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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #31

February 6, 2000

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. The New Age Poetry Contest - Alexander Aldarow
3. You wish to know about Chosen Ones - Mark E. Wright
4. Archangel Raphael on Millennium - Rev. Helen L. McClellan
5. Today's Mail: Richard Harter, Layhlac, Doug Lewis - Today's Mail
6. Can You, Please?... - Gislenne
7. Spirit's Light and Sound - Nancy Krinkey
8. Will Third Fatima Prophecy mention ET Visitors? - Mark Andrews
9. The Last War: Chapter Seven - Alexander Aldarow
10. This is for anyone whom it might make smile... - Elsie Richards
11. Closing Words

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Warm greetings!
Well, after the poetic recess we had last time and my movement to a new apartment, we are back in business. We have prepared yet another variety of articles and messages from our readers, covering the multiplicity of the aspects of spiritual world we live in. By the way, you DO realize that the world around us is spiritual rather than material? That behind the seemingly solid matter there is an energy that can be influenced and directed by merely our thoughts - "Mind Over Matter"? That there is a cosmic consciousness on the sub-atomic level of things - the quantum physics has just recently reached this conclusion, which was already known to the Kabbalah mystics for centuries and millennia? That, although the physical body easily submits to the law of entropy, that it crumbles and fades away after the moment of our death, the core of our being, the SOUL, survives nevertheless, and all of us live on on much higher levels? We are not born merely to carry on your existence for a few decades, establish a family cell and a career, make a few bucks, raise a couple of kids, and than "ashes to ashes". We are brought into this harsh reality to go through this test as winners, to eventually ascend as much more experienced spirits. And if at times the life seems too impossible, the job is unbearable, and the relationship you're in drags you down, holds you back, the partner is abusive and suppressive, and you start to feel as if the walls of this unjust world are closing on you, than I can suggest you the ultimate soUlution:
In addition, I have a small request for you to participate in our prizes-winning contest (the list is below). So far I haven't received enough votes, and the deadline isn't set either. You truly can be our lucky winner ;-)

The New Age Poetry Contest    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

These are the final contenders:

1. Aldarow - "No Traces" - issue # 25
2. Judith - "Angel Sword" - issue # 27
3. Night - "The Chosen / I must go west..." - Night's Project Y Section / issue # 22
4. Rinor Zidran - "I can still dream" - issue # 28
5. Tiamat - "Guardians Of The Temple Of The Flame" - issue # 29
6. Karyn Altman - "Not An Accident" - issue # 29
7. Avigail Tal - "Dear God" - issue # 30
8. Gwen - "Listen" - issue # 30
9. Stephen - "Come Dance With Me" - issue # 30
10. Leigh Mortensen - "Synthesister" - issue # 30
11. Marcia M. Pedersen - "Light" - issue # 30
12. JJJ - "Viewing the world through triangular glasses" - issue # 30

These all are beautiful creations, but you have to choose one and e-mail me its number, so that you will enter our "Spiritual Poetry" sweepstakes. Do not forget to mention your name/nickname. Past issues can be found at The poet with the most of votes will receive a prize as well.

You wish to know about Chosen Ones    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark E. Wright    (all articles by this author)

God's Children are all Blessed. I wish to send you by regular mail what a Chosen one looks like in his awakened state. Those that are of Kaivalya, the Kingdom of God, as in Rev 22, know that the Light of God is Real. To know a Child of God is to have the knowledge that all Ancient Texts and All Mans Words are all Irenic.

All of the teachings about the Enlightenment and the Emancipation of the Soul and Spirit conclude with the Diadem and the Passing from Death to Life, to the Eternal Kingdom. Those upon this earth have written about this in many aspects and in many ways using metaphorical and mystical exegesis.

A real Enlightened Child of God seeks not wordy admirations, seeks not to exalt himself, seeks not earthly identities, seeks not money, seeks not his own wisdom, seeks not the rationalities that make us all human, nor his position above his beloved divine family. He seeks nothing, and nothing he is without God...

He knows his hands are not of his spirit, he knows his life is as all others. Love is not what is reasoned or gratitudial, its love as is. The Awakened Spirit is detached from this earth, knowing his " Divine Personage." The Divinity is revealed and the Mueomai is welcomed into the Mysteries of God, by God's Hands...

