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Astral Projection Achieved Overnight!

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: August 7, 1999

I've been trying to make a non-physical trip for a while now, and the SUNEYE method, which is introduced in the article below, was the simplest the most effective I've ever read. I've tried it several times before, but I was not focused on my goal, and wished only to merge into a deep sleep, therefore it did not work for me... until this Monday morning. It was then that I set my alarm clock to slowly wake me up at 5 AM, and after some 15 minutes I returned to sleep, focusing on my "third eye" and telling myself, "Now I will have an out-of-body experience". Needless to say, I was working "by the book" (see the method on SUNEYE website), and it worked out exactly "by the book". First, I was having a dream, in which a little, but a strong girl was bothering me, and I couldn't get rid of her. I tried to escape her, and a voice, perhaps my own, told me, "It's a dream, why waste an effort." Realizing it is just a dream (lucidity!), I woke up, to find myself, as I half-expected, in a sleep paralysis. The noisy wind began, as it always does in most of my ASP (Awareness during Sleep Paralysis) events; I felt pain in the right ear, and in the left one I heard voices and a music, then it was as if a broadcasting DJ was announcing the next song; I figured it out that I perhaps have tuned in to a radio station. Then, with a great ease, I directed myself out of my body.

I saw the ceiling approaching my eyes. I was floating, "back-swimming", as I've told Rinor in a dream I had afterwards, in the space of my bedroom. I flew through its wall and into the living room, where I found my mother. The strange things, she saw me too, and she appeared to me as a relatively famous television star. I guess, it was not quite a pure, 100% OBE, rather an astral projection, but the important thing is that I was aware during the whole thing! I amazed the astral image of my mother, as I sank to my knees into the carpeted floor. I thought at first that she probably cannot hear me, since I may appear as a ghost to her, so I tried to show her the number 7, to imply turn the TV set to the 7th channel, the MTV - perhaps it was the station I was picking in my paralysis. Eventually, I attempted to teleport myself to Rinor's room, but the experience faded at this stage...

Only to repeat two days later! I had troubles falling asleep back, after waking up at 5 AM, so, disappointed, I decided that I've prolonged the waking period too much, and I should turn on my left side, facing the bed's back, and try to catch some sleep instead. But the scenario, the program, the pattern recurred; I found myself in a lucid dream, made my exit out of it, the state of paralysis began - but very subtle this time, and before you know it, I took off, rising up from my physical self. The most thrilling thing about the second time is there were at least three or four launches and re-entries! At first, I tried to move my arms like a dog that swims, only to activate my physical arms back there, in the bed, and it brought me back into the well familiar body. Immediately I went out again. Several important lessons were learnt by me in this experience. An image of a leaf being separated from a notebook assisted me in the upwards separation. Also, as I was floating in my room, I looked around and saw the window, only it was bigger then mine, closed and I could see much more green plants in the backyard than there are in reality. This has taught me that I'm on the astral plane. Anyhow, as I looked at the window I felt that my eyes are closed, and I should open them for a better view. What actually happened is that my physical eyes opened up, and I was staring at the reddish back of my bed. It has also brought me back once again, and I perceived that my astral eyes were already open, no need to use the other set. When I took off for the last time, I actually felt bored - am I only to "haunt" aimlessly this room, without being able to cross the walls into another apartments? Then let the force, that aided me, take me whenever it wants; let it flow. I forget to mention that at the first time, the one that took place on Monday, August 4, when I was half-asleep, re-entering the dreamland, I heard a crow outside my window, and I said to it, "Help me" (you know how the crows are symbolic for our small group). Following this, I perceived that I am being handed a red color or energy by the crow. Now, on the last takeoff, as I let it flow, I said to God the same words, "Help me". The next thing is, I was given a trophy cup into my hand, that became a champagne glass (an empty one, naturally). I was clutching with my fingers, intensively caressing it, saying, "You will become matter!", trying to drag it from the astral plane into the physical world. I was in my bed, eyes open, feeling the cup, that was now a regular tall drinking glass, and what I beheld was that I has two pairs of arms (!), one of them was phantom-like, transparent; the strangest thing is my thought at the moment, that both pairs weren't mine!

Of course, when I entirely woke up, I couldn't find the glass in my sheets. The last lesson is, you cannot transform an astral energy into a tangible matter.

The message, though, was obvious. The cup I was given, was an invitation to drink from the Source, the source of Life, Knowledge and much more. You can read more about the Source in Rinor's article. You can achieve your own Astral Travel overnight - see the next article for that purpose. I await anxiously your responses on the latest event I have just described you.

God, we can fly!!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #20

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