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A Dream of the Five

Author: Milkman    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 8, 2000

I have a dream to tell you. I never told anyone else. I feel, though, it had some meaning. But before I tell this to you, I want you to know that I have seen everything that doesn't exist, Big Foot, aliens, spaceships, ghosts, and I think the Chupacabra from what I saw, so have all my sisters, but mainly my oldest sister and me. Even think that we have some ESP. Now to the dream.

Someone was guiding me to the top of these mountains. I could see a gravely dirt road, with houses bellow. I was kind of floating, but still on the ground. We would go to the top of each mountain, and there would be a silver egg-shaped object, and a bright light would come out, and it would be an old but strong man. Each object would be the same, but different people. After the fourth one we went to a higher mountain. Everybody seemed to know what was going on but me. I felt no danger, but knew I was of something special. The fifth one opened and he was Jesus, holding five scrolls. He said that they were to be opened one at a time. While he was saying this, he was handing the scrolls out, everybody looked sad but very willing to do their job and knew that it was time. Jesus said that after the fourth one was opened then he would open his, the fifth one. The first one cracked the Seal on his and said that it would cause great death by plague. He was sad but ready to do so. The other men just stood there waiting their time. I remember that there was some jollying around before the scrolls were handed out. The grass was green, and the clouds were windy and gray. The other mountains were sunny. I awoke puzzled about this dream. I didn't know if it was a dream or a vision. I fell back into a light sleep. I could hear around me but dreaming. The same guy that was guiding me said that he came back to tell me that he was a messenger for God, and took me to a mountain top, sunny, and an egg-shaped object lit up, and a man came to me and said that the fifth man was Jesus, and I was brought just to witness the gathering of what was to come. I could tell anyone or not, I was just to witness this. It felt so real, it still stays on my mind today. It has been a few months now since. Out of all dreams, this one is the one.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #33

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