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The Voice Of Spirit vs The Voice Of Ego

Author: Lady Isis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 27, 2000

How do you know in your search for truth if it comes from the Ego or the Spirit? The following lists are those given to me as guidelines: The voice of the ego; flatters, commands, demands, tests, chooses for you, imprisons, promotes dependency, intrudes, pushes, excludes, is status-oriented, insists on obedience, often claims ultimate authority, offers shortcuts, seeks personal gratification.




The voice of the Spirit; informs, suggests, guides, nudges, leaves choice to you, empowers, promotes independence, respects, supports, includes, is free and open, encourages growth and development, recognizes a higher power, offers integration, affirms Divine Order along with the good of the Whole, sees unity in all things, speaks love, peace and harmony.

If you wish to know if information given is true or not, ask how this information feels to you, and see between the lines of information given not just the words written. For much false information is coming through channels today from various levels and this may or may not be known by the one putting forth this information.

Many have gone into channeling with good intentions but due to not being trained properly or made aware of the dangers, or being over eager, they have opened themselves to levels to be used by those who wished to send misinformation. Some have even gone insane, some committed suicide and still others have been possessed, since the channeling craze started. I cannot stress strongly enough this is not a game to be played, it is a two-edged sword - it can bring much enlightenment, much joy and spiritual growth, it can be used to be of service to others if done properly; and the other side is it can destroy, it can bring pain and suffering and can wreak havoc upon the lives of those involved.

I get questions asking how to to know what is speaking to you when you channel/speak to someone from beyond yourself. Always, but always, be very discerning in not only what you read and hear and even see, but in what you do, think and accept.

NO CHANNEL IS PERFECT AND THIS INCLUDES ME, and if any channel disavows this, they are only fooling themselves. EVERYONE THAT CHANNELS CAN HAVE MESSAGES INTERFERED WITH - TAKE NOTHING OR NO ONE FOR GRANTED. The reason for this does not necessarily have to do with the one channeling, but can be due to the clarity of the information after it reaches this dimension and the one receiving it. Personal beliefs also play a part in the reception of the messages. Are you open-minded or are you blocking what is being received? It is likened unto any electronic medium - and information is energy - electromagnetic energy. Just as your television, radio, telephone - satellites can become interfered with due to atmospherical changes - so can the information from the various dimensions become garbled. BECOME AWARE!


Lady Isis


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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #47

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