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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #33

March 8, 2000

1. Opening Words: Visiting Heaven and Hell again - Alexander Aldarow
2. The New Age Poetry Contest - Alexander Aldarow
3. Personal Destiny - Doug Lewis
4. A Dream of the Five - Milkman
5. Gislenne's Vision - Gislenne
6. A Message to The Elect, The Chosen - Elijah
7. Angelic SWAT response: A True Story - Mark Andrews
8. New column: Our Photo Gallery - Alexander Aldarow
9. The Last War: Chapter Nine - Lady Tia
10. Closing Words

Opening Words: Visiting Heaven and Hell again    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Good evening. This is the voice of Project X. In the next hour we will take you with us into a wonderful journey of divine experience, of visions, dreams, angels and changing one's destiny. Take a deep breath and relax. Start to read slowly, very slowly. Let the rhythm me your guiding light.
We have indeed compiled an edition for you, dear reader, that was worth waiting for. It is a collection of messages that bring hope and reassurance. For those of you who are curious about the updates of our 'copyright' battle with the notorious new wave Christianity organization, I must disappoint you, but in a good way. Ten days warning has expired ages ago, but I didn't hear from them since. Either they were impressed/convinced/buried under the surge of the support letters you, my precious friends, have literally bombarded them with, for which you have my sincere and endless gratitude, or maybe they are busy sewing the lawsuit (that was a weird pun!) against me, wasting their time and puny efforts for nothing. In both cases they have realized that they are wrong. Anyway, we mustn't be lightheaded about this success, as other attacks from unexpected directions can follow, as I found out, on a personal level, exactly ten days after the above demand letter arrived. It revealed to me that many of Chosen ones around the globe were under attack.
But I wish to leave those nuisances behind us; it is time to rejoice, my brothers and sisters, and to welcome the dawning of the New Era. Can you feel it? We are no longer standing on its threshold, WE ARE IN IT!!
Before I continue to the newsletter itself, I have a dream of my own to share, and I appreciate whatever insights you may have on it, in addition to my own. In this dream, I again visited Heaven and Hell. It appears that me and a few other people died and went to Heaven, of all those people I recognized only one, a childhood's acquaintance. He showed me all his past lives in a notebook, showing, that although he didn't do any harm, he had always died at the age of 24-25, reincarnating once again. I've replied that, perhaps, he needed also to realize his spiritual nature, in order for his existence becoming more meaningful. Anyway, the Heaven this time was like a tight library/bookstore, stuck with books, I even found there several by a sci-fi author I was in love with in my childhood. Well, God spoke to all of us in telepathic way, telling that we must return to Earth again, to defeat seven (or eighteen) evil ones, dark ones. We returned, and killed one, but only his body, his soul went back to his boss (any guesses?); then I had to sneak to hell after him. Hell was like a murky, vast cinema hall, and Satan was lecturing in it to his (deceased) minions. Satan appeared like a sort of black mass roughly in a shape of a cone, with a prolonged neck, on top of which two egg-like eyes were planted. I saw the one we killed in his physical form sitting there. I then returned to Earth, and there were three of us on a bridge, me, a girl and a warrior, and I was telling them what I saw, concluding, intermingling Wiccan principle of duality, that since God was male, Satan must be... female! Hearing that, the warrior rebelled:
"I can't kill a female!"
I yelled back to him:
"But what is an orca killer-whale attacks you, and it's female, won't you kill it?! And how about that creature from the 'Alien' movie?!"
That was all for my dream. In protection for killer-whales I just want to say that a couple of nights later I saw them in my dream with Rami, in all their magnificent glory and size, and it was an amazing dream, so I don't have anything against them, as well as against any other animals or plants.
One last thing - I'd like you all to visit The Hunger Site ( Each time you click on a link they have there, a free donation in your name is made by one of the corporations supporting this noble cause.

