing, as if I was facing the dead, and I was about to become of them. Everything around me was dark and I saw nothing at all but darkness, I wasn't afraid, but curious about the whole situation... and as I was about to find out... it was... different!
My body was frozen, not because of the temperature, but in the way that I couldn't move a thing in my body, it was? how to put it... taking a nap, when my mind was at full power?
After the complete darkness came a light from the far end of the room, and then another from the other end, and it was projecting an image, a white image that rose right in front of me, and a female voice started to talk and communicate with me...
It showed me a symbol, an ancient one, and said that with this symbol everything started... but what is everything?
The symbol, [the scanned image can be found at Project X website] was The Source, but to what?
These questions I cannot answer now, that is because I don't have the full answers... and hopefully, I'll have them after another hypnosis that I'll do.
What I can tell you is what amazed me and Aldarow both is the communication I had with what seemed to be a higher force, an ancient wise entity, in the form of a spirit, that was projected to me, and more than that, the interpretation of the symbol itself, The Source.
The entity, with its female voice, told me to ask Aldarow to bring me a towel, and cover my eyes, I didn't understand why I needed a towel at this point, and the next thing I know I found myself all alone in the Dune, but this time the feeling wasn't of the pure silence and power of the dune and me in it, but me in the dune... ALONE!
That was the first time I felt uncomfortable with the dune, and it showed the powers of the entity and maybe the punishment of me not obeying it, not asking Aldarow for a towel. Later on, a hand came out of the sand, grabbed my leg and pushed me all the way down... to that darkness, and there again I faced the spirit entity with the pleasant female voice, she was pretty as well, with dark long hair, wearing a white dress, and projecting a white light.
I felt as if it, or they, were toying with me, but the truth was different, a lot different.
I've asked Aldarow for a towel and he covered my eyes, I looked into that darkness, into that towel and saw everything in blue, it told me that we see the sea in blue, that is the water, The Source of life, water... that is the four pools of water in the symbol, the four gold figures meant the high price, the money, the beginning of trade and of material. The road in a form of a cross in a X, and it represents the beginning of the Project X, also, each of the four gold figures is combined in two, it is actually eight gold figures alone, this number, eight represents the difference in age between Aldarow, me and Rami who is also a Project X member (see the Project X Archive in the site), I am older than Rami by four years, as Aldarow is older than me by four years.
Remember Apartment 13? (If not, check the Project X site.) It seems the apartment is not beyond us, but it was told to me that the apartment is also a connection in the whole story, 13 is 1+3, which gives us again four.
Still not amazed? In the center of the ancient symbol stood a pyramid, and the meaning of it I still do not know...
Back to the towel, the spirit told me the symbol was The Source, here is something I left for the end...
It told me that after people finish their shower, after they clean themselves, and are pure in body, they face the symbol, concentrate on it, and the symbol was The Source for pure body and pure energy for the person to be complete...
Now... are you amazed as well?
Still not? Aldarow took a book I bought him for his birthday, about the ancient wisdom of the Far East, there was a I saw in the hypnosis... and a Tarot card which was almost alike to The Source... Maybe the card was inspired by the original symbol, by The Source? I think so... but I'll have to find it out in additional hypnosis.
Want to guess the card's number?
You guessed it right... FOUR! Four of disks!
May your body, soul and energy be pure... and as always... Stay aware!
Here are the images:

The SourceTarot: 4 of Disks

Dedicated to the Chosen    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

This submission to the 20th anniversary Project X Newsletter, is my tribute to the letter, its staff, readership and to the fact we are unfettered from communicating globally. As usual my contribution is dedicated to those who seek, find and accept ? the Chosen. I am proud to number amongst you and thank you for your hospitality.

??? Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (17 July, 1999)

? Dedicated to the Chosen

Back in the 70's I documented a channeled communiqu? -- one which provided answers to questions concerning the catalyst required to nudge the human race to change course, away from undesirable living practices to desirable development and growth, spiritually, mentally and physically ? forever.

