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America: Home of the Brave, Land of the Old Ones?

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 23, 1999

Alexander Aldarow's exclusive report on his journey to USA, with the help of Tiamat and Layla's input

Before I start my tale about one of my personal turning points of this year, my trip to the Western Hemisphere, I just want to warn everybody, that I am not trying to hurt anybody's patriotic feelings. I know for sure, that all the Americans among my devoted readers are great educated and spiritual people. However, the energy and the unholy presence I felt while being in the States left me wondering whether this country truly deserve to be the world's leader and protector.

Several signs of hope and future changing for the better, as the past was unveiled before me, did show up on my way to the North America: the feeling of independence in the airport; the beautiful lakes of Canada, where we landed to refuel; and finally the shadow of the plane itself, chasing us on the layer of clouds, as we flew along the East shore. Since the sun was on the opposite side, the shadow was surrounded by two astounding circles of rainbow-colored auras, the second one, a smaller circle, was centered around the area of the plane were I actually sat. The rainbow always symbolized hope for me, especially when I saw it in my dreams. This was not a dream, however, although many things happened to me later that usually occur only in my nocturnal visions. I will touch those events as briefly as possible.

The moment I stepped out of JFK airport, after being met by family members, I felt home-sick. As we drove through New York's streets and highways, the feeling of unease increased. The VIBE here was different, alien to me. And the architecture of the Big Apple... well, we will leave the most shocking discovery to the end.

Don't take me wrong. There were many bright spots on my journey - the not-so-paranormal ones included: the Big Aquarium in Brooklyn (or was it Queens?); the Bronx Zoo; the Ripley's "Believe It or Not!" museum in Atlantic-city; the guided tour to Washington, D.C.; and many more. But what stroke me more, was the revelations about the family past I was told. I finally, after some 11 years, found out why exactly my parents got divorced, but I won't bore you with that, don't worry. The second family secret, a much more elder one, left me in awe. My father's brother told me the origins of my actual last name (it's not Aldarow, as many of you already guessed, but for the world I remain Aldarow, for it is my spiritual name), and as he did, I felt as if a tremendous chasm of time opened beneath my feet, and I sensed the deepest connection with centuries and millennia, that preceded me. It appears - and this is a complete truth - that I am the last male descendant of the great Rashi - ask any scholar of Judaica and Judaism, and he will tell you for hours about Rashi and his interpretations for Tanach (the original Bible, a.k.a. the Old Testament). Rashi lived some thousand years ago, and communicated DIRECTLY with God. His family, whose roots go even further than thousand years, had a big influence at the Spanish king's court, and the king sometimes loaned money FROM them. That, of course, lasted until the Inquisition transferred the Jews out of Spain. But that's not what was important. I almost gasped for the air, amazed by the knowledge that such a significant and divine man was in my genealogical history and memory. Several days later, in a dream I had, I fully accepted the idea of being the descendant of the great Rabbi Rashi, and in that dream I entered a meditation to fight a demon named Shanagarai (?) (Hebrew name) / Synegurium (?) (Russian/Latin name). Could it also mean Shub-Niggurath, one of the Forbidden Names?

Oh, yes, the period of American dreams. I was at the secret hospital, guarded by soldiers. I had an OBE - inside a dream! I found myself trapped in the future, where was no interest toward any kind of supernatural, and as I heard of dusty time capsules in the near museum, me and a girl held hands and ran there together, hoping that they will bring us back to our time. I communicated with someone in my dreams...

I found someone, someone whom? I apparently loved thousands of years ago, in another reality, but now I lost her again, and it is probably my fault. Fate has a strange sense of humor, when it plays with the mortals.

To sum up, I cannot deny the multiple positive aspects of the travel. I did things I don't normally do back in Israel, saw new places, met new faces, and bought myself a lace with the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye on it, to wear on the neck. Which brings me to the evil part of my journey's journal.

The founding fathers were Masons - it is almost a known fact. Masons, like Illuminati, or the legendary Anne Rice's Talamasca, were undoubtedly engaged in the occult - the Kabbala, Egyptian magick, secret cults. Just look at any dollar banknote - you will see the same Eye again, inside a pyramid, monitoring you from every corner and high window. The occult, the esoteric - but dark - arts were one of their means to gain the world domination, one world government, a New World Order.

So far the facts any Fox Mulder wannabe will spill to you. Now to my own revelations.

Have you ever noticed the particular architecture most of New York possesses? The stone jungle? The gloomy tenements, ominously looming everywhere, containing in their concrete caves unspoken crimes and foreign rituals? The gigantic skyscrapers, like threatening mountains of forgotten past? The people, with glazed looks, with nothing but greed and gluttony driving their black hearts? Doesn't it sound familiar? If it doesn't yet, open any of Lovecraft's stories, where he speaks of sleeping ancient towns, awaiting their merciless resurrection, and of visions of the future, with chaotic hordes of inhuman sects, flooding the doomed streets, praising the comings of their demonic gods.

The resemblance of American reality to the Necronomical Apocalypse didn't entirely unfold to me, until we had to drive via the Verrazona bridge, that connected the Staten Island to the rest of NYC, and I 'totally freaked myself out', when I saw the titanic arch we had to pass through. The pictures drawn by the probably insane by then hand of H. P. Lovecraft came alive. I was literally terrified; never before in my life I was surer - this was the Gate, and the entire metropolis of New York City was planned to serve as the Old Ones' new dwelling! This is not New York, this is New R'Lyeh! Days later, our tour guide informed us that the Verrazona bridge was planned in the 60s by an Arab architect - any connection to Al Azif, the author of the first Necronomicon? The Necronomicon, by the way, unlike Lovecraft's tales, is not a fictional book.

