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The Healing Mind And Heart: Part One

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 27, 2000

Part One

"Change the Mind, Change the Body."

"Peace + Balance + Love + Joy = Health"

There are many mental / spiritual techniques that can be applied to advance and maintain health. Drawing from a variety of sources, I would like to share several methods for activating our mental and spiritual energies which I have found most helpful for the healing and well being of self and others.

What we believe about ourselves and the universe around (and within) us is the most important element in our state of wholeness.

Twelve Basic Concepts Of Health And Wholeness

1.) The Universe is a singular, conscious, living Being. All life is One. We are One with the wholeness of The Universe.

2.) Your created, natural state of being is:

Perfect Health

Perfect Wholeness

Perfect Joy.

This is your birth-right as an extension and child of God; the I AM Consciousness of The One / The All.

3.) The wellness of one is directly connected to the wellness of all, and to the infinite supply of perfectly restorative energies that are freely available at all times through God: The Source / The One / The All.

4.) In exactly the same process by which God created The Universe, energies follow a process to become tangible matter. All energy comes forth from Universal Spirit Consciousness in the form of WILL, which takes the form of THOUGHTS to shape MENTAL IMAGES, which are projected into the 3 Dimensional reality through MENTAL IMAGERY, WORDS, and EMOTIONS to solidify in a lower vibrational frequency become the physical MATTER of our 3 Dimensional bodies, and of our world.

WILL becomes THOUGHT becomes MENTAL IMAGE projected across dimensional frequencies to become WORDS and EMOTIONS which solidify into MATTER; in perfect reflection of the original WILL.

This process works as flawlessly as the image of a form reflected in a mirror. The Creative Process is constantly creating, maintaining, and recreating The Universe and all life. The same Creative Process that brought all of Time / Space into being exists equally within each individual, and is likewise (and at every second) creating, sustaining, and recreating each individual form.

We are co-creators with God.

The Creative Process is like "The Force" in Star Wars - "which both CONTROLS and OBEYS."

I don't have a mind. -

You don't have a mind. -

MIND has us.

It's not mind OVER matter that changes the physical form of reality; it's MIND WITHIN matter.

5.) All is connected to and by The One. Each person is part of The All -The One:

One Spirit

One Consciousness

One Mind

One Will

One Heart

One Body

What is true in respect to the infinite, recreative energies of The Universe is equally true within each individual, and directly interconnected; one WITHIN the other.

6.) The Universe exists as much within you as it does outside of you.

7.) SPACE and TIME are two facets of the same perceptual phenomena.

SPACE is the solid form of TIME.

TIME is the liquid form of SPACE.

All of Space and Time exist simultaneously, and can be accessed through the Space/Time mental expansions of an individual's will. Energies can be brought to heal and affect the "here and now" from any point in Space/Time.

8.) Health is the reflection of balance. The state of the physical body is a perfect reflection of the state of the individual's Spiritual / Mental / Emotional balance and health.

"As above, so below"

"As within, so without"

In order to fully re-balance (heal) the physical body, it is first necessary to re-balance any imbalances within the individual's Spirit / Mind / Emotions.

The primary elements that re-balance the "Higher Self" are those of:





When these elements are consistently applied to the individual's life from their conscious will, their physical form will reflect the greater wholeness of the Higher Self.

It is as necessary to love, accept, and forgive yourself (as well as others) in order to be completely free of any blockages to the flow of energies from God / The Universe / The Higher Self.

9.) Each of your approximately 5,000,000,000,000 body cells exists with its own consciousness and awareness. Each of the cell's consciousness is directly connected to your whole consciousness, including The Universal Consciousness.

The will of the individual cell consciousness, emotional state and health will always perfectly reflect YOUR Will / Consciousness / Emotional State.

10.) All physical matter is ENERGY. Energy is a state of Creative MENTAL (thought) projection. The physical body is comprised of conscious thought / energy, vibrating at a subservient level in reflection of the individual's wholeness as they WILL to REFLECT the WHOLENESS of The Universe.

What the mind believes, the body lives.

11.) Individual Will / Consciousness is fully connected to Universal Will / Consciousness. When Universal and individual Will / Consciousness are One, this oneness is reflected as PEACE, ACCEPTANCE, and a sense and state of WELL BEING in the individual, which is reflected as mental / emotional / physical (balance) health.

12.) We function in the physical world in harmony to - and in sympathetic vibration with - the 3 Dimensional elements around us:

Spirit / Consciousness = FIRE

Thought / Imagination = AIR

Emotions = WATER

Material body = EARTH

With the application of Creative Visualization, we can effect over-all wholeness through a sympathetic fine-tuning of Universal Elements.

FIRE warms AIR


AIR feeds FIRE

EARTH supports WATER

(More to follow)

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #47

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