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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #22

September 23, 1999

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. America: Home of the Brave, Land of the Old Ones? - Alexander Aldarow
3. Project Y Additions - Alexander Aldarow
4. Today's Mail: Life After Death Photo - Mark Andrews
5. The DNA Star - Hidden Meanings
6. More than Evidence: Communication - Tom Hackney
7. Millennium Pilgrimages - Ra Kendra
8. The Gathering - TC Kinncannon
9. The Channeler's Rant - Doug Lewis
10. Closing Words

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

It's been a month since the world has read the previous edition of this e-zine. What happened? Has this enterprise died away? Definitely, not. The explanation is - I , Alexander Aldarow, was on my trip to the United States of America, serving as a foreign correspondent, if you will. This is also the reason why there weren't any updates of Project X Site, that continues, nevertheless, been constantly visited - I think we are already over 6,600 hits now, aren't we? In any case, I continued to communicate with others, mostly by our message board - go to our site and click on 'Open Forum', to read my first-hand field notes and responses to them, as well as discussions on other intriguing subjects. But in today's edition, I will present you the full narrative of my American revelations, along with many interesting articles, that have accumulated in my Inbox.
For those who are joining our conversation for the first time - welcome. Let me reassure you that you've reached the right place at the right time. Don't get any wrong impressions, this is not by any means any RPG or sci-fi magazine. I am always trying to be humble - well, almost always - but as far as I know, this is the most serious paranormal/spiritual newsletter on the Internet today. Others mostly deal with certain areas of the New Age or parapsychology, we embrace all the areas, realms and beliefs - and beyond.
So sit comfortably and breathe deeply, because certain topics I came across while in USA aren't easy to tell. Prepare yourself for the most revealing issue ever.

America: Home of the Brave, Land of the Old Ones?    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Alexander Aldarow's exclusive report on his journey to USA, with the help of Tiamat and Layla's input