At the time and even still, it is obvious humankind thrashes about in a turmoil of self-inflicted chaos heading for almost certain demise. Approaches used in filling "critical" needs -- manufacturing, power generation, food production and transportation all seem based on methods with an environmental cost not conducive at all to the desired outcome. We realize our efforts to live and thrive produce "impossible to live with" side effects.

We have seemingly committed all life existence to certain extinction. Of course, this will never be allowed to happen -- for a higher order of intervention is always invoked to prevent us going over, or steers us away from the precipice of ultimate doom. How foolish, presumptuous or arrogant we would think otherwise.

Us? Entrusted with the miracle of life existence. HAH!

Intervention however, is best done through human instruments provided with a supportive mission to accomplish. Many of us, the chosen, are recruited for the higher purpose and I, like some of you ? are one of these. To be chosen is entirely up to an individual ? the highest form of exercising self-determination and will.

We, the willingly chosen, have a part to play in the redemption of ordained human purpose. Each of us has a different role to play in achieving the common objective. My assigned role is providing channeled clarification of common purpose, method and benefit while providing encouragement for faith in the process. Fear not, for the ultimate goal will be achieved -- it cannot be otherwise, for we are legion and have the right and the way.

If selected you are ? then selected be,
For we are all masters of our own destiny.
Your assignment is known to only you,
Gifts are provided for you to eschew.
If you refuse the gifts are passed on
It's only time till the cause is won.

An introduction to my mission, (spreading life advocate philosophy), will assist in explaining my all-consuming interest in earth survival concerns. I have been charged to do this and have accepted the role. I am, like many of you, a selected human interventionist agent.

Many of us are gifted with re-emerging talents, comprising hitherto misunderstood spiritual, physical and mental capabilities. Mine happens to be channeling information from the Higher Order of interventionists - the four light horsemen? Thus armed, we are poised to execute the change in human course and thwart, as we must the dark side of our natural disposition.

??? The "Life Advocate Philosophy"

The "Brain Wave Diary" is a chronicle intended as a common reference for fellow seekers also seeking sense. It does not provide thinking, it provides reason to think! It does provide thought-provoking views of our world. It is intended to complement a "life advocate philosophy" -- a simple approach to enjoyably cohabiting the planet while supporting the notion of life eternal for all things living.

In turn -- the "life advocate philosophy" supports the notion of intelligent creation, a higher purpose and eternal existence for all that has lived before -- an inseparable, codependent cycle for eternal existence. This is the primary purpose for our present form of existence.

Hope for the "Life Advocate Philosophy" premise is founded on the precept that;

- If it can be thought of -- it is possible -- it has been thought of -- therefore it is possible.
- If it is desirable -- it will be done -- it is desirable therefore we will do it.

So fellow Interventionists and kindred spirits -- let's do it, for do it we must! One mind, One soul, One Hope, One will.

The "Life Advocate Philosophy" as channeled to me, prescribes the fulfillment of the human role in perpetual "life" existence within creation.

- The purpose of the philosophy is to ensure a "World the way a World should be."
- The method for accomplishing the purpose is, "Many doing a little good a lot."
- The principles of "Life Advocate Philosophy" are deceptively simple sounding and are;

? Eternal life existence requires preservation of earth's capability to support all life.
? Eternal human existence requires ideal conditions for procreation.
? Eternal human growth and happiness requires support for physical, mental and spiritual development.
? Eternal existence for all that were, are and will be, depends on an unbroken cycle of perpetual human existence.

Each human life is priceless and has to be treated as such. All else is irrelevant unless these four goals are achieved.

Oh yes, the 70's prediction ?

? Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (August 17, 1977)

Warrior, the need for Apocalypse will be avoided through a global enlightenment manifesting late in this century. Sufficient tribulation during the century period will cause slothful eyes to waken wide and many apathetic folk will stir against that which transpires to end this world through war, civil strife, hunger and needless death.

Though sluggish to start the movement and momentum of the salvationists galvanized by the interventionists will roll your kind forward towards the light. The momentum will prove unstoppable -- grinding relentlessly forward as intended.

The engine for favorable human progress is reason and free will to want it.
Joy, Happiness, Hope and Laughter for your Journey,
Respectfully submitted by Doug Lewis
(AKA) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends *VBS*
@ the site for sore eyes
A World the way a World should be -
accomplished by many doing a little good a lot.