Again, let me remind you that these are not some paranoiac ramblings. The knowledge, its most delicate forms, can come through dreams, visions, enlightenment, divination, and many more ways. The Old Ones exist, still mostly captured in some interdimensional trap, but it took a simple tourist like yours truly to discover their evil presence in USA. Everywhere I looked afterwards, every scene and sight I beheld, showed me how it all is speeding up toward the return of the prehistoric pandemonium. New York, in my opinion, was meant to be for the Old Ones and their deranged followers, and you can forget about democracy under the reign of Cthulhu's tentacles, forgive my weird sense of humor.

This is the truth as it was revealed to me. This is the new - but also the Old - conspiracy theory. The shootings all over the country, especially in places where the Chosen children study (schools, Jewish center, a church) are a part of Their preparation.

As soon as I realized this diabolic plan, the vile (an anagram of 'evil') forces were released. Floyd was their manifestation. Layla warned people of the coming storm days before it actually started - and all those who participated in our Open Forum debates were prepared. Realizing that they cannot harm me, the Old Ones tried to get to me through my closest friend, Tiamat, by heading toward Florida. Here is where Tiamat's experiences step forward. First of all, she dreamt of Community X recognized and honored among all cultures, in the papers, and I actually thought a day or so before that to rename our Project X, since now we represent a large world-spanning community. Then, in another dream, a man was asking her, what is the real reason the formation of a rainbow (remember?) follows a powerful storm [!]. He proceeded to ask it, in spite of being given the scientific answer. The third dream involved me telling her that the winds slowed a bit, but then we walked to the beach, where the winds increased - and the winds went on outside her house, even after waking up.

Now, to Tiamat's extremely powerful message:


?Meditation, 9.13.99

There were voices... not all in unison... some in one fragment, then others in a second fragment that began in the middle of the first fragment, and so on... quite similar to a "chorus", though the sounds ran at a faster rate (similar to my "telepathic radio" experience, but definitely different, emotionally and spiritually). Then there were screams. A monster-like sight towering over me (something large in size and shadowy, possibly a place in my mind that stores past lives, this could easily be channeled, and that could be what has inspired me in the past to perform my shadow art)... felt as though I was looking up and raised my arm over my head (at an angle) as if blocking an attack. My mind lost focus twice, but I squinted and regained focus within less than a second.

A glimpse of a futuristic city (dark and eerie)... on the way to connect with Alex... My guess is that it is a connection to present day New York City (a conjecture based on the information gathered from you, Alex). Made my connection with Alex, and then my connection with Rinor, though the connection with Alex was clearly on a stronger frequency than that with Rinor...

Thoughts on curvilinear things kept appearing... not actual sight... just thoughts. A great whirlwind in the water, this is where the "choral" sound came from, but something else... something about Florida being submerged (separate from meditation... I recall several months back, I spoke with somebody who had claimed that this would occur... the drowning of Florida, though it was theorized to occur during the Summer of '99. I also recall that my source "told" me to "seek high ground" when this event comes to be. Although he was wrong about the date, I do believe he is correct about the event. In concern about the floating theories I have heard, in comparison and contrast with my own insights, here I refer to Layla's "map", where the wave line marking areas of Central America, Texas, and Florida she had perceived as being the areas to suffer damages of hurricanes and tropical disturbances which follow unusual patterns, I do believe we should take into consideration that these are possibly the areas which will be submerged, or "drowned". When this will occur, I am not yet certain).

I first focused on the void... and of traveling... my mind flew among the clouds and high above desert... then water, in order to get to the whirlwind. As of late, something new has resurfaced. In the farthest recesses of my mind, I can remember seeing an image flashing similar to a relapse, or recurring memory of something new. It reminds me of the silent, yet disturbing image of Cthulhu, that I had seen at earlier times, in a book I once had. Although it was an original copy of TSR's "Deities & Demigods" (yes, the one with the Cthulhu Mythos), that is irrelevant. What is important is that the image was strikingly familiar.

Dear Alexander, please note that I am not searching for this information, in fact, it came to me, surprisingly.


Have you noticed the way the Floyd hurricane did an abrupt 135 degrees turn, before it actually wiped out the state of Florida, and continued in Northern direction? It may sound arrogant, imaginative or just stupid, but I think it was me. I challenged them, lured them to me, diverted their attack in order to protect my friend. Robert, another friends of ours, was also involved in controlling the weather. And as the skies poured down on the predestined city of New York, I fought the Old Ones all night long. Most of it I don't remember, naturally, but there was war... and there will be again. They cannot hurt me, so they try through my beloved ones. I won't tolerate it. I dreamt of the future map of the United States myself, years ago - and, well, there wasn't much left of it. Only fertile water for the deep ones and the sea monsters, I guess.

I don't want to frighten you, but these were the things I picked up during my stay in the Big (Rotten) Apple. It does not mean it will happen exactly the way I so pessimistically described. The Future hasn't happened yet; it is up to YOU to invert it. Stop chasing the material gain, be kind, be tolerate, be bright, smile to the others, and once you've achieved a spiritual enhancement to a certain level, help the others, share the joy and the wisdom with them, 'upgrade' your surroundings. Once you do, the Old Ones will indeed "STOP HERE!"

I am home now. Are you?

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #22

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