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The Source

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)
Published on: August 7, 1999

Morning time, a phone is ringing, Aldarow on the other line asking me to come to his place for a hypnosis session, I wanted to, but was not so sure if I'll be there.

Half an hour later I was at Aldarow's home... and at about 11:52 we started the hypnosis. At first, as always, nothing came to me, then everything wasn't so clear until Aldarow guided me. As he guided me to a basement, I found myself going down a ladder, but there was no ground, at least I couldn't see it. I decided to jump all the way down, and as I "flew" down, I felt as if I was floating.

I found myself in that "basement", which wasn't a basement at all, but a room with no doors, windows, or even air. I started having difficulties breathing, as if I was facing the dead, and I was about to become of them. Everything around me was dark and I saw nothing at all but darkness, I wasn't afraid, but curious about the whole situation... and as I was about to find out... it was... different!

My body was frozen, not because of the temperature, but in the way that I couldn't move a thing in my body, it was? how to put it... taking a nap, when my mind was at full power?

After the complete darkness came a light from the far end of the room, and then another from the other end, and it was projecting an image, a white image that rose right in front of me, and a female voice started to talk and communicate with me...

It showed me a symbol, an ancient one, and said that with this symbol everything started... but what is everything?

The symbol, [the scanned image can be found at Project X website] was The Source, but to what?

These questions I cannot answer now, that is because I don't have the full answers... and hopefully, I'll have them after another hypnosis that I'll do.

What I can tell you is what amazed me and Aldarow both is the communication I had with what seemed to be a higher force, an ancient wise entity, in the form of a spirit, that was projected to me, and more than that, the interpretation of the symbol itself, The Source.

The entity, with its female voice, told me to ask Aldarow to bring me a towel, and cover my eyes, I didn't understand why I needed a towel at this point, and the next thing I know I found myself all alone in the Dune, but this time the feeling wasn't of the pure silence and power of the dune and me in it, but me in the dune... ALONE!

That was the first time I felt uncomfortable with the dune, and it showed the powers of the entity and maybe the punishment of me not obeying it, not asking Aldarow for a towel. Later on, a hand came out of the sand, grabbed my leg and pushed me all the way down... to that darkness, and there again I faced the spirit entity with the pleasant female voice, she was pretty as well, with dark long hair, wearing a white dress, and projecting a white light.

I felt as if it, or they, were toying with me, but the truth was different, a lot different.

I've asked Aldarow for a towel and he covered my eyes, I looked into that darkness, into that towel and saw everything in blue, it told me that we see the sea in blue, that is the water, The Source of life, water... that is the four pools of water in the symbol, the four gold figures meant the high price, the money, the beginning of trade and of material. The road in a form of a cross in a X, and it represents the beginning of the Project X, also, each of the four gold figures is combined in two, it is actually eight gold figures alone, this number, eight represents the difference in age between Aldarow, me and Rami who is also a Project X member (see the Project X Archive in the site), I am older than Rami by four years, as Aldarow is older than me by four years.

Remember Apartment 13? (If not, check the Project X site.) It seems the apartment is not beyond us, but it was told to me that the apartment is also a connection in the whole story, 13 is 1+3, which gives us again four.

Still not amazed? In the center of the ancient symbol stood a pyramid, and the meaning of it I still do not know...

Back to the towel, the spirit told me the symbol was The Source, here is something I left for the end...

It told me that after people finish their shower, after they clean themselves, and are pure in body, they face the symbol, concentrate on it, and the symbol was The Source for pure body and pure energy for the person to be complete...

Now... are you amazed as well?

Still not? Aldarow took a book I bought him for his birthday, about the ancient wisdom of the Far East, there was a I saw in the hypnosis... and a Tarot card which was almost alike to The Source... Maybe the card was inspired by the original symbol, by The Source? I think so... but I'll have to find it out in additional hypnosis.

Want to guess the card's number?

You guessed it right... FOUR! Four of disks!

May your body, soul and energy be pure... and as always... Stay aware!

Here are the images:

The SourceTarot: 4 of Disks

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #20

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