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Opening Words

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: February 6, 2000

Warm greetings!

Well, after the poetic recess we had last time and my movement to a new apartment, we are back in business. We have prepared yet another variety of articles and messages from our readers, covering the multiplicity of the aspects of spiritual world we live in. By the way, you DO realize that the world around us is spiritual rather than material? That behind the seemingly solid matter there is an energy that can be influenced and directed by merely our thoughts - "Mind Over Matter"? That there is a cosmic consciousness on the sub-atomic level of things - the quantum physics has just recently reached this conclusion, which was already known to the Kabbalah mystics for centuries and millennia? That, although the physical body easily submits to the law of entropy, that it crumbles and fades away after the moment of our death, the core of our being, the SOUL, survives nevertheless, and all of us live on on much higher levels? We are not born merely to carry on your existence for a few decades, establish a family cell and a career, make a few bucks, raise a couple of kids, and than "ashes to ashes". We are brought into this harsh reality to go through this test as winners, to eventually ascend as much more experienced spirits. And if at times the life seems too impossible, the job is unbearable, and the relationship you're in drags you down, holds you back, the partner is abusive and suppressive, and you start to feel as if the walls of this unjust world are closing on you, than I can suggest you the ultimate soUlution:


In addition, I have a small request for you to participate in our prizes-winning contest (the list is below). So far I haven't received enough votes, and the deadline isn't set either. You truly can be our lucky winner ;-)

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #31

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