He knows all ancient writings before he sees them, and knows all writings after them... His humility is that of complete surrender and silence and rest. The Emancipated is Opened, the breaking of the Seals. For the Book of Life is the Bible. He is revealed the Light, the Face of God, the Trinity, Rebirth, The Spirit of God, The City of Jerusalem, Zion, with the Rapture, and the Sealing of the Throne of God. Heaven, Hell and Earth are Shown.

He knows that all things are for the good of this world. He also knows all about those of this world and of other dimensions. Many Ancient texts, contain religiosity's as encumbrances for mankind to realize these walls were built by them. He knows that all want reconciliations and mankind has never been without God's Guidance. He understands that man would encompass his own pluralism of unity and peace.

The Chosen carries the Rising of the Sun, and the Light of God and of the Lamb, and is Sealed with the Mark of the Lamb of God. From the Tribe of Judah. The Regality of Christ, the Lion and the Lamb. He loves all of this 7th Earth recognizes all and knows his Father Voice. He knows that those who do have a awakening experience will believe they are Christ, proclaim, to be his 2nd Advent, announced their Proclamations, and render their writings as the present digest.

Which they always do. They all drink of the Water of life then go off on their missions, and forgetting to not stop along the Tree of Life. A follower of God knows that God is Real, and that all are Perfect in His Eyes. A real follower of God doesn't claim anything. He knows he is of the Father.

If you want to know what a Child of God looks like look all around us for the beauty has always been right in front of everyone. God loves His Children very much...

God Bless Thy Children!

Mark E. Wright

Mark E. Wright

Archangel Raphael on Millennium    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Rev. Helen L. McClellan    (all articles by this author)

Message from Archangel Raphael
Healing Messenger from God
To Humanity - December 1999

Beloved ones, with all my heart I say thank you. Thank you for reaching beyond your daily existence and opening your hearts unto us, the angels who love you all very deeply, and have watched over each and every one of you since humanity was brought into inception.

It has been a long, and somewhat difficult journey, from where the first humans started out their trek upon the Earth many, many, centuries ago. They took to Earth with them, tremendous courage to persevere, and we watched as you grew within the human form, and expanded your knowledge and discoveries. Each new generation took the seeds of knowledge and built upon what their forefathers/mothers had set in motion. You created great structures and invented many things to make your life on Earth more pleasurable. Music was born, songs were sang, art became an extension of you ~ your own very individual inner expression. Yes, my beloved ones, you have indeed moved across the face of the Earth and have become very much part of the Earth through your contributions.

Now you have arrived at another turning point in your evolution. A new millennium. Need I mention that you have come full circle? Yes, from the original golden era where you started, until now, has been a grand cycle of Evolution. This new millennium you are embarking upon is a very important milestone in your human growth. It will allow you more opportunities to be aware of all that is going on around you, as well as an introduction to other galaxies in the Universe. Many of the barriers which have been set up are being transcended and much of the heavier vibrations are being lifted, with more blending of the races. It is the human awareness which is growing, beyond its present boundaries.
The old foundation is being broken down and a new one... a new Earth... is already being created by the energy of the Holy Spirit. This new Earth will allow more freedom of expression, something which each spirit needs in order to grow. The lighter energies of the fifth dimension have already been introduced into the Earth. The Light is a healing one, and will remain. The new golden era you are entering is bringing you closer to understanding the spiritual dimensions of your existence and your Creator. The fifth dimensional energy is carefully lifting your consciousness into a higher sphere, so that you may see a higher, wider and deeper meaning to your life's existence. It does not end on Earth.

Be prepared then to enter a new doorway, an illumined doorway. Which, if you choose to pass through, will lead you to so many new, wondrous discoveries. As always, we watch, as we come closer to your realization of us and our connection to you.

I give my special blessings with this message to all who receive Me, as a Messenger of the most Holy... I bring peace, harmony, and special gifts to you all. My deepest Love to you all. I am Raphael, Archangel of the Lord Almighty and of His Sovereign Hosts.

Received by Rev. Helen L. McClellan, December 1999. Phoenix, AZ

Today's Mail: Richard Harter, Layhlac, Doug Lewis    (view on a separate page)
Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)

Last night... well actually for the past five or six nights I have been dreaming rather vividly/lucidly. Quite a feat, if I do say so myself. But last night I had an extremely strange one. I only remember bits and pieces of it, but I/or someone else was in a dimly lit room laying on a table there were two attendants in this room also. When I/whoever it was came too, the attendants became hostile, and I want to say I killed them out of self-preservation, but the dream is hazy in my mind. That is not the weird part.

