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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #47

October 27, 2000

1. Opening Words: Mind-Control Society - and Children - Alexander Aldarow
2. The Healing Mind And Heart: Part One - Mark Andrews
3. The Voice Of Spirit vs The Voice Of Ego - Lady Isis
4. A Flock Of Words Flew Over My Head - Doug Lewis
5. Debbie's Karma - Rene
6. The Ceremony - Gabrielle Thao
7. Nostradamus Prophecy - Mark Andrews

Opening Words: Mind-Control Society - and Children    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Has anyone seen the movie "American History X"? Basically, it's about a gang of neo-Nazis in today's America. A very strong movie, with a powerful message. One of the things I saw in it was the youth, having no real purpose, goal or direction in their lives, decide to blame the other races for their own problems. Every frustration, every anger and unexpressed hatred that accumulated in their chaotic minds and souls, all of it was thrown out onto people who dared to see the world differently. Not taking responsibility for the course of their lives, they preferred the racist "final solution."

This is also one - not the only one, but one - of the aspects seen in today's Arab-Israel conflict. Palestinian leaders did not bother to create for their subjects decent places for work, normal education, stable economics, establish social values. Instead, they gave orders to direct the confusion toward the nearest different one, toward the perpetual, ever-conquering enemy - the Jews. Hence, the most violent outbreak in our region since 1973.

The real horror is - what if someone wakes up one morning and does not find "a different one" near him to attack and blame, someone who worships God differently, someone with different traditions, history and accent? What then? Who is there now to serve as a punching back, to lash out your uncontrolled emotions and confusion?

The movie did influence me. After I've seen it, I went to sleep and saw a dream I'd like to share.

It was a Nazi-like society I was in - and everyone was under a total mind-control. People, regular, familiar people, walking up and down wide stairs, with blank minds, each holding a stick - a weapon to beat up those with no sticks. I, however, was perfectly conscious, clear mind, did not feel the influence of the mind-controller. Nonetheless, I picked up a stick, to pretend being one of the "zombie" people. The stick was broken - so I lied, telling I broke it over someone's back. And then I just took off from that place.

I ran and I ran...

And I reached another place, and it wasn't something that belonged to my ordinary subconscious fantasy. It was something like an enchanted forest, or a park, such a... such a wonderful place. And there, I met the children. It was the place of the future. Children always symbolize the future, and they were happy and free denizens of that miraculous plane.

I think the dream ended with me leading them to end that previous, negative world. But, as I write this, another thought grabbed me - what if BOTH places represent alternative futures?! The woods of wonder and utter joy - or the grim building where the mob with the sticks marches... What's even more terrifying, is that children's place was "out there", while the Nazi place apparently resided in my subconsciousness, as it had the sense of familiarity.

I am not closing this with any distinct conclusion. We have assembled a wonderful edition of Project X Newsletter this time - please, enjoy and pass it on.

The Healing Mind And Heart: Part One    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Part One
"Change the Mind, Change the Body."

"Peace + Balance + Love + Joy = Health"

There are many mental / spiritual techniques that can be applied to advance and maintain health. Drawing from a variety of sources, I would like to share several methods for activating our mental and spiritual energies which I have found most helpful for the healing and well being of self and others.
What we believe about ourselves and the universe around (and within) us is the most important element in our state of wholeness.

Twelve Basic Concepts Of Health And Wholeness

1.) The Universe is a singular, conscious, living Being. All life is One. We are One with the wholeness of The Universe.

2.) Your created, natural state of being is:

Perfect Health
Perfect Wholeness
Perfect Joy.

This is your birth-right as an extension and child of God; the I AM Consciousness of The One / The All.

3.) The wellness of one is directly connected to the wellness of all, and to the infinite supply of perfectly restorative energies that are freely available at all times through God: The Source / The One / The All.

4.) In exactly the same process by which God created The Universe, energies follow a process to become tangible matter. All energy comes forth from Universal Spirit Consciousness in the form of WILL, which takes the form of THOUGHTS to shape MENTAL IMAGES, which are projected into the 3 Dimensional reality through MENTAL IMAGERY, WORDS, and EMOTIONS to solidify in a lower vibrational frequency become the physical MATTER of our 3 Dimensional bodies, and of our world.