Before I start my tale about one of my personal turning points of this year, my trip to the Western Hemisphere, I just want to warn everybody, that I am not trying to hurt anybody's patriotic feelings. I know for sure, that all the Americans among my devoted readers are great educated and spiritual people. However, the energy and the unholy presence I felt while being in the States left me wondering whether this country truly deserve to be the world's leader and protector.
Several signs of hope and future changing for the better, as the past was unveiled before me, did show up on my way to the North America: the feeling of independence in the airport; the beautiful lakes of Canada, where we landed to refuel; and finally the shadow of the plane itself, chasing us on the layer of clouds, as we flew along the East shore. Since the sun was on the opposite side, the shadow was surrounded by two astounding circles of rainbow-colored auras, the second one, a smaller circle, was centered around the area of the plane were I actually sat. The rainbow always symbolized hope for me, especially when I saw it in my dreams. This was not a dream, however, although many things happened to me later that usually occur only in my nocturnal visions. I will touch those events as briefly as possible.
The moment I stepped out of JFK airport, after being met by family members, I felt home-sick. As we drove through New York's streets and highways, the feeling of unease increased. The VIBE here was different, alien to me. And the architecture of the Big Apple... well, we will leave the most shocking discovery to the end.
Don't take me wrong. There were many bright spots on my journey - the not-so-paranormal ones included: the Big Aquarium in Brooklyn (or was it Queens?); the Bronx Zoo; the Ripley's "Believe It or Not!" museum in Atlantic-city; the guided tour to Washington, D.C.; and many more. But what stroke me more, was the revelations about the family past I was told. I finally, after some 11 years, found out why exactly my parents got divorced, but I won't bore you with that, don't worry. The second family secret, a much more elder one, left me in awe. My father's brother told me the origins of my actual last name (it's not Aldarow, as many of you already guessed, but for the world I remain Aldarow, for it is my spiritual name), and as he did, I felt as if a tremendous chasm of time opened beneath my feet, and I sensed the deepest connection with centuries and millennia, that preceded me. It appears - and this is a complete truth - that I am the last male descendant of the great Rashi - ask any scholar of Judaica and Judaism, and he will tell you for hours about Rashi and his interpretations for Tanach (the original Bible, a.k.a. the Old Testament). Rashi lived some thousand years ago, and communicated DIRECTLY with God. His family, whose roots go even further than thousand years, had a big influence at the Spanish king's court, and the king sometimes loaned money FROM them. That, of course, lasted until the Inquisition transferred the Jews out of Spain. But that's not what was important. I almost gasped for the air, amazed by the knowledge that such a significant and divine man was in my genealogical history and memory. Several days later, in a dream I had, I fully accepted the idea of being the descendant of the great Rabbi Rashi, and in that dream I entered a meditation to fight a demon named Shanagarai (?) (Hebrew name) / Synegurium (?) (Russian/Latin name). Could it also mean Shub-Niggurath, one of the Forbidden Names?
Oh, yes, the period of American dreams. I was at the secret hospital, guarded by soldiers. I had an OBE - inside a dream! I found myself trapped in the future, where was no interest toward any kind of supernatural, and as I heard of dusty time capsules in the near museum, me and a girl held hands and ran there together, hoping that they will bring us back to our time. I communicated with someone in my dreams...
I found someone, someone whom? I apparently loved thousands of years ago, in another reality, but now I lost her again, and it is probably my fault. Fate has a strange sense of humor, when it plays with the mortals.
To sum up, I cannot deny the multiple positive aspects of the travel. I did things I don't normally do back in Israel, saw new places, met new faces, and bought myself a lace with the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye on it, to wear on the neck. Which brings me to the evil part of my journey's journal.
The founding fathers were Masons - it is almost a known fact. Masons, like Illuminati, or the legendary Anne Rice's Talamasca, were undoubtedly engaged in the occult - the Kabbala, Egyptian magick, secret cults. Just look at any dollar banknote - you will see the same Eye again, inside a pyramid, monitoring you from every corner and high window. The occult, the esoteric - but dark - arts were one of their means to gain the world domination, one world government, a New World Order.
So far the facts any Fox Mulder wannabe will spill to you. Now to my own revelations.
Have you ever noticed the particular architecture most of New York possesses? The stone jungle? The gloomy tenements, ominously looming everywhere, containing in their concrete caves unspoken crimes and foreign rituals? The gigantic skyscrapers, like threatening mountains of forgotten past? The people, with glazed looks, with nothing but greed and gluttony driving their black hearts? Doesn't it sound familiar? If it doesn't yet, open any of Lovecraft's stories, where he speaks of sleeping ancient towns, awaiting their merciless resurrection, and of visions of the future, with chaotic hordes of inhuman sects, flooding the doomed streets, praising the comings of their demonic gods.
The resemblance of American reality to the Necronomical Apocalypse didn't entirely unfold to me, until we had to drive via the Verrazona bridge, that connected the Staten Island to the rest of NYC, and I 'totally freaked myself out', when I saw the titanic arch we had to pass through. The pictures drawn by the probably insane by then hand of H. P. Lovecraft came alive. I was literally terrified; never before in my life I was surer - this was the Gate, and the entire metropolis of New York City was planned to serve as the Old Ones' new dwelling! This is not New York, this is New R'Lyeh! Days later, our tour guide informed us that the Verrazona bridge was planned in the 60s by an Arab architect - any connection to Al Azif, the author of the first Necronomicon? The Necronomicon, by the way, unlike Lovecraft's tales, is not a fictional book.
Again, let me remind you that these are not some paranoiac ramblings. The knowledge, its most delicate forms, can come through dreams, visions, enlightenment, divination, and many more ways. The Old Ones exist, still mostly captured in some interdimensional trap, but it took a simple tourist like yours truly to discover their evil presence in USA. Everywhere I looked afterwards, every scene and sight I beheld, showed me how it all is speeding up toward the return of the prehistoric pandemonium. New York, in my opinion, was meant to be for the Old Ones and their deranged followers, and you can forget about democracy under the reign of Cthulhu's tentacles, forgive my weird sense of humor.
This is the truth as it was revealed to me. This is the new - but also the Old - conspiracy theory. The shootings all over the country, especially in places where the Chosen children study (schools, Jewish center, a church) are a part of Their preparation.
As soon as I realized this diabolic plan, the vile (an anagram of 'evil') forces were released. Floyd was their manifestation. Layla warned people of the coming storm days before it actually started - and all those who participated in our Open Forum debates were prepared. Realizing that they cannot harm me, the Old Ones tried to get to me through my closest friend, Tiamat, by heading toward Florida. Here is where Tiamat's experiences step forward. First of all, she dreamt of Community X recognized and honored among all cultures, in the papers, and I actually thought a day or so before that to rename our Project X, since now we represent a large world-spanning community. Then, in another dream, a man was asking her, what is the real reason the formation of a rainbow (remember?) follows a powerful storm [!]. He proceeded to ask it, in spite of being given the scientific answer. The third dream involved me telling her that the winds slowed a bit, but then we walked to the beach, where the winds increased - and the winds went on outside her house, even after waking up.
Now, to Tiamat's extremely powerful message:
?Meditation, 9.13.99