My alarm clock woke me up, but just as quickly my hand hit the snooze button. I was sitting on the porch of the house I will always call home with, I can only speculate, was my father (passed on 13 years ago). We were on the porch, a fire truck pulled up. Two blocks down I saw a flag being raised on a tree. I "knew" it was a Chinese flag. But all I remember was moon and a star. Then it happened. A bright flash of light and then a large rumbling. I felt my physical body rumbling while I was dreaming. I tipped a beer to my father and said "Well, here we go", then an intense burning and wouldn't you know it my alarm woke me up again.

This happened Friday morning about 7:00 EST. When I read :

"It appears that as if I dreamt of them before, and I was also prophesied about an atomic bomb (that is supposed to go off / be dropped?)" [issue # 29 - remark by Aldarow]

I felt the shivers run up my back...

Just had to share that one with you...

Keep up the good work and may love and light follow you all the days of your life!

Richard Harter


Hi, Alex:
Last night, I dreamt about a rectangular blue, red and white sign, with several abbreviations and red dots in the four corners and containing the word "WARNING" (flashing on an off), which practically attacked me. When I see something like that, I've got like a small bell that rings inside of me and alerts all of my senses. I realized that I was dreaming and told myself that I had to find out what that meant, but the only thing I saw were the words "Natural Disaster." After this I sensed two earthquakes, and also wind and snow.

Because of the size of the sign and considering that it was a very abrupt vision, I think that it could be a very harmful disaster. Apart from the fact that I woke up three times and every single time I went back to sleep, I saw a smaller warning sign.

Have you, by any chance, seen/dreamt or someone else has told you about a very damaging natural disaster coming?

Peace be with you
Layhlac (Layla)


Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (01/21/00)

(Dedicated to my friend Tania)

What is true reality?

A timeless, seductively simple question. I am a fool to think I can answer it, so I won't.

What is NOT true reality? This is also a simple question, a question I am prepared to answer foolishly.

If I cannot sense it, see it, touch it, feel it, smell it, taste it, understand it, visualize or imagine it -- then it is not ANY kind of reality for me at that exact moment.

If I can do any one of the above to IT, then IT is truly reality for me at that exact moment.

What then could true reality be?? Hmmmmm.


In Oneness, for we are all a mothers child.

Respectfully submitted by Doug Lewis,
(a.k.a) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends? * VBS *
At the site for sore eyes
A World the way a World should be!

Can You, Please?...    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Gislenne    (all articles by this author)


I would like to wish everyone a Wonderful, Safe and Prosperous New Millennium!!

I am writing this letter because I have had this dream and I wish to make this dream a reality with the help of my fellow brothers and sisters.

There is this church/house, that stands tall and prominent, the address is 5109 Roosevelt Blvd in Philadelphia PA, the church part of the house was badly burned, so was the attic, the roof and the garage, the rest of the house just has the soot the smoke left behind and water damage from when the fire was being put out. Also I think drug addicts took out all the copper pipes because they are all missing.

The reason I know this is because I have had my eye on this house that has been abandoned for about 10 years already, I just recently, about a year ago began to notice it, so one day my family and I decided to park and explore the outside of the house, as we were exploring, I decided to go to the front door and see if just maybe it was unlocked. To my surprise it was! So I called my family and we entered, the house although burned is BEAUTIFUL, I at once knew this house had to be mine!! The part that really got me was that as I entered into what was the church, I lost myself in this reverie, I saw myself standing in this room surrounded by candles, crystals, wonderful colors, serene music, floor pillows and people that were meditating. I was actually the person that was leading them into the meditation, as I awoke from this reverie I thought to myself "Oh my Gosh, this is the meditation center I have been dreaming of for all of my life"!!

Since that day I have had several recurrent dreams of my being in that center and helping others to awaken. This has happened so far for about a year, since I saw the house. I haven't really done anything about it, because "I" by myself in no way have the means to even start to rebuild this BEAUTIFUL church/house, so I have been letting it slide. Till recently, the dreams have begun to get stronger and more in detail. So I asked my wonderful Angels, guides and Soul Group to please help me find a way to make this all possible and what first came into my mind was to write to all of the people who read this Wonderful Newsletter and to ask them for a Love Offering which of course will be sent back to them 10 fold through the laws of this Wonderful Universe that we are part of. I was actually being told to do this way before Christmas, but I just couldn't bring myself to, and now I have finally summoned up the courage to ask for Help.

So, if it feels right and good to you, would you and could you please send a love offering to the rebuilding of this home, so that I could be a vehicle to the awakening of so many out there.

