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Today's Mail: Richard Harter, Layhlac, Doug Lewis

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Published on: February 6, 2000

Last night... well actually for the past five or six nights I have been dreaming rather vividly/lucidly. Quite a feat, if I do say so myself. But last night I had an extremely strange one. I only remember bits and pieces of it, but I/or someone else was in a dimly lit room laying on a table there were two attendants in this room also. When I/whoever it was came too, the attendants became hostile, and I want to say I killed them out of self-preservation, but the dream is hazy in my mind. That is not the weird part.

My alarm clock woke me up, but just as quickly my hand hit the snooze button. I was sitting on the porch of the house I will always call home with, I can only speculate, was my father (passed on 13 years ago). We were on the porch, a fire truck pulled up. Two blocks down I saw a flag being raised on a tree. I "knew" it was a Chinese flag. But all I remember was moon and a star. Then it happened. A bright flash of light and then a large rumbling. I felt my physical body rumbling while I was dreaming. I tipped a beer to my father and said "Well, here we go", then an intense burning and wouldn't you know it my alarm woke me up again.

This happened Friday morning about 7:00 EST. When I read :

"It appears that as if I dreamt of them before, and I was also prophesied about an atomic bomb (that is supposed to go off / be dropped?)" [issue # 29 - remark by Aldarow]

I felt the shivers run up my back...

Just had to share that one with you...

Keep up the good work and may love and light follow you all the days of your life!

Richard Harter


Hi, Alex:

Last night, I dreamt about a rectangular blue, red and white sign, with several abbreviations and red dots in the four corners and containing the word "WARNING" (flashing on an off), which practically attacked me. When I see something like that, I've got like a small bell that rings inside of me and alerts all of my senses. I realized that I was dreaming and told myself that I had to find out what that meant, but the only thing I saw were the words "Natural Disaster." After this I sensed two earthquakes, and also wind and snow.

Because of the size of the sign and considering that it was a very abrupt vision, I think that it could be a very harmful disaster. Apart from the fact that I woke up three times and every single time I went back to sleep, I saw a smaller warning sign.

Have you, by any chance, seen/dreamt or someone else has told you about a very damaging natural disaster coming?

Peace be with you

Layhlac (Layla)


Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (01/21/00)

(Dedicated to my friend Tania)

What is true reality?

A timeless, seductively simple question. I am a fool to think I can answer it, so I won't.

What is NOT true reality? This is also a simple question, a question I am prepared to answer foolishly.

If I cannot sense it, see it, touch it, feel it, smell it, taste it, understand it, visualize or imagine it -- then it is not ANY kind of reality for me at that exact moment.

If I can do any one of the above to IT, then IT is truly reality for me at that exact moment.

What then could true reality be?? Hmmmmm.


In Oneness, for we are all a mothers child.

Respectfully submitted by Doug Lewis,

(a.k.a) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends? * VBS *

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #31

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