The New Age Poetry Contest    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

This is your last chance to enter our sweepstakes. So far only 18 votes (out of over 1200 subscribers) were e-mailed to me. It saddens me, but it gives better chances to the few voters we have so far. Therefore, simply hit the Reply button, and let me know which of the following poems is, in your opinion, the best. All the previous issues of this newsletter can be found at our website. Again, remember, that the poet with the most votes, as well as any of you, voters, no matter what you've chosen in your election, will receive our special prize. Last chance, ladies and gentlemen.
The final results are to be published in the issue # 34.

1. Aldarow - "No Traces" - issue # 25
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4. Rinor Zidran - "I can still dream" - issue # 28
5. Tiamat - "Guardians Of The Temple Of The Flame" - issue # 29
6. Karyn Altman - "Not An Accident" - issue # 29
7. Avigail Tal - "Dear God" - issue # 30
8. Gwen - "Listen" - issue # 30
9. Stephen - "Come Dance With Me" - issue # 30
10. Leigh Mortensen - "Synthesister" - issue # 30
11. Marcia M. Pedersen - "Light" - issue # 30
12. JJJ - "Viewing the world through triangular glasses" - issue # 30

Personal Destiny    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (1986)

Picture a grid of parallel lines of destiny running vertically and horizontally. Place the individual in a starting position somewhere on this grid. The individual is provided with facts by mentors as they await their turn to reach the age of self-determination. It is the responsibility of each individual to check the premise of each provided fact. Eventually the individual reaches the point where self-determination commences. For some it comes early, for some it comes late.

Warrior: What is self-determination?
Brain Wave: Self-determination is the ability to formulate a vision of something that has primary appeal - a goal. A goal is achieved through focusing on the vision of the goal - the narrower the focus, the better the chances of success.
And so the individual moves along a line of destiny. Intersections of intersecting lines of destiny continually appear. Each point of intersection offers a possibility of moving towards or away from the focused vision. The individual recognizes these as opportunities which support the vision's transition to reality or opportunities which will abort the transition.
Each intersection offers five possibilities:
. stop and do nothing,
. continue forward,
. reverse,
. turn left,
. turn right.
Indicators are provided for the potential of each possibility.
The individual's function is to seek these sources and peruse them for opportunity, recognize them as such, ignore them or choose to accept and pursue them.
Simply, if an individual strongly visualizes an achievement and remains focused on it to the point of all resolve applied, then that achievement will be attained. This is self-determination or self-defining destiny.
Warrior: Does this mean that all accountability for our destiny lies at our own feet?
Brain Wave: The difficulty for most of you lies in blaming destiny for doing things to you. This is never so. Individuals have absolutely maneuvered themselves, arriving at their current circumstance. Ignoring this truth will forever place you in a state of constant frustration, anger and confusion. Adamantly subscribing to this precept will corrupt, or even prevent your personal development. Steadfast denial of accountability may result in illness.
A multitude of ongoing choices brought you to where you are. If it is not a happy place, examine your original premise - the vision which led to your goal selection. It is probably very opinion-based and has disregarded truth as an alternative - hence a false premise.
Continually wishing for things and saying, "It is not fair," or, "I had to, because," is symptomatic of thinking that is based on false premise. Trade in your opinions for truth and your recovery will be swift and remarkable.
If you compromise your own vision in favour of someone else's vision - your reality becomes impaired. This is a legitimate choice if modifying or downgrading your own vision is an acceptable compromise for you - if not, then do not.
The most important thing to remember is that your vision is your wish. Be careful what you wish for - it will probably come true. Sometimes, it is not what you hoped it would be.
Warrior: What advice can you give on selecting these all-important visions?
Brain Wave: Avoid not having visions. Avoid continually changing your visions. Avoid visions that have associated unreasonable risks or ramifications. Instead, select straightforward visions that can be supplemented and enhanced as they are achieved. Like a seasoned chess player, visualize your moves ahead. Regard each vision as a grain of sand around which you will grow a pearl as you accomplish the fundamental goal.
Ensure that your vision does not compromise your integrity or that of any other human being. The short gain made will never be satisfying - regret is guaranteed. Achieving satisfactory destiny is a matter of setting progressively escalating, realistic, achievable goals through meeting objectives that are self-determined, believable and realistic. Continually monitor and record progress achieved, as you move towards realizing your vision.
Start small. Record successes, failures, constraints. Modify your plans and actions. Embrace the best of your discoveries each time. Eventually, your vision will be reality. The truth of destiny is that it is passive and can only respond to your requirement. Destiny can do nothing to you or for you. It is just there. You have the controls. You steer. You have the brakes and the accelerator. A road map is essential for satisfactory result.
If you do not have the resolve to pick a specific destiny, there is small comfort in not being able to become lost for you also forsake the possibility of becoming found. If you are dissatisfied with your destiny choices, change them wisely. You can start right away. Tolerating an untenable situation is a position of choice if there are tenable options to pursue.
Avoid selecting a destination that is too far ahead. The opportunity for opposing events to intercede is too great and you will be thwarted by interfering circumstances or an increasing loss of focus. Avoid a set-up to fail. Each is faced with the challenge of formulating individual destiny within the context of the information and realistic opportunities available.
Warrior: How do I begin to make changes to my destiny?
Brain Wave: To manage successful destiny, you must know clearly where you are at present. Visualize clearly where you need to be. Construct a solid path from where you need to be to where you are. Follow that path with certainty and confidence. Remember that there will be many signs provided along the way. It is your role to notice them and use them to the realization of your goals.
And always validate your starting premise personally. A tip for you from me.