There were voices... not all in unison... some in one fragment, then others in a second fragment that began in the middle of the first fragment, and so on... quite similar to a "chorus", though the sounds ran at a faster rate (similar to my "telepathic radio" experience, but definitely different, emotionally and spiritually). Then there were screams. A monster-like sight towering over me (something large in size and shadowy, possibly a place in my mind that stores past lives, this could easily be channeled, and that could be what has inspired me in the past to perform my shadow art)... felt as though I was looking up and raised my arm over my head (at an angle) as if blocking an attack. My mind lost focus twice, but I squinted and regained focus within less than a second.

A glimpse of a futuristic city (dark and eerie)... on the way to connect with Alex... My guess is that it is a connection to present day New York City (a conjecture based on the information gathered from you, Alex). Made my connection with Alex, and then my connection with Rinor, though the connection with Alex was clearly on a stronger frequency than that with Rinor...

Thoughts on curvilinear things kept appearing... not actual sight... just thoughts. A great whirlwind in the water, this is where the "choral" sound came from, but something else... something about Florida being submerged (separate from meditation... I recall several months back, I spoke with somebody who had claimed that this would occur... the drowning of Florida, though it was theorized to occur during the Summer of '99. I also recall that my source "told" me to "seek high ground" when this event comes to be. Although he was wrong about the date, I do believe he is correct about the event. In concern about the floating theories I have heard, in comparison and contrast with my own insights, here I refer to Layla's "map", where the wave line marking areas of Central America, Texas, and Florida she had perceived as being the areas to suffer damages of hurricanes and tropical disturbances which follow unusual patterns, I do believe we should take into consideration that these are possibly the areas which will be submerged, or "drowned". When this will occur, I am not yet certain).

I first focused on the void... and of traveling... my mind flew among the clouds and high above desert... then water, in order to get to the whirlwind. As of late, something new has resurfaced. In the farthest recesses of my mind, I can remember seeing an image flashing similar to a relapse, or recurring memory of something new. It reminds me of the silent, yet disturbing image of Cthulhu, that I had seen at earlier times, in a book I once had. Although it was an original copy of TSR's "Deities & Demigods" (yes, the one with the Cthulhu Mythos), that is irrelevant. What is important is that the image was strikingly familiar.

Dear Alexander, please note that I am not searching for this information, in fact, it came to me, surprisingly.
Have you noticed the way the Floyd hurricane did an abrupt 135 degrees turn, before it actually wiped out the state of Florida, and continued in Northern direction? It may sound arrogant, imaginative or just stupid, but I think it was me. I challenged them, lured them to me, diverted their attack in order to protect my friend. Robert, another friends of ours, was also involved in controlling the weather. And as the skies poured down on the predestined city of New York, I fought the Old Ones all night long. Most of it I don't remember, naturally, but there was war... and there will be again. They cannot hurt me, so they try through my beloved ones. I won't tolerate it. I dreamt of the future map of the United States myself, years ago - and, well, there wasn't much left of it. Only fertile water for the deep ones and the sea monsters, I guess.
I don't want to frighten you, but these were the things I picked up during my stay in the Big (Rotten) Apple. It does not mean it will happen exactly the way I so pessimistically described. The Future hasn't happened yet; it is up to YOU to invert it. Stop chasing the material gain, be kind, be tolerate, be bright, smile to the others, and once you've achieved a spiritual enhancement to a certain level, help the others, share the joy and the wisdom with them, 'upgrade' your surroundings. Once you do, the Old Ones will indeed "STOP HERE!"
I am home now. Are you?

Project Y Additions    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

To access our Project, devoted entirely for YOUR experiences, spiritual observations, metaphysical ideas and so on, click on this link: This is Your chance to permanently share with the rest of the on-line esoteric and enlightened community. Here is an interesting update recently made on Project - a new Section of divine poetry by Night. Behold an example of the poet's enchanted words:

"... but that is the lot we drew
and we are out of luck
one day we will be needed
and you may never know
for I am one of the touched
the chosen
wanted for soul
our sacrifice is great
for we know no love
we feel as if
we are outside
looking in
everyone is having fun
and we can't find
the door in
please do not help
for I believe it is us
who will help you
our lives aren't easy
as you can plainly
if we succeed
our destiny will
be complete... "

To read more, go to Project , click on 'Section', then on 'Night'.