WILL becomes THOUGHT becomes MENTAL IMAGE projected across dimensional frequencies to become WORDS and EMOTIONS which solidify into MATTER; in perfect reflection of the original WILL.
This process works as flawlessly as the image of a form reflected in a mirror. The Creative Process is constantly creating, maintaining, and recreating The Universe and all life. The same Creative Process that brought all of Time / Space into being exists equally within each individual, and is likewise (and at every second) creating, sustaining, and recreating each individual form.

We are co-creators with God.

The Creative Process is like "The Force" in Star Wars - "which both CONTROLS and OBEYS."

I don't have a mind. -
You don't have a mind. -
MIND has us.

It's not mind OVER matter that changes the physical form of reality; it's MIND WITHIN matter.

5.) All is connected to and by The One. Each person is part of The All -The One:

One Spirit
One Consciousness
One Mind
One Will
One Heart
One Body

What is true in respect to the infinite, recreative energies of The Universe is equally true within each individual, and directly interconnected; one WITHIN the other.

6.) The Universe exists as much within you as it does outside of you.

7.) SPACE and TIME are two facets of the same perceptual phenomena.

SPACE is the solid form of TIME.
TIME is the liquid form of SPACE.

All of Space and Time exist simultaneously, and can be accessed through the Space/Time mental expansions of an individual's will. Energies can be brought to heal and affect the "here and now" from any point in Space/Time.

8.) Health is the reflection of balance. The state of the physical body is a perfect reflection of the state of the individual's Spiritual / Mental / Emotional balance and health.

"As above, so below"
"As within, so without"

In order to fully re-balance (heal) the physical body, it is first necessary to re-balance any imbalances within the individual's Spirit / Mind / Emotions.
The primary elements that re-balance the "Higher Self" are those of:


When these elements are consistently applied to the individual's life from their conscious will, their physical form will reflect the greater wholeness of the Higher Self.
It is as necessary to love, accept, and forgive yourself (as well as others) in order to be completely free of any blockages to the flow of energies from God / The Universe / The Higher Self.

9.) Each of your approximately 5,000,000,000,000 body cells exists with its own consciousness and awareness. Each of the cell's consciousness is directly connected to your whole consciousness, including The Universal Consciousness.
The will of the individual cell consciousness, emotional state and health will always perfectly reflect YOUR Will / Consciousness / Emotional State.

10.) All physical matter is ENERGY. Energy is a state of Creative MENTAL (thought) projection. The physical body is comprised of conscious thought / energy, vibrating at a subservient level in reflection of the individual's wholeness as they WILL to REFLECT the WHOLENESS of The Universe.

What the mind believes, the body lives.

11.) Individual Will / Consciousness is fully connected to Universal Will / Consciousness. When Universal and individual Will / Consciousness are One, this oneness is reflected as PEACE, ACCEPTANCE, and a sense and state of WELL BEING in the individual, which is reflected as mental / emotional / physical (balance) health.

12.) We function in the physical world in harmony to - and in sympathetic vibration with - the 3 Dimensional elements around us:

Spirit / Consciousness = FIRE
Thought / Imagination = AIR
Emotions = WATER
Material body = EARTH

With the application of Creative Visualization, we can effect over-all wholeness through a sympathetic fine-tuning of Universal Elements.

FIRE warms AIR
AIR feeds FIRE
EARTH supports WATER

(More to follow)

The Voice Of Spirit vs The Voice Of Ego    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)

How do you know in your search for truth if it comes from the Ego or the Spirit? The following lists are those given to me as guidelines: The voice of the ego; flatters, commands, demands, tests, chooses for you, imprisons, promotes dependency, intrudes, pushes, excludes, is status-oriented, insists on obedience, often claims ultimate authority, offers shortcuts, seeks personal gratification.


The voice of the Spirit; informs, suggests, guides, nudges, leaves choice to you, empowers, promotes independence, respects, supports, includes, is free and open, encourages growth and development, recognizes a higher power, offers integration, affirms Divine Order along with the good of the Whole, sees unity in all things, speaks love, peace and harmony.

