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Opening Words: Visiting Heaven and Hell again

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 8, 2000

Good evening. This is the voice of Project X. In the next hour we will take you with us into a wonderful journey of divine experience, of visions, dreams, angels and changing one's destiny. Take a deep breath and relax. Start to read slowly, very slowly. Let the rhythm me your guiding light.

We have indeed compiled an edition for you, dear reader, that was worth waiting for. It is a collection of messages that bring hope and reassurance. For those of you who are curious about the updates of our 'copyright' battle with the notorious new wave Christianity organization, I must disappoint you, but in a good way. Ten days warning has expired ages ago, but I didn't hear from them since. Either they were impressed/convinced/buried under the surge of the support letters you, my precious friends, have literally bombarded them with, for which you have my sincere and endless gratitude, or maybe they are busy sewing the lawsuit (that was a weird pun!) against me, wasting their time and puny efforts for nothing. In both cases they have realized that they are wrong. Anyway, we mustn't be lightheaded about this success, as other attacks from unexpected directions can follow, as I found out, on a personal level, exactly ten days after the above demand letter arrived. It revealed to me that many of Chosen ones around the globe were under attack.

But I wish to leave those nuisances behind us; it is time to rejoice, my brothers and sisters, and to welcome the dawning of the New Era. Can you feel it? We are no longer standing on its threshold, WE ARE IN IT!!

Before I continue to the newsletter itself, I have a dream of my own to share, and I appreciate whatever insights you may have on it, in addition to my own. In this dream, I again visited Heaven and Hell. It appears that me and a few other people died and went to Heaven, of all those people I recognized only one, a childhood's acquaintance. He showed me all his past lives in a notebook, showing, that although he didn't do any harm, he had always died at the age of 24-25, reincarnating once again. I've replied that, perhaps, he needed also to realize his spiritual nature, in order for his existence becoming more meaningful. Anyway, the Heaven this time was like a tight library/bookstore, stuck with books, I even found there several by a sci-fi author I was in love with in my childhood. Well, God spoke to all of us in telepathic way, telling that we must return to Earth again, to defeat seven (or eighteen) evil ones, dark ones. We returned, and killed one, but only his body, his soul went back to his boss (any guesses?); then I had to sneak to hell after him. Hell was like a murky, vast cinema hall, and Satan was lecturing in it to his (deceased) minions. Satan appeared like a sort of black mass roughly in a shape of a cone, with a prolonged neck, on top of which two egg-like eyes were planted. I saw the one we killed in his physical form sitting there. I then returned to Earth, and there were three of us on a bridge, me, a girl and a warrior, and I was telling them what I saw, concluding, intermingling Wiccan principle of duality, that since God was male, Satan must be... female! Hearing that, the warrior rebelled:

"I can't kill a female!"

I yelled back to him:

"But what is an orca killer-whale attacks you, and it's female, won't you kill it?! And how about that creature from the 'Alien' movie?!"

That was all for my dream. In protection for killer-whales I just want to say that a couple of nights later I saw them in my dream with Rami, in all their magnificent glory and size, and it was an amazing dream, so I don't have anything against them, as well as against any other animals or plants.

One last thing - I'd like you all to visit The Hunger Site ( Each time you click on a link they have there, a free donation in your name is made by one of the corporations supporting this noble cause.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #33

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