The Section of The Communicator was also updated. Once in Project Y, after you have clicked on 'Sections', proceed to 'Original Six' in the list of the Sections. The Communicator is very active contributor to our Open Forum: The Writings on the Sacred Wall, as well as to Project X Newsletter. Read his latest message in its entirety, for it will be ruined for sure, if only a few separated lines are quoted.

The doors of our vast Library are always open to you, and you can start your own free Section there any time you wish.

Today's Mail: Life After Death Photo    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)

Have you ever wondered how we look after we die? (Soul - not corpse.)

My friend Bobby Wolford died on April 16, 1997. Bobby and I have been friends for more than 20 years.
On the morning of May 23, 1997, 5 weeks after Bobby's death, I had a dream-like experience in which Bobby came walking up to me, smiling, and told me that he wanted me to get in touch with Sally Ringen (a mutual friend with an aura camera) Bobby told me that he wanted to pose for a photo as his parting gift to the world to assure everyone still on the physical plane that death is only a transition into a higher and more joyous reality.
I knew while the experience was in process that it was not a dream. I remember being startled and saying to Bobby, "You really ARE alive!"
Later that day, I called Bobby's brother Roger and told him of Bobby's request. We agreed to go to Sally's metaphysical shop in near by Anderson, IN. We went up to the 2nd floor photo studio. I stood on one side of the metal folding chair and Roger stood on the other side.
We all felt the need to coax and encourage Bobby in order to somehow enhance his manifestation in the picture. As you will see by going to the below mentioned web site , that wasn't at all necessary.
Although no facial features are clearly visible, there was enough of Bobby's form to identify the entity as ol' "Boo" himself. Ironically, "Boo" was his life long nickname.
As you view the photo, you will clearly see the top of the metal folding chair through the energy form body of Bobby.
I took the photo to Bobby's best friend from high school without giving him any prior information to tell him what he would be looking at. Without saying a word, I handed the photo to him. He looked at it and said, "That's Bobby."

OK, enough background info.

Go to go to "View photos", scroll down to and click on "Aura photography" on the left hand column.

Give it a few seconds and you'll have a visual greeting from one of the best people I ever had the joy of knowing. ( Alive OR dead.)

P.S. I was called to Bobby's house on the morning he was found dead. His brother Roger and I both tried unsuccessfully to get Bobby's eyes to shut. It just wouldn't happen. I guess that was Bobby's way of letting us know that he had one more thing to say.
Please forward this message to everyone you know who would be blessed by the photo and info. To my knowledge, it represents the first time that a "ghost" was ever photographed by appointment.
All Blessings,
Mark Andrews

The DNA Star    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Hidden Meanings    (all articles by this author)

Notice: much new material has been added to the DNA page on the Web site Please, take a look and let me know your thoughts.

Now for this message, which I consider the most important one I have ever sent to you. Please take the time to read it. I promise you something startling, exciting and very rewarding.

I know you read a lot of stuff. I know that it can become difficult to plow through all of this material.
I beg of you to please read this. It is by far the most important message I have ever shared with you.
Eta Carinae is the DNA star and it is making its move. Please read this!


Last month I shared with you the work of Jeremy Narby of Stanford University who reached the amazing conclusion that the way that Shamans of the Amazon jungle were learning how to combine plants for healing was via messages coming from the plants themselves in DNA.

In other words external DNA was communicating with the Shamans DNA which caused neurons to fire to the brain resulting in healing knowledge. Now news reports just released state that scientists in more sophisticated surroundings are finding the source of healing of things such as cancer and AIDS to rest at the same magic strand we call DNA.

Reuters News Agency 7/16/99 LONDON:? British scientists are working on new gene therapy techniques . Researchers at Britain's Institute of Cancer Research are testing a technique to switch on inactive chemotherapy drugs to kill cancerous cells. In the pro drug therapy, the scientists inject bacterial genes, wrapped in a virus directly into the tumor. The genes trigger an enzyme in the cells which switch on the inactive chemotherapy treatment.

NEW YORK (Associated Press) 7/16/99. Researchers have identified a mutant gene that may be responsible for a severe kind of back pain. According to scientists at MCP Hahnemann University in Philadelphia, the mutated gene alters part of an important structural protein inside the disk cell collagen IX preventing it from forming into the correct shape. The DNA of the extended families of four of the nine patients with the defect revealed a total of 23 relatives with the mutation, all of whom suffered disk problems.