Prometheus Elucidation    (view on a separate page)
Author: Erik S.    (all articles by this author)

[The Best Article of All Times]

Some say that what exists in this plane is all there is and that when its over its over, unfortunately such comments only help to further the concerns of the gross material and ignore the spiritual and surreal. In this life I have had to wage war from both without as well as within (and am still doing so to this day). Some upon my attempts to discuss such internal things have told me to go to hell out of fear that they in turn will have to deal with their fears and illusions, I can only respond with "I've been there, don't like it". The path I walked for a number of years indeed was the path of darkness and chaos; fortunately, I awoke from such a nightmare and realized that the war we wage is war we will have to fight till the end of time and existence itself or upon the attainment of true enlightenment.

The essential observation I have made is that we are equal to all that be around us and within us, and that it is up to to each individual to ask themselves the five W's or more in depth the purpose as to their presence in this reality; and by working towards the right knowledge and right action others will see our efforts aren't in vain, eventually raising such questions in their minds causing an eventual raise in conciseness to a level above the necessity of role playing (intimidator, interrogator, aloof, poor me) with whom we may meet and associate with. The defining object of such analysis to the best of my understanding at this point is the removal of the materialistic ego and substitute it for that of the spiritual, which in effect you combine all facets of the self into one and reach a level of inner self awareness which must simply be experienced to have any real comprehension of what it is like, as attempting to describe it would be like trying to describe the love felt for a soul-mate with one who has never loved.

An experience I had while living on Vancouver Island I find helps best describe that which relatively remains unknown to most, in that we are capable of a higher calling in life should we choose to answer. At that time I found out about a family members passing which had more of an effect on me than I realized as our last words had been in anger. While hitchhiking I was picked up by a solitary women and her two kids which upon first glances struck me as quite odd for the fact that hitchhiking had become increasing difficult, especially when being picked up by a women with two kids in the back. Anyway, during the ride we had discussed a number of topics which eventually got onto god (or the one being however you wish to identify where all began). It didn't strike me as unusual at the time, inevitably we discussed my family member passing on, and with her help or moreover god's help with her as his vassal it elevated the burden of the passing to the point of once she dropped me off in front of my place, I felt it necessary to forgive all and any trespasses in thought and prayer, which resulted in the feeling of a warm light encompassing me and a being beyond human consciousness and understanding having reached down and taken the burden from my shoulders with the only thing going though my mind was the saying "worry not for she be with me" (even today when I recall this experience the hair on my neck and arms stands straight up). My life since that experience has proven far more fruitful than most believe as I have gained back the things which I had so carelessly misused (things being self-respect, family and honor).

As more people discuss and contemplate near dearth experiences, reincarnation, telepathy, empathy and spiritualism, inevitably there will be those, who'll be able to utilize such capabilities. Some already do so in their dreams and both the consciousness and subconsciousness. The fact that seems to be assumed by the general populace is that one needs to be conditioned by esoteric Eastern or Western philosophies to have any sort of inner peace and certainly some basic instruction in meditation and breathing techniques provides an easier approach but in actuality most have but to merely to look within, dispel the fears and illusions your conscious minds create, thus freeing yourself to the higher level of energy available.

If I may be so bold, from all the books articles, newsletters and conversations I've had and read over the years one piece of literature I have found to be most helpful in this matter is a book entitled "Fire in the Heart" by Kyracos C. Markides to which I have included the following commentaries by the author:

"The only miracle there is" "is life itself ."
"There is really nothing metaphysical in the world. It is the limitation of our awareness that would classify certain phenomena or abilities as metaphysical".
"In fact our awareness about what nature is all about is grossly limited" The underlying message is don't bother we consider natural and real only in what is accessible to our ordinary sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. We take it for granted that the evolution of human consciousness proceeded from the point of no consciousness to superstition and primitive magic. Then onto reason and logic. But there is no logical basis for assuming that the growth of the consciousness has reached its final home and destination in the mechanistic science of today."
"Our thought and feelings are energies that we project out into the environment."
"They are the elementals every human being incessantly creates."
"Elementals are the thought forms that can assume a variety of shapes and colors; an advanced mystic or clairvoyant can perceive them coming out of the subconscious of a person." " Its either positive or negative e.g.: A benign thought or feeling towards another person is an elemental charged with positive energy." "It is the nature of these elementals to live within what Daskalos and Kotas call the psychonetic dimensions of existence, influencing people who vibrate on the same frequency as these elementals in a subconscious way. They return to their source sooner or later. Therefore whatever elemental we project, good or evil returns back to us seven times stronger. This is the way Karma works."
Karma is the law of cause and effect, and in that whatever you cause an eventually effect will return unto you seven times stronger.

"Phenomenal reality is understandable reality. The cause behind all phenomena is reality itself and is beyond the comprehension of the ordinary consciousness"

Certainly these commentaries are but a means to a new beginning, and only with the strength of will and desire for change can one hope to become more than they are now to what they can be in the future.

May the light guide you to yourself.

The Virgoaian Hermit

The Commands of the Lord    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Elijah    (all articles by this author)

Hello, my friend Aldarow...

The things I write unto you, I leave to your discretion as to when to use them in the Newsletter. If you decide not to, that is fine. You know when the time is right, after all you ARE the scribe of this newsletter, or if you prefer, the editor. I myself prefer the term scribe... Aldarow, the scribe of Project X, the Newsletter. But, please, use all and not in part. The things that I write unto you they ARE the commands of the Lord.

This response came to me in a meditation, sparked by something Aldarow wrote in a newsletter. I will NOT interpret anything as to its meaning. This is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel, It shall come to pass in the LAST days sayeth God. I will pour out of (my Spirit) upon ALL flesh and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams. And on my servants I will pour out in those days of my spirit and they shall prophesy. And I WILL show wonders in the heavens above and signs in the earth beneath. Blood and fire and vapor of smoke. The sun shall turn into darkness and the moon into blood. BEFORE, the GREAT and notable DAY of The Lord come. And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call on the name of The Lord shall be saved.

?To the Elect, the REMNANT and the Chosen.

Because you have kept the WORD of my patience I also will keep you from the evil that SHALL come upon ALL the world to test them that dwell upon the whole face of the earth. For this say I, The end of all things IS at hand and the effects of every vision. And NOW nothing will be restrained from them which they can imagine to do. I say not that the world will end, but, there will be a new heaven and a new earth. Behold! ALL things become new, old things shall pass away. Remember ye this a man shall eat good by the fruit of his lips. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Therefore keep thy heart with ALL diligence for out of it ( the heart ) flows the forces or issues of LIFE.

Merkaba    (view on a separate page)
Author: Gwen    (all articles by this author)

[The Personal Choice of the Editorial Staff]

This is my merkaba experience. I love my merkaba dearly.

?? On December 8, 1998 I had a vision. It occurred during that very special time between dreaming and being awake. I believe it is an alpha state.

?? I was watching the screen of a computer in a library. On the screen I saw a structure of an ancient earth civilization being covered in ashes. I had the feeling that it was the end of that civilization I was watching. As fires from the top of the building were being snuffed out from large clouds of ashy dust smoke, I heard a man's voice talking to me. He was teaching me to breathe and after a few breaths he told me, "Now be patient until it is time for your body to..." At that point I heard a noise louder than a thunder clap and saw a huge crystalline sphere burst from the computer screen. At the same time, the voice continued "LEAVE". As the voice faded I saw the crystalline sphere fly above my head. I noticed a man was inside standing with arms and legs spread. I thought, "that looks just like Leonardo DiVinci's painting "Study of a Man".

?? Then an interesting thing happened (not that this whole thing wasn't interesting). It was me in the sphere. I was catapulted faster than the speed of light through time and space. I felt the rumbling of the vibration through my entire body. I began to get scared because I was going so fast. I began to wonder if I was all alone in the universe. I began to understand that what was happening was not a dream at all. I wondered, "Now what? Where do I go?" I came back. I landed in my bed face up.