If you wish to know if information given is true or not, ask how this information feels to you, and see between the lines of information given not just the words written. For much false information is coming through channels today from various levels and this may or may not be known by the one putting forth this information.

Many have gone into channeling with good intentions but due to not being trained properly or made aware of the dangers, or being over eager, they have opened themselves to levels to be used by those who wished to send misinformation. Some have even gone insane, some committed suicide and still others have been possessed, since the channeling craze started. I cannot stress strongly enough this is not a game to be played, it is a two-edged sword - it can bring much enlightenment, much joy and spiritual growth, it can be used to be of service to others if done properly; and the other side is it can destroy, it can bring pain and suffering and can wreak havoc upon the lives of those involved.

I get questions asking how to to know what is speaking to you when you channel/speak to someone from beyond yourself. Always, but always, be very discerning in not only what you read and hear and even see, but in what you do, think and accept.

NO CHANNEL IS PERFECT AND THIS INCLUDES ME, and if any channel disavows this, they are only fooling themselves. EVERYONE THAT CHANNELS CAN HAVE MESSAGES INTERFERED WITH - TAKE NOTHING OR NO ONE FOR GRANTED. The reason for this does not necessarily have to do with the one channeling, but can be due to the clarity of the information after it reaches this dimension and the one receiving it. Personal beliefs also play a part in the reception of the messages. Are you open-minded or are you blocking what is being received? It is likened unto any electronic medium - and information is energy - electromagnetic energy. Just as your television, radio, telephone - satellites can become interfered with due to atmospherical changes - so can the information from the various dimensions become garbled. BECOME AWARE!

Lady Isis
Visit my web sites at:
T.O.T.A.L. -
The Circle Of Light -

A Flock Of Words Flew Over My Head    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Reference: ?Brain Wave Diary? (10/14/00)

You came into your world in a drastic fashion. Ready or not, into it you came, hard, fast and unceremoniously. Without thinking, you took charge and willing servants came running at your every beck and call. Your every want and need, (albeit it few), were accommodated for on demand, truly it was your world and they hove to it.

You had the advantage of them for you knew no different. If you were hungry, tired, thirsty or uncomfortable you gave the word and it was taken care off. Nourishment of a warming kind tended your soul need, warm safe, snuggled and cuddled you reveled in the asked attention. Selfish through instinct you demanded your need and were catered. This then was truly your world and it was good.

From their worldview you were helpless, useless, adorable and precious. You did not know or even care that this was so. You were fresh, clean and devoid of conjecture, you were trust personified. Knowing only the world is yours you were supreme commander. No ?if?, ?and? or ?but? about it ? you were supreme, you were the center of your world and cared not why.

Kitten, puppy or human child, distinction is slight at birth. You just were and knew only the bootstrap program ? demand and get, why not? There is only your world and everything in it is yours for the asking - all the better it worked as it must. For the human child owning one's own world is a cinch, it needs little in it to have all needs met. My, how satisfying to have selected the perfect entourage, responsive and accommodating in every way.

If only I could have avoided growing up, I would be innocent of the knowledge of impending death.

I could have gone on wringing goodness from each minute of now. Un-preoccupied by conjectured future, I could have relished the certainty of endless ?now?, no end in sight. No reason for conjecture, planning, scheduling or waiting until a better time. No fruitless hoarding, scheming, warring - oblivious to impossibility.

Like you, I have been had.

They told me how it is, should be and will be. They even showed me evidence.

Slowly but surely my world was stolen, things entered without asking or courtesy. Things of no sense at all, war, misery, greed, avarice, brutality, others nonsensical contrivances, others preference, slowly but surely my world was impeached and I did not know to refuse. I somehow forgot I was supreme commander of my world and was drawn into others worlds.

How sad.

I have grown up now and can say with confidence, ?I want my world back!? My world need not have unwanted things, it can be filled with laughter, light, love and joy. It can populate with invited guests, jolly guests with verve and zest, it can have everything of the very, very best.

I may even dance on the moon!

If my world has no war, and your world has no war ? there will be no war. Without the word there can be no occurrence.

