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Opening Words: Mind-Control Society - and Children

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 27, 2000

Has anyone seen the movie "American History X"? Basically, it's about a gang of neo-Nazis in today's America. A very strong movie, with a powerful message. One of the things I saw in it was the youth, having no real purpose, goal or direction in their lives, decide to blame the other races for their own problems. Every frustration, every anger and unexpressed hatred that accumulated in their chaotic minds and souls, all of it was thrown out onto people who dared to see the world differently. Not taking responsibility for the course of their lives, they preferred the racist "final solution."

This is also one - not the only one, but one - of the aspects seen in today's Arab-Israel conflict. Palestinian leaders did not bother to create for their subjects decent places for work, normal education, stable economics, establish social values. Instead, they gave orders to direct the confusion toward the nearest different one, toward the perpetual, ever-conquering enemy - the Jews. Hence, the most violent outbreak in our region since 1973.

The real horror is - what if someone wakes up one morning and does not find "a different one" near him to attack and blame, someone who worships God differently, someone with different traditions, history and accent? What then? Who is there now to serve as a punching back, to lash out your uncontrolled emotions and confusion?

The movie did influence me. After I've seen it, I went to sleep and saw a dream I'd like to share.

It was a Nazi-like society I was in - and everyone was under a total mind-control. People, regular, familiar people, walking up and down wide stairs, with blank minds, each holding a stick - a weapon to beat up those with no sticks. I, however, was perfectly conscious, clear mind, did not feel the influence of the mind-controller. Nonetheless, I picked up a stick, to pretend being one of the "zombie" people. The stick was broken - so I lied, telling I broke it over someone's back. And then I just took off from that place.

I ran and I ran...

And I reached another place, and it wasn't something that belonged to my ordinary subconscious fantasy. It was something like an enchanted forest, or a park, such a... such a wonderful place. And there, I met the children. It was the place of the future. Children always symbolize the future, and they were happy and free denizens of that miraculous plane.

I think the dream ended with me leading them to end that previous, negative world. But, as I write this, another thought grabbed me - what if BOTH places represent alternative futures?! The woods of wonder and utter joy - or the grim building where the mob with the sticks marches... What's even more terrifying, is that children's place was "out there", while the Nazi place apparently resided in my subconsciousness, as it had the sense of familiarity.

I am not closing this with any distinct conclusion. We have assembled a wonderful edition of Project X Newsletter this time - please, enjoy and pass it on.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #47

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