Respectfully submitted by Doug Lewis (AKA) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends *VBS*
@ the site for sore eyes
With Love, Light and LAUGHTER!

A Dream of the Five    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Milkman    (all articles by this author)

I have a dream to tell you. I never told anyone else. I feel, though, it had some meaning. But before I tell this to you, I want you to know that I have seen everything that doesn't exist, Big Foot, aliens, spaceships, ghosts, and I think the Chupacabra from what I saw, so have all my sisters, but mainly my oldest sister and me. Even think that we have some ESP. Now to the dream.
Someone was guiding me to the top of these mountains. I could see a gravely dirt road, with houses bellow. I was kind of floating, but still on the ground. We would go to the top of each mountain, and there would be a silver egg-shaped object, and a bright light would come out, and it would be an old but strong man. Each object would be the same, but different people. After the fourth one we went to a higher mountain. Everybody seemed to know what was going on but me. I felt no danger, but knew I was of something special. The fifth one opened and he was Jesus, holding five scrolls. He said that they were to be opened one at a time. While he was saying this, he was handing the scrolls out, everybody looked sad but very willing to do their job and knew that it was time. Jesus said that after the fourth one was opened then he would open his, the fifth one. The first one cracked the Seal on his and said that it would cause great death by plague. He was sad but ready to do so. The other men just stood there waiting their time. I remember that there was some jollying around before the scrolls were handed out. The grass was green, and the clouds were windy and gray. The other mountains were sunny. I awoke puzzled about this dream. I didn't know if it was a dream or a vision. I fell back into a light sleep. I could hear around me but dreaming. The same guy that was guiding me said that he came back to tell me that he was a messenger for God, and took me to a mountain top, sunny, and an egg-shaped object lit up, and a man came to me and said that the fifth man was Jesus, and I was brought just to witness the gathering of what was to come. I could tell anyone or not, I was just to witness this. It felt so real, it still stays on my mind today. It has been a few months now since. Out of all dreams, this one is the one.

Gislenne's Vision    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Gislenne    (all articles by this author)

Hi, Everyone!!