Associated Press, David Kinney? 7/30/99
Researchers for the first time have created a cancerous human cell by genetically altering a normal one. An important step toward developing drugs that could one day wipe out cancer. Biologists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that they can create a cancerous cell with specific genetic flaws in a lab. The next step is trying to find drugs that correct those errors. This research is a relatively new approach to treating cancer. Scientists believe that attacking the underlying genetic flaws would not only be more effective but would also spare patients the side effects of chemotherapy.

Consider the Shamans of the Amazon jungle. Their DNA was told of these things by external DNA. Could it be possible that in this age of Aquarius external DNA is communicating to the scientists of the West and bringing them face to face with the key that unlocks the door to universal healing. If your friends wonder the benefits of New Age or Aquarius, wouldn't curing cancer be sufficient?

Isn't this amazing? Religious people have been warning the world about the dangers of the New Age and yet it is the magnetism of the New Age of Aquarius that is providing scientists with the light to cure cancer and AIDS and the rest of the killer diseases by correcting mutant DNA.

It's like the Bible said. They call good evil and evil good. And remember you read it here. The total cure for cancer via DNA is very close at hand.

Here we see defective DNA.? An ominous hump in the strand. The strand is opened by Protein Enzyme. Good DNA is then located and duplicated. It is then pasted where the bad was. The opening is then sealed up.

Here we are pursued by the enemy, defective strands of DNA. Protein Enzyme opens up the walls. The walls are rolled back. A way is made across. Then the wall is sealed up and we have arrived at the promised land, the place of healing.

Remember? God told Moses to throw down his rod and it became a Serpent. The Serpent is the double helix DNA.

We see the opening of the defective DNA and we consider that as the Red Sea. The opening of the Red Sea was when Moses raised his rod above it.? The rod as we know became a serpent which is DNA. Now, what is it that actually changes the defective DNA? Protein Enzyme.

The word Protein is the translation of a Greek word that means FIRST. The word Enzyme is the translation of a Greek word that means LEAVEN.? Are we being told that our Protein will not open the way and cause the healing, we need cosmic Protein.? So we must kill the first born, (depend not on yourself). Are we being told that our Enzyme? will not open the way and cause the healing, we need cosmic leaven. So we must clean the leaven out of the house (depend not on yourself).

On 6/3/99 scientists observed a star erupting in such a way as to triple its energy in invisible light. Astronomers said that Eta Carinae was not supposed to do this. Kris Davidson a University of Minnesota astrophysicist said, ?This is weird, we don't understand. There are 6000 stars in the sky visible to the naked eye, we understand them all with the sole exception of Eta Carinae.?

The article goes on to say that ?for awed watchers on earth it was as if a light bulb in heaven was suddenly turned on.?

What is so special about this. Protein changes DNA. A root of the word 'protein' is prow which is the KEEL OF A SHIP.? The strange star now being observed is Eta Carinae. Eta means Seventh.

Carinae means ?THE KEEL OF A SHIP?. Is Eta Carinae the force that will change universal DNA and bring forth the new consciousness?

Cosmic DNA is about to open the way. Cancer, AIDS, etc., will be healed totally within a year or two. The Cosmic Serpent will entwine with our injured serpent and a whole new consciousness will descend upon the earth. I will share more with you about the specifics as to what is about to happen, shortly.


One last thought. In 1985 Russian cosmonauts were alleged to have seen seven angels while looking out the window of their spaceship. Can you guess where these seven were spotted.? That's right, Eta Carinae. The seventh ship. It's light is searching for you.

If you can help with this work, please, whatever you can send would be so meaningful. Thank you.

To read further Evidences to the subject presented above, we address you to Hidden Meanings website (

More than Evidence: Communication    (view on a separate page) (more articles about aliens)
Author: Tom Hackney    (all articles by this author)

On the 500th anniversary of Columbus's discovery of America (Oct. 12, 1992), the Ames Research Center (NASA) launched the world's first major "search for extraterrestrial intelligence" project. This "milestone" event was historically momentous representing a kind of "coming of age" for our species: this was the first time mankind decided to have a good look around for intelligent neighbors.

A few days earlier (Oct. 9, 1992), a most unusual and uncanny meteor impact event occurred as if to augur NASA's Quincentennial launching of the High Resolution Microwave Survey. At a little before 8 p.m., a large lime-green fireball was spotted by thousands heading northeast from West Virginia to New York, where a 27 pound meteor fragment was recovered after hitting the back end of a parked Chevrolet in Peekskill, NY. Being the first meteorite ever filmed and recovered, the Peekskill fireball was the most fully documented, widely seen and publicized meteorfall in meteoritic history.