My name and Address is
Debbie Raspaldo
4432 Nth 7th Street
Philadelphia Pa. 19140

I sincerely and deeply thank all of you that are able to help, even those of you that are not able to help

With much Love and Light Debbie... A.k.a. Gislenne

Spirit's Light and Sound    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Nancy Krinkey    (all articles by this author)

Hi, Alex.
It is interesting reading "THE EXPERIENCE OF ALEX" again, and good idea to add a page as a keepsake on your experiences. I re-read it again, and it was such a vividly TRUE EXPERIENCE. I went through my own personal inner ones, and I know for I saw the beginnings when the great EVIL one rose up into power again here on earth. Right after 1983 ~ August. Though few believe me. (The whole story is in Bernadine Burlin's new book, "HERO".)

The TEST OF '83 was just that, a test of SOULS. Including the dark Night of Soul to get through, for me and some others. Or we of ATOMS to hold on to GodMan, the true one, or get back to Darwin, as there are others looking today and needing to find HIM again, for they are ready to perfect in SOUL this lifetime! And the reason is because he came back to us with his Blessings of protection/LOVE and greater TOOLS we can use now to protect from the dark ones, do self-defense for there is a battle-on of Spirit verses destructions/negative forces.

From heaven to earth we must learn to protect self, SOUL from the Dark Ones in our new Age. So, I have gotten these from ATOMS to offer for sale, to others who would like to know more from the living Godman or Darwin. Like the book, "Hero", by Bernadine Burlin, who has served as secretary to BOTH, Paul Twitchell and Darwin Gross in this lifetime. Exciting reading too, if you think the Life of any Saint or Spiritual Beings is a easy way to live life, read this. Darwin's always been a little more like James Bond ~ 007, which no DEVIL can really stop, or FOIL!! Unless Satan takes over completely! So it's all in the Book, "HERO". With the PLANE TRUTH of the EVIL event of '83 the takeover on earth by EVIL AGENTS. Actually, would you believe me again? This is the exact same EVIL FORCES that destroyed Atlantis in history past! See, EVIL NEVER DIES.

I can not tell you of my love of Spirit, but here's my story. I also am an ATOM subscriber, so I got the "Spiritual Self-defense" discourses. These things are BLESSINGS FROM GOD/DIVINE SPIRIT, to aid us in our Spiritual quests, growth, and protections into 2000. God grants all Souls the powers but most don't understand them or how to defend self/Soul. And some need more experiences to go out there to the (7) SEVEN Wisdom Temples where only SOUL can be trained, for one must work FROM SOUL LEVELS.

WHENEVER EACH IS READY TO GO BEYOND ASTRAL OR PSYCHIC INTO pure soul, this is where all need to get, eventually! WORKING FROM SOUL! For then all is from the God Force unto Soul or through Soul outward into life and creative works everywhere, thus a greater Love than merely human love starts to work within us. There definitely is a MATRIX!!! SOUL, SOUL, SOUL!

It must be experienced, thus, I have these Music CDs and the Books, by Darwin now I am able to sell and send out wherever someone NEEDS to get one. I do send a copy if someone really can't afford a book or needs it and can't get them. Darwin's got many solutions for so many problems today. Spirit is the answer I found, myself. Though many have their own Religion or Paths, there is nothing more from SOUL TO SOUL, on earth than some of this Master's Works or Music and so-o healing. That's what Spirit does best, heal! You know?

So I have his music CDS too, for sale reasonably. Yes, we are non-profit, but I hope to cover my basic publishing costs of Darwin's items, too. These are fabulous. Did you know? Here in America they play Darwin's music the one called, "Genes of Jazz" at a California hospitals during open heart surgeries. IT'S ALL TRUE!

Currently also, his music is being played during counseling of violent youth, programs and it's working wonders. Basically, Music is the most powerful Force on the planet, for good, positive or for destructive/negative behaviors. It is the Universal language and Darwin of course, gets his from God/Sugmadn directly flowing through for us all. His is directly from SOUL PLAN or GOD and brings every note, a note of love and Healing Love through for other SOULS, each person who listens. A Soul to Soul healing feeling is gotten!

I just mostly want to announce my new Web Page of offerings, to others interested in Spiritual developments and such. So it would Super nice if you can add my URL or page address in your newsletter? Since others of like interests read it. Any SEEKERS looking for more good info, guidance or helpful aids.

