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Personal Destiny

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 8, 2000

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (1986)

Picture a grid of parallel lines of destiny running vertically and horizontally. Place the individual in a starting position somewhere on this grid. The individual is provided with facts by mentors as they await their turn to reach the age of self-determination. It is the responsibility of each individual to check the premise of each provided fact. Eventually the individual reaches the point where self-determination commences. For some it comes early, for some it comes late.

Warrior: What is self-determination?

Brain Wave: Self-determination is the ability to formulate a vision of something that has primary appeal - a goal. A goal is achieved through focusing on the vision of the goal - the narrower the focus, the better the chances of success.

And so the individual moves along a line of destiny. Intersections of intersecting lines of destiny continually appear. Each point of intersection offers a possibility of moving towards or away from the focused vision. The individual recognizes these as opportunities which support the vision's transition to reality or opportunities which will abort the transition.

Each intersection offers five possibilities:

. stop and do nothing,

. continue forward,

. reverse,

. turn left,

. turn right.

Indicators are provided for the potential of each possibility.

The individual's function is to seek these sources and peruse them for opportunity, recognize them as such, ignore them or choose to accept and pursue them.

Simply, if an individual strongly visualizes an achievement and remains focused on it to the point of all resolve applied, then that achievement will be attained. This is self-determination or self-defining destiny.

Warrior: Does this mean that all accountability for our destiny lies at our own feet?

Brain Wave: The difficulty for most of you lies in blaming destiny for doing things to you. This is never so. Individuals have absolutely maneuvered themselves, arriving at their current circumstance. Ignoring this truth will forever place you in a state of constant frustration, anger and confusion. Adamantly subscribing to this precept will corrupt, or even prevent your personal development. Steadfast denial of accountability may result in illness.

A multitude of ongoing choices brought you to where you are. If it is not a happy place, examine your original premise - the vision which led to your goal selection. It is probably very opinion-based and has disregarded truth as an alternative - hence a false premise.

Continually wishing for things and saying, "It is not fair," or, "I had to, because," is symptomatic of thinking that is based on false premise. Trade in your opinions for truth and your recovery will be swift and remarkable.

If you compromise your own vision in favour of someone else's vision - your reality becomes impaired. This is a legitimate choice if modifying or downgrading your own vision is an acceptable compromise for you - if not, then do not.

The most important thing to remember is that your vision is your wish. Be careful what you wish for - it will probably come true. Sometimes, it is not what you hoped it would be.

Warrior: What advice can you give on selecting these all-important visions?

Brain Wave: Avoid not having visions. Avoid continually changing your visions. Avoid visions that have associated unreasonable risks or ramifications. Instead, select straightforward visions that can be supplemented and enhanced as they are achieved. Like a seasoned chess player, visualize your moves ahead. Regard each vision as a grain of sand around which you will grow a pearl as you accomplish the fundamental goal.

Ensure that your vision does not compromise your integrity or that of any other human being. The short gain made will never be satisfying - regret is guaranteed. Achieving satisfactory destiny is a matter of setting progressively escalating, realistic, achievable goals through meeting objectives that are self-determined, believable and realistic. Continually monitor and record progress achieved, as you move towards realizing your vision.

Start small. Record successes, failures, constraints. Modify your plans and actions. Embrace the best of your discoveries each time. Eventually, your vision will be reality. The truth of destiny is that it is passive and can only respond to your requirement. Destiny can do nothing to you or for you. It is just there. You have the controls. You steer. You have the brakes and the accelerator. A road map is essential for satisfactory result.

If you do not have the resolve to pick a specific destiny, there is small comfort in not being able to become lost for you also forsake the possibility of becoming found. If you are dissatisfied with your destiny choices, change them wisely. You can start right away. Tolerating an untenable situation is a position of choice if there are tenable options to pursue.

Avoid selecting a destination that is too far ahead. The opportunity for opposing events to intercede is too great and you will be thwarted by interfering circumstances or an increasing loss of focus. Avoid a set-up to fail. Each is faced with the challenge of formulating individual destiny within the context of the information and realistic opportunities available.

Warrior: How do I begin to make changes to my destiny?

Brain Wave: To manage successful destiny, you must know clearly where you are at present. Visualize clearly where you need to be. Construct a solid path from where you need to be to where you are. Follow that path with certainty and confidence. Remember that there will be many signs provided along the way. It is your role to notice them and use them to the realization of your goals.

And always validate your starting premise personally. A tip for you from me.

Respectfully submitted by Doug Lewis (AKA) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends *VBS*

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With Love, Light and LAUGHTER!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #33

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