?? I was definitely affected by this. MY GOD. I flew through space. I saw stars whiz by me. Was I alone in space? I remembered that I felt cozy in my sphere. I remembered that this was not my first time.

?? The next day was equally astounding. I received a book in the mail that a psychic had told me to order a few days before my experience. She told me to order it because I see swirls and patterns superimposed on practically everything I look at. I began to flip through the pages of the book. I saw something that caught my eye. It was the man in the "study of the man" in a sphere flying through space. My heart sank into my stomach and I said "that was me!!" When I read further, I saw that this thing is a merkaba. The energy field that we all have access to that we can engage by a complex but short breathing meditation.

?? I learned all I could about the merkaba and began to diligently practice this ancient mystery school teachings regarding engaging and anchoring the merkaba.

?? I learned that the merkaba can take you through time and space, to past lives and can aid in the healing of the earth. I learned that two people can engage their merkabas simultaneously and take others along. I learned that you can travel to planets and be completely protected. I have taken other trips since my first, and they have been equally enthralling and beautiful.

?? A few days ago, I got a message from one of my guides to "let go" of the merkaba. I was sad because I thought "I love my merkaba dearly" . But of course, being the obedient initiate that I am, I stopped my meditations. Two nights ago I spoke to someone who channeled my guides for me. I asked them why they wanted me to stop. They told me they only wanted me to stop because my merkaba is fully anchored!! I have been doing unnecessary meditations. I have access to it any time I want now. YIPPEE! It is an accomplishment that used to take lifetimes. But given the accelerations lately, I have come a long way.

?? The guides also told me to begin to study the crystal matrix that I saw in my merkaba (when I asked to see GOD, I was taken to a crystalline matrix that was quite beautiful), as that is being anchored in me as well. I am not sure where this will take me, but I will try to find out all I can about it.

?? I just love the ancient mystery school teachings. There is so much out there to explore and learn about! Thanks for listening.

Healing    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: John Cali    (all articles by this author)

Borrowed from Weekly Message, by Chief Joseph/John Cali

Do you know what the secret to healing is, my dear ones?? Just be - BE.? If you can still your mind and emotions - by not getting attached to your thoughts and feelings, just letting them flow, you are well on your way to total healing.

What is illness?? It is simply a lower vibration that has settled into some part of your being, whether it be your body, mind or emotions. And your society teaches you to accommodate this lower vibration by considering it "normal."? Aren't you taught it is normal, and to be expected, that, as you get older, your body must inevitably deteriorate?? Well, I say to you that is neither normal nor natural. You can leave your physical body (that is, die) in perfect health - and in the manner and at the time of your own choosing.

Impossible?? Not at all.? All you need to do, when you want to heal yourself, is shift into a higher vibration.? You've heard it said - "Let go and let God."? That, my dear ones, is what healing is all about.? In the moment you simply allow yourself to be still - not criticizing or judging whatever thoughts or emotions come up for you, but simply allowing them to be and to flow - in those moments, you are opening yourself up to the energy of God.? And, in that moment, you are healed, completely healed.

Further, in every succeeding moment you remain in that high vibration, you will continue to remain healed.? Now, it may take some "time" for your body to adjust - your symptoms may not vanish instantly. Although that is entirely possible.? But you are, nevertheless, healed in those moments you are in the high vibration of the God energy.? And you do not have to DO anything.? You simply have to BE - be in the energy of who you truly are.? Many of you experience moments like this in your meditations, or in other quiet reflective moments.

If you are fully present in those moments, allowing yourself to simply BE in the God energy, you must be healed.? You cannot be ill, for illness is of a lower vibration.? It cannot exist in the presence of God.? Be fully present in the moment with love and compassion for yourself.? The more moments like that you have, the more you will find your body, mind and heart becoming whole once again.
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Remember the joke with the Zen master, who asked the hot dog vendor, "Make me one with everything"? Well, there was a continuation to it in CAUS updates:
The hot dog vendor fixes a hot dog and hands it to the Zen master, who pays with a $20 bill.? The hot dog vendor puts the bill in the cash drawer and closes the drawer. "Where's my change?" asks the Zen master.
And the hot dog vendor responds, "Change must come from within."

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