I had the strangest dream last night... I dreamt that I had to go live with my mother, and while I went in to the bedroom to check on my twin girls (I don't even have twins), I looked out the window and noticed that it was about to rain, the clouds and the sky had become very dark... So I went into the living room to let everyone know there was a storm on its way... after I did this I noticed that I had this little friend, this hairy little creature, who kept coming to me trying to whisper something in my ear... but for some reason I wouldn't listen to him... Anyways... I went back into the room and checked on the girls, and I noticed that there were these swirls of lights that were hitting the street lights and every other kinds of lights that were out there, they were even hitting the windows of the houses trying to get to the lights inside the houses, they hit the window to the room where I was in a few times... So I sat there to think about what was going on, and as I thought about it, a little voice told me that these lights were trying to make the city dark... So I went back to the living room and told everyone what was going on and they began to get fearful... Till finally I and a friend of mine decided to go outside and fight these lights... but we couldn't till we got that little hairy creature away form me, so my friend decided to stab the little creature in the back, because he wouldn't let us get out the door... So I lured the little creature to me, and then my friend stabbed it ever so gently in the back, because we did not want to hurt it... Well, the creature sort of fainted, and then my friend and I ran out; as we ran out to the street, another hairy creature came at us to attack us, and since my friend had the knife, she stabbed it and it exploded... so we ran outside and I stood there, staring at the lights that were floating everywhere... till a thought came to me... The thought was that these things were only surviving because of fear... They were breeding on fear, the fear of all the people in the world and they wanted the world to be in total darkness. So I began to yell at everyone in the buildings to wake up, to not be in fear, to not be afraid, I was shouting that these things were living off of our fears, and little by little the people started looking out of their windows and as more and more people looked out, more and more of those lights burst, until no more where left, then these aliens came down and thanked me for finding out the truth for listening and they flew off... and that was the end...


A Message to The Elect, The Chosen    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Elijah    (all articles by this author)

This message send I to The Chosen from among men, THE ELECT. Do NOT be afraid to negate those earthly thoughts that even now ye seemingly struggle with. Seek ye "first" The Kingdom of God, and all else will be added unto you. Know ye not The Kingdom of God IS within YOU? You do indeed for IT IS WRITTEN that The Kingdom of Heaven comes NOT with outward show, but the Kingdom of God is within you; so it IS.
Therefor, do not allow those things you have been taught or learned to control you. You have been taught a "lie" by the world, AND, believed it, in your thoughts and in your words. That IS the immutable Law of God. God took thought and "said", light BE, and that IS reflected in ALL that ye now see.
You say I create my own reality, and? you DO. Now say I, look around you. What are you creating? What are you speaking? Does your reality reflect that ye speak and that ye think? Jesus once said, it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man, but that which comes forth from the mouth, THIS defiles a man. First thought takes root or moreover is accepted into your reality. But there is this constant warfare of thought, as you well know.
Therefor, beware of that ye think, and That ye Speak. The DAY of JUDGMENT is at hand. But fear NOT, for that which "they" fear shall come upon them. But again fear not for your reward is LIFE, You are the children of God and the wicked one touches you not.
Sin is simply NOT a factor in the Spirit of LIFE which IS "within you". In the days, which are soon to come, sickness, disease, and, yes, even death will be no more. But before The Kingdom shall come, be ye warned beforehand IS The Time of Much Troubles, That great and Terrible DAY of THE LORD.

Now peace I give to you, as it is yours to give, to yourself and all who come hereafter.

This was the product of a recent meditation. I hope it spoke to that ye have heard from the beginning. Hold to that, ye, have that no man take thy crown. THE Crown of Life.

The Spirit of LIFE SHALL prevail, and carry ye through the darkness.

A note from the Bible, which was brought to my remembrance by one of The Chosen... Ecclesiastes 9:10, KJV... Whatsoever thy hand finding to do, do it with thy might, for there IS no work, no device, no knowledge, nor wisdom in the grave. And remember ye this, God IS NOT The God of the dead, but of the living.

Angelic SWAT response: A True Story    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

In our traditional Christian theology, we seem to have lost sight of the importance of angels and their availability to meet our needs. In fact, most Christians can name only two members of the Heavenly Host: Gabriel and Michael. I came to be acquainted with the name of a third archangel in a most impressive way.

