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A Flock Of Words Flew Over My Head

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: October 27, 2000

Reference: ?Brain Wave Diary? (10/14/00)

You came into your world in a drastic fashion. Ready or not, into it you came, hard, fast and unceremoniously. Without thinking, you took charge and willing servants came running at your every beck and call. Your every want and need, (albeit it few), were accommodated for on demand, truly it was your world and they hove to it.

You had the advantage of them for you knew no different. If you were hungry, tired, thirsty or uncomfortable you gave the word and it was taken care off. Nourishment of a warming kind tended your soul need, warm safe, snuggled and cuddled you reveled in the asked attention. Selfish through instinct you demanded your need and were catered. This then was truly your world and it was good.

From their worldview you were helpless, useless, adorable and precious. You did not know or even care that this was so. You were fresh, clean and devoid of conjecture, you were trust personified. Knowing only the world is yours you were supreme commander. No ?if?, ?and? or ?but? about it ? you were supreme, you were the center of your world and cared not why.

Kitten, puppy or human child, distinction is slight at birth. You just were and knew only the bootstrap program ? demand and get, why not? There is only your world and everything in it is yours for the asking - all the better it worked as it must. For the human child owning one's own world is a cinch, it needs little in it to have all needs met. My, how satisfying to have selected the perfect entourage, responsive and accommodating in every way.

If only I could have avoided growing up, I would be innocent of the knowledge of impending death.

I could have gone on wringing goodness from each minute of now. Un-preoccupied by conjectured future, I could have relished the certainty of endless ?now?, no end in sight. No reason for conjecture, planning, scheduling or waiting until a better time. No fruitless hoarding, scheming, warring - oblivious to impossibility.

Like you, I have been had.

They told me how it is, should be and will be. They even showed me evidence.

Slowly but surely my world was stolen, things entered without asking or courtesy. Things of no sense at all, war, misery, greed, avarice, brutality, others nonsensical contrivances, others preference, slowly but surely my world was impeached and I did not know to refuse. I somehow forgot I was supreme commander of my world and was drawn into others worlds.

How sad.

I have grown up now and can say with confidence, ?I want my world back!? My world need not have unwanted things, it can be filled with laughter, light, love and joy. It can populate with invited guests, jolly guests with verve and zest, it can have everything of the very, very best.

I may even dance on the moon!

If my world has no war, and your world has no war ? there will be no war. Without the word there can be no occurrence.

Many words will go from my world ? how about yours?

Hey, look! A flock of words just flew over my head, they headed south, me? To bed!


Note - This piece was inspired by a line from a poem by a very good friend and perfect stranger, Terrie Osborn ***A flock of words flew over my head *** who graciously allowed my use of it. Thank you Terrie ~(WW)~

Doug (AkA) WaveWarrior

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #47

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