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Project Y newcomers

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: August 7, 1999

Since the 19th issue, two brand new big Sections were opened in the Diary ( The first one is by Original Six (a.k.a. F), it is a series of interviews he had with his spiritual contact (SC), who has told him to publish them on websites such as ours. Here is but a short excerpt from one of the interviews:

"...(F)- What was the spiritual concept of the Internet?

(SC)- To have a physical substitute for telepathic communication until suppressed spiritual beings are, once again, able to communicate telepathically.

(F)- Can 'we', as spiritual beings, communicate telepathically?

(SC)- Yes. In a condition of spiritual freedom, or near spiritual freedom, or more spiritually free, beings are able to communicate, depending on their degree of freedom, telepathically.

(F)- Why did 'we' lose 'our' ability to communicate telepathically?

(SC)- 'You' did not lose it. It is there where it has always been. It is being suppressed from you."

To read F's section, go to Diary (, click on "Sections", then scroll down and click on "Original Six".

Another addition to Project Y is by Ioliar:

"I have discovered that there are some very evil beings heading towards this dimension. THEY are already hovering around the edges of physical reality like vultures. THEY feed off negative emotions; fear, anger, hate, pain, etc. THEY can generate those emotions in order to feed. After all, negative emotions are the easiest to generate and are self-perpetuating. All THEY have to do is nudge someone in the right way to make them feel more negative than they would normally and THEY're very, very good at it. Very subtle as well. THEY are also capable of direct psychic attack. I've been attacked in my 'dreams' as well as physically. THEY can manifest in this dimension, but not fully yet. The situation isn't correct for THEM to do this yet..."

To read this highly important text, go to the same site, click on "Sections", then scroll down and click on "Ioliar". This Section is to be expanded soon, too.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #20

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