Every so often, The Lord will cross your path someone who touches you so deeply that it seems that your soul is crying on their behalf. We sometimes use the phrase "laying a burden on the heart". Such was the case for me in 1984 when I met Melvin.
He was the street-wise 13 year old little brother of a friend of mine. Melvin had a remarkable talent for charm. With his red hair, blue eyes, and broad smile; he was nearly a stand-in for the Lucky Charms leprechaun.
He never seemed to stay in one place for very long. You might say that his life's tactic was to "hit and run". I came to realize that Melvin's constant motion was fueled by years of abuse and emotional trauma. If you could hold eye-contact with him long enough (a rare occasion) you would see that behind his bright blue eyes was a flood of tears that had been blocked by his internal resolution that he would forever be fated to live in society's gutter.
Wouldn't you know it!... Melvin decided - from the day we met - that he and I should be best friends. So from then on, Melvin became a persistent presence in my life.
He would call me, sometimes several times a day, often asking me to come to see him or to take him for a ride. Anything (I later realized) to get him away from his irreverently abusive alcoholic father and uncles.
At that time, it was clear to me that Melvin's life could go one of two ways. He would either rise above the pain and degradation to become a great intellect with a successful life. Or, he would spiral deeper into the world of drug abuse and alcohol which he saw as his inherited destiny.
As the years passed, my contact with Melvin seemed to come and go in waves. He frequently bounced among relatives who changed residences often. I began to notice that Melvin was becoming more and more involved with marijuana and street drugs. However, I didn't stop praying for him... I COULDN'T!!! There was something about him that just would not let go of me. Besides, if I ever wanted to find him, all I had to do was to get in my car and follow my first impulses. Sure enough, I would drive straight to wherever he was at that moment. (Freaky!) He also acknowledged the psychic bond that we shared. He referred to it as "that weird hocus-pocus".
By 1988, his drug addictions had taken over in him to the point where he had become involved with street gangs and was an active member in a burglary ring. He had also begun to shift his rage on to me. Although I never feared for my physical welfare (He was now 17; 6 feet tall; 170 lbs. and a very adept fighter; skilled in the use of nun-chucks) I was subjected to so much mental abuse that I finally ended that phase of our relationship by secretly moving and not informing him of my new address or phone number.
I reluctantly threw in the towel and determined to never again have to deal with Melvin and his disjointed personality. ...(Right!)
There is a German word, doppleganger, that is used to describe a person's "etheric double". That is to say that the astral (non-physical) energies of a person can manifest in a location separate from their physical body. Following my move away from Melvin's life, I began to be haunted by his etheric double.
It would be a simple matter to try to explain away such a phenomena as my own sense of guilt over having run away from him that caused me to "imagine" Melvin's sporadic appearances from that time forward. Whenever he would manifest, I got the sense that he was demonstrating his grief and subtly reminding me that, "I can find you if I want to." Very unnerving!
By 1996, the "hauntings" from Melvin had seemed to subside. He was then 25. I learned in the mean time had he had since married; fathered 3 children, but had not been able to keep the marriage in tact.
My job at that time had me driving directly past a house in a rough neighborhood that I came to realize was where Melvin was living. It was also clear to me that he was living in a "crack house".
Of course, I developed a new burden of guilt, wondering if I could possibly have helped to prevent his current situation by having been there for him through the intervening years. I tried several times to talk with him. Each time he would rudely send me on my way without giving me any acknowledgment.
One day, I was browsing around in a Catholic supply store when I found a prayer card for the Archangel Ariel (Intercessor of New Beginnings). Because I was exhausted from my efforts to reach- out to Melvin. (And honestly tired of trying). I decided to turn Melvin's life over to God and to call upon the intervention of the Archangel Ariel. As part of my petition, I asked that Melvin move away from the house where he had been staying so that he could find a new beginning in his life.
Four days later, I was on my way home from work when I got stuck waiting for a freight train to pass. I was sitting within sight of the crack house where Melvin had been living. I suddenly became aware of a blue truck coming up behind me at an almost dangerous speed. I braced my hands on the steering wheel of my car, convinced that the truck was about to make impact. At the last second, the driver of the truck swerved behind me with just enough room to turn the corner and stop in front of Melvin's residence.
I was able to watch for a couple of minutes as the driver (Melvin) and a friend began loading the back of the truck with Melvin's belongings. I began giving thanks to God for answered prayer as I sat, still waiting for the train to pass. On the side of one of the passing box cars, in very large letters. was spray-painted the name ARIEL.
This rapid response had obviously been accomplished by a SWAT team...
Swift Winged And Through

