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This is for anyone whom it might make smile...

Author: Elsie Richards    (all articles by this author)
Published on: February 6, 2000

Many want to know the answer to the unaskable questions. I being me, Nothing and Everything in all, have heard a quite whispered call. Here on this paper I will relay what I have heard, without the show man's delay.

The unborn child will ask, "What shall I be, when I am me?" The reply a faint scent of Lilies upon the waters was clear. You will be a human, my dear.

Now, a tiny voice of a child of 5. "What is keeping me alive?" And with the echo of a Falcons cry, the voice simply said, "Your will, which is your drive is the spirit which keeps you alive."

Time passed and now the child, age 22, asked me "Pray tell me what to do?" "Why is this world the way it is, is this how we are suppose to live?"

The Lion just looked at the forest floor, laughed to himself and let out a roar. He spoke as one who knows, his voice like the wind that blows.

And out of his mouth did I speak to the man, "I will tell you as best as I can. Your will has created everything you see. Lot's of humans keep the thought and it's memory. For if they let go of the thought all you see here would be naught. Life is real and the reality is it's reflection."

These words he did hear but did not understand. I said, "Come with me" and I took his hand. I took him to the Willow tree down by the brook and told him, "In the water look!"

He did as I bade and I asked him, "What do you see?" He flatly replied, "I only see me."

I took a small pebble as smooth a baby bird, tossed it in the water and not a sound was heard.

I told the young man to look at himself and see what he could see. He began to describe the waters clean and clear, the fish who were swimming quite near, the little life in the bottom of that brook. He then looked up at me, as strange as can be. He then said, "Tell me, Old One, what am I to do? Where am I to look?"

The Serpent coiled to stand even with the man in a rattleless crock, he spoke, "Listen well, ye human male. I will tell thee the secret of thy quest. Look not out for your power, but look ye in. Quite thy mind, make it obey. This your answer, ye will have that very day.

The young man now pleased with himself returned to where he had come.

Days, years passed as if whispers in the wind. Then one day later, old and leaning on a cane. He sought me out again. In an old man's voice filled with Death he spoke and said, "I only have one request. Tell me if you can what happens now that my death is at hand."

The Dragon, now advanced in years turned slowly around to see the man once young now standing in tears. In a voice that shook the ground the Dragon said, "You still have not learned, look around!" The man confused made not a sound.

The amused Dragon gave a loud chuckle, then placed one hand upon the ground and the other up to the sky. Laughed with delight and said, "Do you think you die?"

The old man replied in a Death rattle voice, "What else is there to do, when your body is through with you?" The Dragon just smiled and scrapped the ground with his hand and brought it up to the face of the man. With his other hand he sliced the sky, then he slammed his hands together. With this sound the old man thought he was going to die.

The Dragon pleased with himself, kept pressing his hands together until they could no longer touch, he then opened his hand. The old man gasped and said, "Pray tell, what is this for?"

In the Dragon's hand was a tiny sphere, glowing white-blue. The Dragon then sat upon the ground. Held the sphere as if it was something fragile, something dear. The Dragon in a hushed voice, full of love for the sphere, broke the silence and bade the old man to come near.

This he said with a jerk of his head, is you, and me, and everything you see. The old man did not understand what he saw, and understood the words least of all. The Dragon spoke one last time. "We are all of the same, each and everyone. We are all spheres of light, knowing not wrong or right. We are until we decide not to be. What is made in the beginning can not end, for you and I will return again.

The old man suddenly aware, died at that very spot, right there. And at that same moment the Dragon did hear, a new born baby's cry, something so sweet and so dear.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #31

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