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Prometheus Elucidation

Author: Erik S.    (all articles by this author)
Published on: August 7, 1999

[The Best Article of All Times]

Some say that what exists in this plane is all there is and that when its over its over, unfortunately such comments only help to further the concerns of the gross material and ignore the spiritual and surreal. In this life I have had to wage war from both without as well as within (and am still doing so to this day). Some upon my attempts to discuss such internal things have told me to go to hell out of fear that they in turn will have to deal with their fears and illusions, I can only respond with "I've been there, don't like it". The path I walked for a number of years indeed was the path of darkness and chaos; fortunately, I awoke from such a nightmare and realized that the war we wage is war we will have to fight till the end of time and existence itself or upon the attainment of true enlightenment.

The essential observation I have made is that we are equal to all that be around us and within us, and that it is up to to each individual to ask themselves the five W's or more in depth the purpose as to their presence in this reality; and by working towards the right knowledge and right action others will see our efforts aren't in vain, eventually raising such questions in their minds causing an eventual raise in conciseness to a level above the necessity of role playing (intimidator, interrogator, aloof, poor me) with whom we may meet and associate with. The defining object of such analysis to the best of my understanding at this point is the removal of the materialistic ego and substitute it for that of the spiritual, which in effect you combine all facets of the self into one and reach a level of inner self awareness which must simply be experienced to have any real comprehension of what it is like, as attempting to describe it would be like trying to describe the love felt for a soul-mate with one who has never loved.

An experience I had while living on Vancouver Island I find helps best describe that which relatively remains unknown to most, in that we are capable of a higher calling in life should we choose to answer. At that time I found out about a family members passing which had more of an effect on me than I realized as our last words had been in anger. While hitchhiking I was picked up by a solitary women and her two kids which upon first glances struck me as quite odd for the fact that hitchhiking had become increasing difficult, especially when being picked up by a women with two kids in the back. Anyway, during the ride we had discussed a number of topics which eventually got onto god (or the one being however you wish to identify where all began). It didn't strike me as unusual at the time, inevitably we discussed my family member passing on, and with her help or moreover god's help with her as his vassal it elevated the burden of the passing to the point of once she dropped me off in front of my place, I felt it necessary to forgive all and any trespasses in thought and prayer, which resulted in the feeling of a warm light encompassing me and a being beyond human consciousness and understanding having reached down and taken the burden from my shoulders with the only thing going though my mind was the saying "worry not for she be with me" (even today when I recall this experience the hair on my neck and arms stands straight up). My life since that experience has proven far more fruitful than most believe as I have gained back the things which I had so carelessly misused (things being self-respect, family and honor).

As more people discuss and contemplate near dearth experiences, reincarnation, telepathy, empathy and spiritualism, inevitably there will be those, who'll be able to utilize such capabilities. Some already do so in their dreams and both the consciousness and subconsciousness. The fact that seems to be assumed by the general populace is that one needs to be conditioned by esoteric Eastern or Western philosophies to have any sort of inner peace and certainly some basic instruction in meditation and breathing techniques provides an easier approach but in actuality most have but to merely to look within, dispel the fears and illusions your conscious minds create, thus freeing yourself to the higher level of energy available.

If I may be so bold, from all the books articles, newsletters and conversations I've had and read over the years one piece of literature I have found to be most helpful in this matter is a book entitled "Fire in the Heart" by Kyracos C. Markides to which I have included the following commentaries by the author:

"The only miracle there is" "is life itself ."

"There is really nothing metaphysical in the world. It is the limitation of our awareness that would classify certain phenomena or abilities as metaphysical".

"In fact our awareness about what nature is all about is grossly limited" The underlying message is don't bother we consider natural and real only in what is accessible to our ordinary sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. We take it for granted that the evolution of human consciousness proceeded from the point of no consciousness to superstition and primitive magic. Then onto reason and logic. But there is no logical basis for assuming that the growth of the consciousness has reached its final home and destination in the mechanistic science of today."

"Our thought and feelings are energies that we project out into the environment."

"They are the elementals every human being incessantly creates."

"Elementals are the thought forms that can assume a variety of shapes and colors; an advanced mystic or clairvoyant can perceive them coming out of the subconscious of a person." " Its either positive or negative e.g.: A benign thought or feeling towards another person is an elemental charged with positive energy." "It is the nature of these elementals to live within what Daskalos and Kotas call the psychonetic dimensions of existence, influencing people who vibrate on the same frequency as these elementals in a subconscious way. They return to their source sooner or later. Therefore whatever elemental we project, good or evil returns back to us seven times stronger. This is the way Karma works."

Karma is the law of cause and effect, and in that whatever you cause an eventually effect will return unto you seven times stronger.

"Phenomenal reality is understandable reality. The cause behind all phenomena is reality itself and is beyond the comprehension of the ordinary consciousness"

Certainly these commentaries are but a means to a new beginning, and only with the strength of will and desire for change can one hope to become more than they are now to what they can be in the future.

May the light guide you to yourself.

The Virgoaian Hermit

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #20

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