The map shows the flight path of the fireball as determined from 14 amateur videos collected and studied by an international team of scientists and published in "Nature" magazine. As you'll note, the 700 km flight path forms the hypotenuse of an isosceles triangle (i.e. two equal sides) whose opposing angle marks the location of Washington D.C., an observation made notable by the fact that HRMS was a federal (congressionally funded) NASA project.

I have compiled approximately thirty (30) articulating details of the Peekskill Event in a web called "EtiGrail." The URL is: Below are three of the thirty Peekskill Event "coincidences" noted there:

1) A perfect isosceles triangle is formed by connecting the recorded fireball's atmospheric genesis point (a known point), landing or endpoint (also known) and Washington DC. The key word here is "perfect."

2) The point in the fireball's flight path where it was first observed (a known point) put it directly parallel to the Green Bank Observatory. The NRAO, as you may know, participated in the HRMS, alien-hunting project; The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is also known as the birthplace of the SETI paradigm (it's where Frank Drake conducted the first SETI in 1960). The key words here are "directly parallel."

3) The 27-pound fragment recovered in Peekskill destroyed a car's right rear signal-light, a 3" x 13" target, and nothing else. The key words here being "and nothing else."

The uncanny precision with which these and many other results are known make an apt response from the very one or ones NASA-Ames was looking for. And given the fact that "smart missiles" were all the rage in 1991 (re Iraq), the word "Peekskill" -- e.g. "peek (at OUR) skill" -- seems especially apropos.

Ordinarily, one would laugh off these curiously apt details as coincidence or as the product of an overactive imagination, but this was hardly an ordinary circumstance. What these details allude to is nothing less than the first ET-Human contact. Just because we cannot conclusively resolve the actual cause of this event as being either cosmic "luck" or consummate "skill", this in itself did not preclude communication. Indeed, such a "plausibly deniable" alien response to HRMS may have been quite deliberate so as to avoid interfering too excessively with the normal course of human history or starting a worldwide panic. From the aliens' perspective, such a strategy would have been both logical and prudent.

It is often said that if one looks hard enough at any event one can always find meaning. Psychologists refer to this as "free association." Here again we cannot preclude the possibility that aliens are very aware of how their "signal" would be perceived. We are not elucidating objective phenomena here (stars, quasars, etc.) but, rather, intelligent minds with their own logical agenda.

Yet it is still possible to test the validity of this theory of extraterrestrial contact by substituting randomly generated detail-values for those found articulate. When we do this, we find no natural propensity for strong articulation. For example, nothing conveys the aptness of Peekskill; try this with fifty randomly generated towns and you'll see what I mean. The choice of Peekskill was perfectly apt under the circumstances. If we try the same random test with all the other details discerned, the results are similar.

What is the probability of all 30 parameters noted being so "right on" under the historic circumstances? It's like rolling dice 30 times and getting 'snake eyes' every time. It just doesn't happen -- not unless the dice are loaded. I believe the dice are quite loaded in this supremely and scientifically documented case.

What separates this event from all other ET-related cases is that 1) it does concern UFOs, and 2) it is not spurious but fully and scientifically documented; there is no question that the event happened. The 27-pound meteorite and the car it impacted were exhibited together in the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, the premiere natural history museum in the world, for a year.

I hope you'll have a look at EtiGrail and let me know what you think.

All the best,
Tom Hackney

The path of the Peekskill fireball

Millennium Pilgrimages    (view on a separate page)
Author: Ra Kendra    (all articles by this author)

03 - 15 NOVEMBER 1999

MILLENNIUM PILGRIMAGES will be to 12 power seats over a span of three years (1999 - 2001). This is the manifestation process of inner pilgrimages as an implementation of an inner directive perceived by Rashmi Tolentino-Singh. It started with the powerful Pilgrimage to Kedarnath (Himalayas) on July 16 - 27, 1999. The idea is for a group of inspired beings to anchor new energies within the force field of places held sacred over the ages, an intent for the greater well-being of Earth through intensive meditation and purification practices.
It is enhanced by an intensive multi-dimensional workshop on discipleship. The intensive workshop guides participants into making quantum leaps to new ways of doing within the path of the sage. The process includes the discovery, remembrance and unfoldment of links between the known ways and new ways which could result in life changes as yet unforeseen.
The preparation for these pilgrimages involve a careful selective process of arrangements deemed appropriate for the nobility of the hearts of the participants and the value of their presence on Earth at this time.


