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Gislenne's Vision

Author: Gislenne    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 8, 2000

Hi, Everyone!!

I had the strangest dream last night... I dreamt that I had to go live with my mother, and while I went in to the bedroom to check on my twin girls (I don't even have twins), I looked out the window and noticed that it was about to rain, the clouds and the sky had become very dark... So I went into the living room to let everyone know there was a storm on its way... after I did this I noticed that I had this little friend, this hairy little creature, who kept coming to me trying to whisper something in my ear... but for some reason I wouldn't listen to him... Anyways... I went back into the room and checked on the girls, and I noticed that there were these swirls of lights that were hitting the street lights and every other kinds of lights that were out there, they were even hitting the windows of the houses trying to get to the lights inside the houses, they hit the window to the room where I was in a few times... So I sat there to think about what was going on, and as I thought about it, a little voice told me that these lights were trying to make the city dark... So I went back to the living room and told everyone what was going on and they began to get fearful... Till finally I and a friend of mine decided to go outside and fight these lights... but we couldn't till we got that little hairy creature away form me, so my friend decided to stab the little creature in the back, because he wouldn't let us get out the door... So I lured the little creature to me, and then my friend stabbed it ever so gently in the back, because we did not want to hurt it... Well, the creature sort of fainted, and then my friend and I ran out; as we ran out to the street, another hairy creature came at us to attack us, and since my friend had the knife, she stabbed it and it exploded... so we ran outside and I stood there, staring at the lights that were floating everywhere... till a thought came to me... The thought was that these things were only surviving because of fear... They were breeding on fear, the fear of all the people in the world and they wanted the world to be in total darkness. So I began to yell at everyone in the buildings to wake up, to not be in fear, to not be afraid, I was shouting that these things were living off of our fears, and little by little the people started looking out of their windows and as more and more people looked out, more and more of those lights burst, until no more where left, then these aliens came down and thanked me for finding out the truth for listening and they flew off... and that was the end...


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #33

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