Many words will go from my world ? how about yours?

Hey, look! A flock of words just flew over my head, they headed south, me? To bed!


Note - This piece was inspired by a line from a poem by a very good friend and perfect stranger, Terrie Osborn ***A flock of words flew over my head *** who graciously allowed my use of it. Thank you Terrie ~(WW)~

Doug (AkA) WaveWarrior

Debbie's Karma    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Rene    (all articles by this author)

The gift of knowing, but not enough to help. All my life I have been able to feel things about people, sometimes I get feelings of people I can't quite understand as in this.

I worked with Debbie for awhile. Every time she came near me I would get an awful feeling in my stomach (gut). I knew it was something deep but I couldn't get it. I wish I did sooner, but this is what happened. One day two years ago I had a day off. Debbie was working, I went about the normal day cleaning, etc. Well, I was cooking dinner, and everything just blurred together, I sat down for a minute. I thought I just did too much, then when my husband and I sat down to eat, it happened again. This was at 7:00 p.m. This time it felt like someone just dumped hot boiling water on the back of my head. I stood up from the table and said, "something bad is going to happen tonight". I couldn't finish dinner, so I got a towel and laid down on the couch. I put the towel over my eyes. There was a knock on the door about 20 minutes after this episode, it was my brother and he said "Rene, thank god, you're o.k.".

I said, "why did you say that??"

He said, "Your store has been robbed and Debbie has been shot."

Of course I was in a panic! I wanted to know when if she is alive, everything. I went to my store where she had been taken "Life Flight" to the hospital. She had been shot at the exact time I felt the hot water on my head. The more interesting part is she flatlined three times and still she survived. When I went to the hospital to see her she told me I was there, with her?? I have felt bad about that to this day because if I have a gift of knowing, WHY couldn't I prevent it? She is OK now, lost a third of her lung just because some evil soul felt the right to take her life and all for a small amount of money. Sometimes I think it is karma. She had a debt to pay. When I went to see her at her house after she came home, something made me say to her, "your debt is paid in full", she just smiled and said I know :-). She has changed in a way, she is full of love and peace. She also has forgiven the soul that did it to her. She says, "I forgive him, but he needs help." As long as I live I will NEVER forget that night because I couldn't help or stop it.


The Ceremony    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Gabrielle Thao    (all articles by this author)

My awaiting anticipation exploded into rising flames of passion as I hesitated the beginning of a ceremony that has transcended my life's testimony into a new revelation of mystery. It all began with a great knowing, a longing for freedom, and a couple of "old" friends whose presence and advice was just more than a feeling of trust, serenity, and security. Much knowledge clouded in absolute mystery, my mind's comprehension was expanded beyond the meaning and definitions of words and science, stretched in a black shroud of mysticality.

Wandering about on the different planes of existence, the realms of the real and unreal, my mind traveled in its long search to regain its forgotten truth, a knowing, a deeper heartbeat that came from the abyssal chained cage which held the knowledge in a great attempt of torture and misery. An indescribable feeling in which my soul surrendered to, whispered into my mind's ear, leading, forging a path into the subconsciousness of limbo and eternity on a small, thin chain of silken thread made of silver spider silk; flexible, smooth, soft, stretchable, yet still breakable at even the slightest whim. A knowing, a feeling of deja vu, a reminiscence of my inner soul calling, pleading from an untouchable depth deep within. This knowing was a distress call that wreaked havoc on my mind's emotions, sending it haywire, lost and confused until it can be reached. This knowing led my mind into the mysteries of the unknown on an unstoppable search for one thing, the TRUTH.

Freedom also led me on a string of despair. Craving for freedom; for my own being, an innocence that I was denied at birth, I sought it out with RELIGION. GOD, great and powerful, yet weak through endless love, stood ignorantly at the base of his golden throne while I SUFFERED. Suffered, tortured, and rigged of all life, of the very essence of my soul, he stared, keeping me bounded in bondage; a destiny, a fate that I cannot escape. Wanting freedom I struggle, struggled and prayed to all and none in last attempts of what little chance of victory that I might have. FREEDOM MOCKED ME, drove my mind insane as I constantly searched blindly in the dark. My quest of freedom; freedom from bondage, from religion, from life; which led me to an absolution that was never intended, an absolution of torment and pain in which I've never felt before forced me into this state of confusion that I am in now.