?KEDARNATH (HIMALAYAS) 15 - 27 July 1999
?GREAT PYRAMID (EGYPT) 03 - 15 November 1999
?BURUBUDUR (JAVA) 07 - 15 December 1999
?KYOTO (JAPAN) September 2000
?YUCATAN (MEXICO) January 2001
?DARJEELING (HIMALAYAS): Millennium Peace Conclave WESAK 2001
?AYER'S ROCK (AUSTRALIA) December 2001

THE CHELA AS HEALER starts at Karnak, Luxor and Abydos where the group will work with the temple energies in preparation for the work at the Great Pyramid, the primary focus of this event. The group will be in Giza after the "return of the Light" (Diipavali). There will be visits to Alexandria (seat of esotericism during Cleopatra's time), Cairo Museum; New, Old and Coptic Cairo; Citadel; Mohamed Ali mosque; shouq; etc. The tours will be led by professional guides and Egyptologists. The integral workshop under the guidance of Ravi and Rashmi Singh will explore the conscious work of the disciple in its mastery as healer, an affirmation of the oneness of the individual and the collective. The process will focus on sound and breath. There will be no lectures. There will be ample time for individual activities.

For more information on how to participate, e-mail to Ra Kendra, Centre for Wholistic Wellness & Studies - (, reference - Project X Newsletter.

The Gathering    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: TC Kinncannon    (all articles by this author)

My name is TC Kinncannon. I am the fifth generation granddaughter of Captain Ketchum, the last lineal chief of the Delawares. Nearly five ago I began a journey into the unknown. There are many legends that say before the one comes to bring peace and reunite the tribes as one that the white buffalo must be born. People must return to their old ways and the lost or the children from the tribes must be returned. On February 8, 1995 the search for the lost was begun. An Indian boy, an enlightened being, came, saying that he acts as a messenger for lost, abandoned, abused and abducted children both in spirit and on the earth plain. I was stunned that he came to me, but no longer am I stunned as I work to bring the children home and bring forth their truth. He also speaks of a gathering of the Lakota in the spring. At that time children from the spirit world will begin re-entering the earth plane to act as guides for their families and loved ones in the changing times ahead. I am to tell the story and bring forth their truth which is what I am doing in the book that has just been written. In the book the indian boy leaves clues for us to follow as we search for the children and yes we do find them, but many remain to be located and their truth known. That is why there is a book. The book will act as a guide for people to help recognize a child that they might know or have known. Not all of the children are in spirit and that is when the story really gets interesting. I am now exhuming bodies to find the truth which I am told will cause a big boom. That's fine, because I have my paperwork together so it can't disappear. As a missing persons investigator for many years I know how to find people. I must say learning to work in the worlds of spirit was something new. I had to learn that the logic I have always used here in my work doesn't apply there. However, common sense is key when working with spirit. What I am asking is that you and others spread the word about the book and the importance of the message it brings out to all of us.
At this time I am working with another person who is friends with Art Bell, so I am hopeful that I will be doing his show. I am set for the Purcell show on October 17, 1999, and the Roseanne show has contacted me. I am publishing the book myself as I won't allow the truth to be changed. I will travel speaking to groups and do whatever necessary to bring out the truth. Some call this the lifting of the veil and I would say that may well be, but for sure this is the Gathering. The book is written as a journal so people can see how this was accomplished. I am told that this has never been done before. I can say that I had never in my career ever located a person before using only clues from the spirit world. I have located almost twenty of these children so far and all with clues given and nothing else. The case spans many years and started out as a child walking out of a closet in a house and asking two other children if they would like to play with him? The same spirit child has played with children in house starting in the early sixties and coming forward today. This same child also playing with children on the east coast at this same time. I asked him how many people will know you? He said millions will know me I am a friend to those who need a friend. I have a psychic sketch of him that several children and adults have recognized. The sketch is part of the book and I believe many people will come forward that know him or knew him at one time. I would be willing to say that each one will refer to him as my best friend.
That seems to be the rule of thumb when I ask them what they remember about him or what do they think of him? Some say that he is a guardian angel I say he is very special and that GOD sent him here to give us HOPE. Below is information on ordering the book. I would appreciate you sharing this information with people. Getting out the truth and finding these children is now my purpose. The sales from this book will keep the investigations going and help us find the children and the truth.
Thank You
TC Kinncannon

The book can be ordered at:
Morning Star Publishing
P. O. Box 410227
Kansas City, Mo.
At this time I accept only mail orders and cashier checks. Credit card orders will be available in a few weeks. No personal checks, no cash.
USA- Price 24.95 plus 4.00 shipping.
Outside the USA 34.95 includes shipping.