New column: Our Photo Gallery    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

This is a new corner I've decided to add to our world-wide newsletter. Here we will present original pictures, that may leave in awe, since they will provide another proof of existence beyond the physical one.
Today we bring you a picture sent to Mark Andrews. Here is the prelude to it:

The attached picture of a car accident is one of several that were taken by a professional police photographer. After developing the pictures of this accident scene, the officer found what looked like to be some type of a "figure" in one particular picture. Thinking it was a problem with his camera or its film, he performed tests on both.? They checked out PERFECTLY!? Take a look...
Oh, I forgot to mention... the people in this car WALKED AWAY WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A SINGLE INJURY.


The Angel and the car

The Last War: Chapter Nine    (view on a separate page) (more articles about literature)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)

(New Year of Prosperity, New Year of Challenges)

Away from the inebriated mortals clinging to their drinks and watching Madison Square Garden on their television sets, I sought silence in the comfort of the brightly lit night sky. Within the cosmic blanket above, planets appeared closer to Earth than should have been, and were circled with archaic symbols... twisted visages of what I remember to be constellations, but these new constellations meant things worse than the expressions from any earthbound language.

Quickly I turned towards the front porch of my home, where I found my mother sitting on the porch swing. I approached her, and she offered comfort to my worrisome confusion about the symbols in the cosmos.

Similar to being pulled through a corridor of sound and silence, light and shadow, my eyelids fluttered open, as I looked around the room I was in. Stretching, I sat up on my couch, and noticed the light shining in through the window.

"Its afternoon already? Hmm," I thought to myself as I got up and logged on to the Internet. While logging the dream in Notepad, I glanced over at the faerie picture frame which contained an old image of my mother, wondering the meaning of the dream.

A couple of days later, a few people came over for New Year's Eve. I was raving to a friend of mine about the most wonderful gift I had received for my birthday. It was a package sent from someone very dear to me. So meaningful I even kept the envelope it arrived in.

Later on that night, Deforest (who you've heard of in an earlier chapter) suggested we start making drinks. Apparently this were to be a long night for him. Later that night, I placed candles to mark a pathway from my room to the outside of the house... the path I would walk in carrying the aged Ouija board out of my house. For it was this night, I had made a date with destiny.

11:30 PM when I walked out to the sacred space with all I needed that night. Opened the circle, leaving it available to be entered by only one other corporeal being, Baranthu. Upon its beginning, the wooden board would not burn too well. For a half hour with the energies on high, it would only smoulder... that is, until the arrival of midnight. Upon the stroke of midnight, fireworks from neighboring streets shot off in the air, and drivers on the nearby roadway honked their horns, with inviting glee for the new year. Just then, the fire which burned through the board shot up with great intensity, Baranthu, with the southern watchtower, directed it upward, and our magick in the air burned through that cursed piece of wood. Flames flickered back and forth, banishing dark forces that had long since inhabited that wretched tool of false divination. A few minutes after midnight... the fire had died down, and the board had been reduced to ashes. We loosened our connections to it, and conversed in celebration of the new year.

Marking the end of the rite, Baranthu had sat down to rest for a moment, as I had been filled with the urge to sweep my feet gracefully in a form of dance around the balefire, in celebration of the rite... and new year.

Interestingly enough, the candles which represented the elements, present in our rite, had recorded a memory, so to speak. In the wax, images could be seen, that resembled a dragon and a woman. A very powerful night, we returned to the house, where we toasted cheers of warmth with Deforest and his girlfriend. And in our cheer with drink, Deforest uttered a great and powerful toast to the new year:

"To the powers!"

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

"Spirit is completely non-physical, formless, changeless, holy and perfect.? It has only knowledge and no perception.?It cannot descend into error and is unaware of the ego.?It uses the mind to express itself in this world, so that the mind can be restored to spirit."
- Sent in by Gislenne

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