Memories flooded my mind as faces became more and more apparent and recognizable. Old friends popped up from the past, present, future, and beyond any mortals comprehension of the limitless universe, came to me in desperate attempts in giving useful advice; pushed and squeezed my mind into a crazy, blood-hungry driven animal that preyed upon the weak in the shadows of the night. "You must be strong." They told me, "You must NEVER give up hope, never give up faith." So far I haven't. My fragile soul, so gullible to all that it is exposed to believes in a higher truth. A dragon of blue and white, beautiful yet fierce in his protectiveness, a guardian and a friend of the past hundreds of millenniums kept me alive. Millions of around the world supported my cause, pressured me into this because I was one of the last ones. Even so, what risks do I lose or gain if I listened to the advice of the "old"? Gray hair matters but little to this "old" soul who has the power, knowledge, and gift herself; yet, such a cause is and maybe worth the reaping rewards of listening to them. Friends are forever. My interest of the MYSTERIES was developed by none other than my own guide.

So here I am on the brink of insanity, of will powerlessness, of the truth; the ceremony has begun. I raised the head high above my own and bellowed in a voice that shook the earth. "To the rights, wills, and loves of all. To Freedom and peace. For a cause worthy of me and all others; the heavens and the earth may soon come to realize that I AM the one... for all that is, all that will be, and all that was; accept this sacrifice as a gift for the many labors that you and I have endured. Accept this as a token of my truthfulness, of my honor, my bestowed gifts, and of all that was given up!" The heavens roared and lightning struck in a electric display of infernal rage. I slammed the head down into the cement, wet and bloody marked by the blood of the sacrificed, marked in a pagan pentagram. The head shattered into a million pieces, and in that instant, it was gone. Nothing more but ashes and dust, nothing more than an image of the past, an image that will soon be forgotten. With this destroyed, I regained my freedom, I LIVED again. Deeper knowing from my soul vanished, unbounded and freed from chains, advice from wise ones listened to; I have defeated EVIL. I really am what my destiny says; I am not the messiah, nor the messenger, but just a CHOSEN ONE.

Gabrielle Thao

Nostradamus Prophecy    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Fighting "fire" with "water".

Now is the time to focus all of our spiritual and prayer energies for peace in the Middle East and around the world.

There is a very chilling prediction from the quatrains of Nostradamus that most likely describes a biological terrorist attack against New York City, involving the city's water supply.
Nostradamus himself said many times that his predictions were not absolute, and that their outcomes could be changed through prayer and positive effects.

I will quote the prediction as closely as I can remember:

"Garden spot of the world,
In the way of the man-made mountains,
Shall be seized upon and forced to drink bitter water.
The great city shall be utterly deserted.
Not a single soul shall remain."

New Jersey is known as the "Garden State", the man-made mountains are a clear reference to Manhattan's sky-scrapers.
Perhaps, some biological agent is put in a reservoir near the New York / New Jersey state line near the George Washington Bridge.

It would seem that such an incident could easily be a retaliation for U.S. support of Israel in the current Middle East crisis.
It is interesting that the "flash-point" (the killing of 3 Israeli soldiers) happened as the moon became full in the sign of Aries. (The sign of war and impulsive actions.)
This happens only once a year when the Sun is in the sign of Libra (peace, balance, harmony) The two signs are at opposite sides of the equatorial zodiac. Aries is a fire sign. The hostilities now raging are somewhat like a spreading forest fire. - Something that has become a very familiar sight to US television viewers.
As we pray for peace, we can use creative visualization to reinforce our prayers by visualizing a gentle "rain" of Divine mercy and tranquility descending on the whole Middle East region and extinguishing the flames. Water is a dream symbol for spirit.
Let's use the power of prayer and visualization to enforce peace and healing energies in the Middle East, in the U.S., and through all of the world.

Salam / Shalom

Mark Andrews

(Please forward this message as you feel lead.)

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