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Author: John Cali    (all articles by this author)
Published on: August 7, 1999

Borrowed from Weekly Message, by Chief Joseph/John Cali

Do you know what the secret to healing is, my dear ones?? Just be - BE.? If you can still your mind and emotions - by not getting attached to your thoughts and feelings, just letting them flow, you are well on your way to total healing.

What is illness?? It is simply a lower vibration that has settled into some part of your being, whether it be your body, mind or emotions. And your society teaches you to accommodate this lower vibration by considering it "normal."? Aren't you taught it is normal, and to be expected, that, as you get older, your body must inevitably deteriorate?? Well, I say to you that is neither normal nor natural. You can leave your physical body (that is, die) in perfect health - and in the manner and at the time of your own choosing.

Impossible?? Not at all.? All you need to do, when you want to heal yourself, is shift into a higher vibration.? You've heard it said - "Let go and let God."? That, my dear ones, is what healing is all about.? In the moment you simply allow yourself to be still - not criticizing or judging whatever thoughts or emotions come up for you, but simply allowing them to be and to flow - in those moments, you are opening yourself up to the energy of God.? And, in that moment, you are healed, completely healed.

Further, in every succeeding moment you remain in that high vibration, you will continue to remain healed.? Now, it may take some "time" for your body to adjust - your symptoms may not vanish instantly. Although that is entirely possible.? But you are, nevertheless, healed in those moments you are in the high vibration of the God energy.? And you do not have to DO anything.? You simply have to BE - be in the energy of who you truly are.? Many of you experience moments like this in your meditations, or in other quiet reflective moments.

If you are fully present in those moments, allowing yourself to simply BE in the God energy, you must be healed.? You cannot be ill, for illness is of a lower vibration.? It cannot exist in the presence of God.? Be fully present in the moment with love and compassion for yourself.? The more moments like that you have, the more you will find your body, mind and heart becoming whole once again.


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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #20

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