Editorial note: this section was not in any way published as a commercial advertisement, but as our recognition of the importance of the above message.

The Channeler's Rant    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Reference: "The Brain Wave Diary" (August 27, 1999)

Today I break the mold for I present to you raw, unadulterated channeling out of the ~(Wave)~ through my body and right out of my fingertips into the keyboard. This is freestyle channeling at its finest.

-WARNING- Do NOT attempt this at home * VBS *

I make no attempt to translate the rant -- that is your duty. Somewhere within the rant you may find a gem. If you do please let me know.

Before I present the result of the rant, a set-up for the event is in order.

For those familiar with my work, 1979 saw the conclusion to one of my strongest compulsions, I arrived at the Rocky Mountains in western Canada, a pilgrimage implanted within my psyche during a memorable UK, night time encounter with a strange flying craft back in 1960.

The high point of my wilderness sojourn, high in the Rocky Mountains turned out to be a pre determined 1980 "appointment meeting" with a "dall sheep" who I knew to be the "Kootenay Ram" from information given to me way back in my childhood. The "Kootenay Ram" meeting gave me the significance of 2012 and a curious slab of provided words which later "poured" from my fingertips into my newly acquired (at the time) Commodore VIC20 computer keyboard and subsequently onto the tape cassette -- the hard drive of the day.

It is the result of this channeling rant (my expression for auto typing incoming ~(Wave)~ stuff), that I present for your consideration below. The piece has ultimate significance for me because it represents the corner stone, heart and the very kernel of my entire belief system. In it I see the answers to everything I ever pondered.

How about you?

Reference "Brain Wave Diary" (1980)

://Begin rant

To the questioner becomes the answers, to the insightful becomes the meaning. When it becomes time to shut down the lights of this cycle of civilization as the last one of you departs, what duty must be done for those coming after? Engineer big ones again to last ten million years for they will obliterate your every trace and replenish the livingness of the dirt and render materials for use in ages to come. Perchance, random dance of chance are flights of fancy.

Gather you all now that have ever been and reconstitute by joining into one again for you are now the culmination of all possibilities and experience grouped. Again you are the all-knowing, all-powerful, equal dark with equal light. In this timeless state you are organizing as one thought with one mission. It is exactly the same as ever it was again, the big ones are completed so begin it all again.

The firmament awaits the re-seeding and it must be done so we may be unto eternity. Once there is something, nothing can ever be again. Wheels within wheels. On the millionth time each time, all matter must be drawn back, joined and put asunder as before. Flung far out the bits will do their part as they forever will. They will arc around and return unerringly to their place of start and meld once more into the oneness of creation. The first was born of titan forces; nothing could ever be so something had to become. The irresistible against the immovable makes something; it made light and dark, space and energy -- the value of one and the value of zero.

A silent flash putting the impossibility of nothing to where it belongs.

From these two facts, zero and one, all may be known. All that may be known is traceable back to these two facts. Remembering all answers is not needed for knowing just this is to know everything. The count of particles is the same each time and the purpose of each is absolute. The rules are fixed the result can never differ because of it. You have this fact and you have everything.

That which you call star provides fuel and hiding. Some will seek to avoid rightful destiny and place themselves between the firmament and the light to be unseen as they sleep unnaturally. Your brutish activity awakens them and they come to see. They have not hope for they are disconnected from their time. Avoid these for they bode no well. Separated from their time and kind they are doomed until eternity -- learn well from their cheating ways.

Purest energy near to perfection is doomed to fade no matter time. Replenishment must be the way. Near perfection self-destructs to achieve immortality. State conversion gives cyclic rebirth. Build up, tear down, build up, tear down. Remaining near perfect is certain demise. Cheating the purpose is certain demise. Near perfection would just be -- until drained away though self-consumption. All light can never be. All dark can never be.

Positive and negative, light and dark, bring on the struggle, bring on growth, bring on rediscovery because of this. Light must fade and darkness always appears to succeed, it does not for it is self-defeating. Perfect darkness cannot be achieved without making all light again. On off, on off so it will always be, again and again forever.

No matter your moves within the nothingness the very center is where you are and where you will always be.

Mind with your cycle for it can be joy or agony as you please it to be. You are one with your cradle and each and another not apart from it or them. Then so it and they , feel your inflicted pain and moves not to hurt. Treat all well to quell the writhing, your reward for this is joy.

://End rant


Respectfully submitted by Doug Lewis
(AKA) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends * S *
@ the site for sore eyes

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

"Don't let the yesterday take too much of the today!"

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