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The Last War: Chapter Nine

Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 8, 2000

(New Year of Prosperity, New Year of Challenges)

Away from the inebriated mortals clinging to their drinks and watching Madison Square Garden on their television sets, I sought silence in the comfort of the brightly lit night sky. Within the cosmic blanket above, planets appeared closer to Earth than should have been, and were circled with archaic symbols... twisted visages of what I remember to be constellations, but these new constellations meant things worse than the expressions from any earthbound language.

Quickly I turned towards the front porch of my home, where I found my mother sitting on the porch swing. I approached her, and she offered comfort to my worrisome confusion about the symbols in the cosmos.

Similar to being pulled through a corridor of sound and silence, light and shadow, my eyelids fluttered open, as I looked around the room I was in. Stretching, I sat up on my couch, and noticed the light shining in through the window.

"Its afternoon already? Hmm," I thought to myself as I got up and logged on to the Internet. While logging the dream in Notepad, I glanced over at the faerie picture frame which contained an old image of my mother, wondering the meaning of the dream.

A couple of days later, a few people came over for New Year's Eve. I was raving to a friend of mine about the most wonderful gift I had received for my birthday. It was a package sent from someone very dear to me. So meaningful I even kept the envelope it arrived in.

Later on that night, Deforest (who you've heard of in an earlier chapter) suggested we start making drinks. Apparently this were to be a long night for him. Later that night, I placed candles to mark a pathway from my room to the outside of the house... the path I would walk in carrying the aged Ouija board out of my house. For it was this night, I had made a date with destiny.

11:30 PM when I walked out to the sacred space with all I needed that night. Opened the circle, leaving it available to be entered by only one other corporeal being, Baranthu. Upon its beginning, the wooden board would not burn too well. For a half hour with the energies on high, it would only smoulder... that is, until the arrival of midnight. Upon the stroke of midnight, fireworks from neighboring streets shot off in the air, and drivers on the nearby roadway honked their horns, with inviting glee for the new year. Just then, the fire which burned through the board shot up with great intensity, Baranthu, with the southern watchtower, directed it upward, and our magick in the air burned through that cursed piece of wood. Flames flickered back and forth, banishing dark forces that had long since inhabited that wretched tool of false divination. A few minutes after midnight... the fire had died down, and the board had been reduced to ashes. We loosened our connections to it, and conversed in celebration of the new year.

Marking the end of the rite, Baranthu had sat down to rest for a moment, as I had been filled with the urge to sweep my feet gracefully in a form of dance around the balefire, in celebration of the rite... and new year.

Interestingly enough, the candles which represented the elements, present in our rite, had recorded a memory, so to speak. In the wax, images could be seen, that resembled a dragon and a woman. A very powerful night, we returned to the house, where we toasted cheers of warmth with Deforest and his girlfriend. And in our cheer with drink, Deforest uttered a great and powerful toast to the new year:

"To the powers!"

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #33

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