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Author: Mark E. Wright    (all articles by this author)
Published on: February 6, 2000

God's Children are all Blessed. I wish to send you by regular mail what a Chosen one looks like in his awakened state. Those that are of Kaivalya, the Kingdom of God, as in Rev 22, know that the Light of God is Real. To know a Child of God is to have the knowledge that all Ancient Texts and All Mans Words are all Irenic.

All of the teachings about the Enlightenment and the Emancipation of the Soul and Spirit conclude with the Diadem and the Passing from Death to Life, to the Eternal Kingdom. Those upon this earth have written about this in many aspects and in many ways using metaphorical and mystical exegesis.

A real Enlightened Child of God seeks not wordy admirations, seeks not to exalt himself, seeks not earthly identities, seeks not money, seeks not his own wisdom, seeks not the rationalities that make us all human, nor his position above his beloved divine family. He seeks nothing, and nothing he is without God...

He knows his hands are not of his spirit, he knows his life is as all others. Love is not what is reasoned or gratitudial, its love as is. The Awakened Spirit is detached from this earth, knowing his " Divine Personage." The Divinity is revealed and the Mueomai is welcomed into the Mysteries of God, by God's Hands...

He knows all ancient writings before he sees them, and knows all writings after them... His humility is that of complete surrender and silence and rest. The Emancipated is Opened, the breaking of the Seals. For the Book of Life is the Bible. He is revealed the Light, the Face of God, the Trinity, Rebirth, The Spirit of God, The City of Jerusalem, Zion, with the Rapture, and the Sealing of the Throne of God. Heaven, Hell and Earth are Shown.

He knows that all things are for the good of this world. He also knows all about those of this world and of other dimensions. Many Ancient texts, contain religiosity's as encumbrances for mankind to realize these walls were built by them. He knows that all want reconciliations and mankind has never been without God's Guidance. He understands that man would encompass his own pluralism of unity and peace.

The Chosen carries the Rising of the Sun, and the Light of God and of the Lamb, and is Sealed with the Mark of the Lamb of God. From the Tribe of Judah. The Regality of Christ, the Lion and the Lamb. He loves all of this 7th Earth recognizes all and knows his Father Voice. He knows that those who do have a awakening experience will believe they are Christ, proclaim, to be his 2nd Advent, announced their Proclamations, and render their writings as the present digest.

Which they always do. They all drink of the Water of life then go off on their missions, and forgetting to not stop along the Tree of Life. A follower of God knows that God is Real, and that all are Perfect in His Eyes. A real follower of God doesn't claim anything. He knows he is of the Father.

If you want to know what a Child of God looks like look all around us for the beauty has always been right in front of everyone. God loves His Children very much...

God Bless Thy Children!

Mark E. Wright

Mark E. Wright

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #31

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