I'm posting my info or page at too, and others also. These works are truly here to assist Soul's growing forward, self-protections and Blessings. For others who might be seeking tools of self-helps too. There may only be a few who are ready but I'd like to let them know t's available here. I will be glad to ship any out ASAPly I can.

Sincerely, in Spirit's Light and Sound,
Nancy Krinkey
P.S. You can check out Darwin's music at his Music Web Site, IUMA, or link I've put on my page. It's for every Soul who has or hopes to have true Spiritual experiences, for these are other REAL spiritual planes beyond our physical levels as you know.

Will Third Fatima Prophecy mention ET Visitors?    (view on a separate page)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

We have heard rumors of a forth-coming announcement by Pope John Paul II regarding the presence on earth of extraterrestrial visitors.
We may now have a date.

On May 5, 2000, will be an alignment in Taurus of: the Sun - the Moon - Mercury - Venus - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn: in opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius. Due to the massive ( and so far unrecorded ) gravitational pull of this planetary alignment, there is expected to be massive changes in the physical structure of the earth as well as changes in political, social, and religious structures.
The attached article speaks of such a Papal announcement on May 13, 2000; 8 days following the "Grand Alignment".
Peace In Christ,
Mark Andrews

Forwarded from UFOTruth -

Thanks to Louise Lowry for forwarding this article.
There are rumors that the Third Prophecy mentions ET Visitors along with Earth Changes and the denouement of corrupt Church hierarchy.
- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Thanks to Scott Corrales for this article -


According to Italy's Il Messaggero newspaper, the Pope might disclose the Third Secret of Fatima on May 13th during his visit to the world-famous Portuguese sanctuary to beatify two of the three shepherd-children who witnessed the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary on that day in 1917, and claimed to have spoken with her several times.

The visit has not been formally announced, but Vatican sources indicate that John Paul II is anxiously hoping to do it. A great devotee of the Virgin of Fatima, the Pope believes that it was her divine intercession that saved his life in 1981, when Turkish assassin Mehmet Ali Agca shot him twice in Saint Peter's Square.

A year later, during the Fatima anniversary, the Pope visited the sanctuary and dedicated his bloodstained vestments and one of the bullets removed from his body. During this visit, a deranged Spanish priest tried to kill him with a bayonet, but custodians were able to overpower him.

In 1999, the Church announced the beatification of Jacinta and Francisco, who died during childhood. Standing beside the Pope on the Esplanade of the Fatima Apparitions will be Sor Lucia, the other shepherdess, who still lives.

It was Sor Lucia who wrote the last of the three secrets which, according to the young shepherds, was entrusted to them by the Virgin. The envelope was presented to the Vatican to be read in 1960. Three popes have read the message and decided that it was not to be disclosed to followers worldwide.


The Last War: Chapter Seven    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

{The on-line novel continues, as the Chosen Ones draw closer to each other with every passing day. To read the previous chapters in their sequence, visit Community X: The following chapter is written by me, Aldarow.)

Chapter Seven

Alan Rashbi was looking outside his window at the busy market. This is the exact spot where the merchants of Jerusalem were selling their merchandise for centuries. Now, at the threshold of the 21st century, the merchandise itself has changed, but the noise and the entire atmosphere of the market remained. Jews, Arabs, tourists, new emigrants, cops, soldiers, Hasidim, monks - all were mixed and intermingled in this colorful sea of people. Jerusalem became a Babylon. Does that mean it will fall as well?
Alan turned away from the window. Yesterday he was finally released from the army, after serving almost four years in the Israeli Air Force. During the last months he got even closer to connect the parts of the extremely vast puzzle, the existence of which he was initially hinted in his dreams and trances. There is something going on on both higher and deeper levels of the Israeli paramilitary and certain governmental bodies, a preparation of sorts, the final answer seemed to be within a reach of his hand, and yet it always managed to elude his conclusions. Is this the reason he was so suddenly fired from the army? Did they sense there is a pattern in his interest of the things that extend far beyond his originally assigned job? Was he, as the cliche goes, getting too close? Now whatever sources he has carefully established within the army are terminated for him - he's only a citizen today. Let it be then, he was getting sick of the army anyway. Whatever happens, happens for the best, isn't it one of my mottos, he pondered.
The mysterious preparations aside, there were other lines of the net of the global consciousness that weren't at rest. In fact, MOST of the lines weren't at rest. There were vague yet enormous things moving both under the surface and near the horizon of all events, moving toward each other, moving with a purpose, with a reason, but, exactly like the military conspiracy he ran into, he wasn't able to fully comprehend that purpose. Perhaps, other can... Here it is again, the others!
"I must find you, my allies," Alan faintly whispered, "but how?"
His glance absently fell on a video cassette he rented today. "The Net", it was titled. It was the answer.
Outside, a winter rain began, shyly at first, gently knocking on the glass, other drops pinning the dust and the litter of the old streets of the Holy City. Then the rain was reinforced, as immense and ominous dark clouds were formed above the roofs. Alan returned his attention back to the window... then he blinked and rubbed his eyes in disbelief. For a sole moment it seemed to him that it wasn't raining the cold water of the much delayed winter of 1999-2000. For a moment Alan Rashbi got the impression that it was raining blood.

