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The Channeler's Rant

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 23, 1999

Reference: "The Brain Wave Diary" (August 27, 1999)

Today I break the mold for I present to you raw, unadulterated channeling out of the ~(Wave)~ through my body and right out of my fingertips into the keyboard. This is freestyle channeling at its finest.

-WARNING- Do NOT attempt this at home * VBS *

I make no attempt to translate the rant -- that is your duty. Somewhere within the rant you may find a gem. If you do please let me know.

Before I present the result of the rant, a set-up for the event is in order.

For those familiar with my work, 1979 saw the conclusion to one of my strongest compulsions, I arrived at the Rocky Mountains in western Canada, a pilgrimage implanted within my psyche during a memorable UK, night time encounter with a strange flying craft back in 1960.

The high point of my wilderness sojourn, high in the Rocky Mountains turned out to be a pre determined 1980 "appointment meeting" with a "dall sheep" who I knew to be the "Kootenay Ram" from information given to me way back in my childhood. The "Kootenay Ram" meeting gave me the significance of 2012 and a curious slab of provided words which later "poured" from my fingertips into my newly acquired (at the time) Commodore VIC20 computer keyboard and subsequently onto the tape cassette -- the hard drive of the day.

It is the result of this channeling rant (my expression for auto typing incoming ~(Wave)~ stuff), that I present for your consideration below. The piece has ultimate significance for me because it represents the corner stone, heart and the very kernel of my entire belief system. In it I see the answers to everything I ever pondered.

How about you?

Reference "Brain Wave Diary" (1980)

://Begin rant

To the questioner becomes the answers, to the insightful becomes the meaning. When it becomes time to shut down the lights of this cycle of civilization as the last one of you departs, what duty must be done for those coming after? Engineer big ones again to last ten million years for they will obliterate your every trace and replenish the livingness of the dirt and render materials for use in ages to come. Perchance, random dance of chance are flights of fancy.

Gather you all now that have ever been and reconstitute by joining into one again for you are now the culmination of all possibilities and experience grouped. Again you are the all-knowing, all-powerful, equal dark with equal light. In this timeless state you are organizing as one thought with one mission. It is exactly the same as ever it was again, the big ones are completed so begin it all again.

The firmament awaits the re-seeding and it must be done so we may be unto eternity. Once there is something, nothing can ever be again. Wheels within wheels. On the millionth time each time, all matter must be drawn back, joined and put asunder as before. Flung far out the bits will do their part as they forever will. They will arc around and return unerringly to their place of start and meld once more into the oneness of creation. The first was born of titan forces; nothing could ever be so something had to become. The irresistible against the immovable makes something; it made light and dark, space and energy -- the value of one and the value of zero.

A silent flash putting the impossibility of nothing to where it belongs.

From these two facts, zero and one, all may be known. All that may be known is traceable back to these two facts. Remembering all answers is not needed for knowing just this is to know everything. The count of particles is the same each time and the purpose of each is absolute. The rules are fixed the result can never differ because of it. You have this fact and you have everything.

That which you call star provides fuel and hiding. Some will seek to avoid rightful destiny and place themselves between the firmament and the light to be unseen as they sleep unnaturally. Your brutish activity awakens them and they come to see. They have not hope for they are disconnected from their time. Avoid these for they bode no well. Separated from their time and kind they are doomed until eternity -- learn well from their cheating ways.

Purest energy near to perfection is doomed to fade no matter time. Replenishment must be the way. Near perfection self-destructs to achieve immortality. State conversion gives cyclic rebirth. Build up, tear down, build up, tear down. Remaining near perfect is certain demise. Cheating the purpose is certain demise. Near perfection would just be -- until drained away though self-consumption. All light can never be. All dark can never be.

Positive and negative, light and dark, bring on the struggle, bring on growth, bring on rediscovery because of this. Light must fade and darkness always appears to succeed, it does not for it is self-defeating. Perfect darkness cannot be achieved without making all light again. On off, on off so it will always be, again and again forever.

No matter your moves within the nothingness the very center is where you are and where you will always be.

Mind with your cycle for it can be joy or agony as you please it to be. You are one with your cradle and each and another not apart from it or them. Then so it and they , feel your inflicted pain and moves not to hurt. Treat all well to quell the writhing, your reward for this is joy.

://End rant


Respectfully submitted by Doug Lewis

(AKA) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends * S *

@ the site for sore eyes

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #22

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