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Project Y Additions

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 23, 1999

To access our Project, devoted entirely for YOUR experiences, spiritual observations, metaphysical ideas and so on, click on this link: This is Your chance to permanently share with the rest of the on-line esoteric and enlightened community. Here is an interesting update recently made on Project - a new Section of divine poetry by Night. Behold an example of the poet's enchanted words:

"... but that is the lot we drew

and we are out of luck

one day we will be needed

and you may never know

for I am one of the touched

the chosen

wanted for soul

our sacrifice is great

for we know no love

we feel as if

we are outside

looking in

everyone is having fun

and we can't find

the door in

please do not help


for I believe it is us

who will help you

our lives aren't easy

as you can plainly


if we succeed

our destiny will

be complete... "

To read more, go to Project , click on 'Section', then on 'Night'.

The Section of The Communicator was also updated. Once in Project Y, after you have clicked on 'Sections', proceed to 'Original Six' in the list of the Sections. The Communicator is very active contributor to our Open Forum: The Writings on the Sacred Wall, as well as to Project X Newsletter. Read his latest message in its entirety, for it will be ruined for sure, if only a few separated lines are quoted.

The doors of our vast Library are always open to you, and you can start your own free Section there any time you wish.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #22

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