This is for anyone whom it might make smile...    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Elsie Richards    (all articles by this author)

Many want to know the answer to the unaskable questions. I being me, Nothing and Everything in all, have heard a quite whispered call. Here on this paper I will relay what I have heard, without the show man's delay.

The unborn child will ask, "What shall I be, when I am me?" The reply a faint scent of Lilies upon the waters was clear. You will be a human, my dear.

Now, a tiny voice of a child of 5. "What is keeping me alive?" And with the echo of a Falcons cry, the voice simply said, "Your will, which is your drive is the spirit which keeps you alive."

Time passed and now the child, age 22, asked me "Pray tell me what to do?" "Why is this world the way it is, is this how we are suppose to live?"

The Lion just looked at the forest floor, laughed to himself and let out a roar. He spoke as one who knows, his voice like the wind that blows.

And out of his mouth did I speak to the man, "I will tell you as best as I can. Your will has created everything you see. Lot's of humans keep the thought and it's memory. For if they let go of the thought all you see here would be naught. Life is real and the reality is it's reflection."

These words he did hear but did not understand. I said, "Come with me" and I took his hand. I took him to the Willow tree down by the brook and told him, "In the water look!"

He did as I bade and I asked him, "What do you see?" He flatly replied, "I only see me."

I took a small pebble as smooth a baby bird, tossed it in the water and not a sound was heard.

I told the young man to look at himself and see what he could see. He began to describe the waters clean and clear, the fish who were swimming quite near, the little life in the bottom of that brook. He then looked up at me, as strange as can be. He then said, "Tell me, Old One, what am I to do? Where am I to look?"

The Serpent coiled to stand even with the man in a rattleless crock, he spoke, "Listen well, ye human male. I will tell thee the secret of thy quest. Look not out for your power, but look ye in. Quite thy mind, make it obey. This your answer, ye will have that very day.

The young man now pleased with himself returned to where he had come.

Days, years passed as if whispers in the wind. Then one day later, old and leaning on a cane. He sought me out again. In an old man's voice filled with Death he spoke and said, "I only have one request. Tell me if you can what happens now that my death is at hand."

The Dragon, now advanced in years turned slowly around to see the man once young now standing in tears. In a voice that shook the ground the Dragon said, "You still have not learned, look around!" The man confused made not a sound.

The amused Dragon gave a loud chuckle, then placed one hand upon the ground and the other up to the sky. Laughed with delight and said, "Do you think you die?"

The old man replied in a Death rattle voice, "What else is there to do, when your body is through with you?" The Dragon just smiled and scrapped the ground with his hand and brought it up to the face of the man. With his other hand he sliced the sky, then he slammed his hands together. With this sound the old man thought he was going to die.

The Dragon pleased with himself, kept pressing his hands together until they could no longer touch, he then opened his hand. The old man gasped and said, "Pray tell, what is this for?"

In the Dragon's hand was a tiny sphere, glowing white-blue. The Dragon then sat upon the ground. Held the sphere as if it was something fragile, something dear. The Dragon in a hushed voice, full of love for the sphere, broke the silence and bade the old man to come near.

This he said with a jerk of his head, is you, and me, and everything you see. The old man did not understand what he saw, and understood the words least of all. The Dragon spoke one last time. "We are all of the same, each and everyone. We are all spheres of light, knowing not wrong or right. We are until we decide not to be. What is made in the beginning can not end, for you and I will return again.

The old man suddenly aware, died at that very spot, right there. And at that same moment the Dragon did hear, a new born baby's cry, something so sweet and so dear.

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

"I have to know... I have to know if you were what we were before we became what we are now."
"... No, I am what you would become... if you had been worthy."
- "On the Slab", Harlan Ellison

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