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Project X Newsletter Expanded, issue #21

August 26, 1999

1. Opening Words - Alexander Aldarow
2. Premonitions - Layla
3. The Internet is the Substitute for Telepathic Communication - Original Six
4. Earth's Acceptance into Galactic Federation - anonymous / author unknown
5. Responses, Visions and a Poem - Lady Tia
6. Return to the Past: the Playground - Rinor Zidran
7. Meditations of Elijah - Elijah
8. Brain Wave Diary - Doug Lewis
9. Today's Mail: Spiritual Homework Assignment - Elder
10. Hottest Parapsychological Websites - Alexander Aldarow
11. Closing Words

Opening Words    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Greetings, and welcome to the e-zine of the new millennium! We sincerely apologize it was delayed again this time, we needed more material to make the newsletter more interesting and full of various information and experiences. There are a few point we wish to touch before going to them.
First of all, we are tremendously grateful to our constant contributors, Elijah, Doug Lewis, Original Six, Tiamat; forgive us in case we had omitted someone's name by a chance. Your articles are priceless, since they give the diversity of different perspectives to the Newsletter, and for that, as well as for the outstanding quality of your works, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Next, to very important news. Original Six, whose article is also presented in today's issue, have suggested me something I was digesting in my mind for several days, and Tiamat and Rinor gave me further inspiration. Original Six, known today as C, have suggested that many people, who reach Project X site, are most likely looking to directly interact with it, with us, and something like a guestbook is merely one-way communication. Therefore, several days ago, I've installed a message board, Project X's Open Forum, linked to all of our webpages. It is our own newsgroup, so to speak! You are welcomed to visit it, dear readers, leave your comments, reply to what others had in mind, and we will have this newest spiritual feature on the road in no time! Just go to our site - the URLs are given below, and click on "Open Forum" link. Alternatively, you can simply follow this URL:, but do not forget to bookmark it. This is the place for you to meet like-minded people of the planet.
Finally, a few lines about the grim prophecies we so quickly seem to fall for. Recently I begin to believe more and more strongly that there will be no Final War, although some combats are possible. The humankind is awakening, and by all the means prevents the violent eruptions within itself. Still, however, there are some leaders who want to promote their bloody agendas of massacre, but the people are fed up with the archaic ideologies. More revolutions will sweep the planet, preparing the ground for the evolution. As for the natural disasters, the moment they happen, countries of the world are reaching out their hands, helping to restore the damaged areas, the way is happens today in Turkey. I know, it sounds way too optimistic, and we shouldn't neglect the possible dangers in our lives. But the message I wish to give is Hope. The Future WILL be better, and it is up on all of us to fulfill that dream. Today's dream is tomorrow's reality.

Premonitions    (view on a separate page) (more articles about dreams)
Author: Layla    (all articles by this author)

Recently I have been corresponding with Layla, who had events of precognitive knowledge. Something amazing - although tragic for the world - occurred in "real time", almost in front of my eyes, as you can read below.

Hello, Alexander:

I appreciate your taking the time to answer me, because I can understand perfectly well how busy you are with everybody trying to occupy your time. I promise not to bother you more than necessary.

1) I see widely varied things, such as...
a) With each child, I saw that I had conceived the minute it happened.
b) I can tell if a person is straight or not the very first time I meet him/her.
c) I saw that the first lady was going to have a problem. I didn't see what, but I knew that she was going to be OK.
d) I often foresee natural disasters. For example, many years ago, I was lying awake in my bed when I saw a humanoid entity covered with a hooded robe similar to a monk's. He bent over and whispered in my ear that there would be an earthquake. I immediately got up and prepared a suitcase with clothes and food for the whole family and a first aid kit. I then forced them to go to bed completely dressed for several days. Five days later an absolutely devastating earthquake occurred. A lot of people died. I actually heard the earth rumbling before the quake started, so when everything started shaking we were already outside the house.
e) Six years ago, I told my husband that I had seen the walls of the living room separating, a lot of water coming into the house, and a wind so strong that the tree branches were touching the pavement. (I had never seen a hurricane). Two days later it was announced on TV that a storm had developed in the Atlantic. It turned into Hurricane Andrew and destroyed our house.

2) The period of time between when I have a vision and something happens varies between an hour and six months

3) I have had extra-sensory perception since I was little, but if I'm worried about something, I don't have vision as often.

The problem is that I don't see complete details. For example; when my mother passed away, I saw my brother in a coffin. However, I realized that it was going to be my mother because, days later, I started to get a feeling that she was going to die soon. I knew that the cause would be something related to the head. One month later she died from an aneurism in her brain.

What I would like to find is a way to be able to see more clearly. When I see a plane crash, I would like to see the airline or flight number. It's not possible to warn anybody with this information. Do you know a way for me to be able to see details, so I can help people? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

{Aldarow's note: by the way, I am never to busy answering any of your letters, dear readers; in some cases, they can be merely postponed for more appropriate times.}
Anyhow, let us move to the second e-mail, and you will probably guess what half the way what it talks about.

First I would like to tell you that I had another vision. I was reading the newspaper and there was a title saying - "Earthquake in L.A. 6.5." There is going to be an earthquake, but I'm not sure if is going to be in L.A.

Sometime during the beginning of each year, I see the elements that are going to be active that particular year. This one was earth and water.

Looking for a way to be able to help people, I have read hundreds of books that have to do with parapsychology, oriental philosophies, astrology, etc. I've done yoga (exercises and philosophy). I even traveled to India and spent some time in an ashram, all the time looking for serious people who knew what they were doing and could help me develop this...

The other experience that I have had is OBE. One day I dented my new car. This annoyed me so much that I took a nap. I saw myself lying on the bed and my husband standing right outside the bedroom talking to the cleaning lady. I wanted to call him and tell him what had happened to my car, but I couldn't talk. I tried to move, but couldn't do it. I realized then, that I was out of my body, and that was why my body wouldn't respond. I saw myself going to where my car was, taking a hammer, getting into the car and banging out the dent. When I got up my nap, I ran to see my car. The dent was no longer there. My OBE is not as strong as my visions.

If any persons you trust want to get in touch with me, feel free to give them my Email address.

What terrified and yet excited me was the fact that the message was sent hours before the 6.8 shock in Turkey! Think about it. If there is anyone serious who wishes to contact Layla, the editors have her e-mail. The horrible earthquake, nevertheless, is, in my opinion, some sort of a manifestation of the apocalyptic prophecies we all are aware of.

Something else is going to happen, because two nights ago I saw hundreds of bugs coming out of the earth. When animals stampede, it means that a natural disaster is going to happen.

Las night I saw the word "Storm".

I want to alert people, and I've told you that I don't know how to go about obtaining more details. I need help, so I can help others.
Please, respond.


Project X has witnessed flocks and swarms before, of bees, sparrows and so on, and they were very unsettling and alarming signs.

The Internet is the Substitute for Telepathic Communication    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Original Six    (all articles by this author)

Dear Alexander,
Your energy must be unlimited. To maintain such a well done web site, along with your 'other' life, must take up most of your time. Since the posting of my message at the guestbook and at the newsletter, I have received a couple of productive communications from similar beings. Your time and energy, and those who help you, are valued by me.


I believe that at times, concepts are generated in the spiritual realm, and at a point in time, those same concepts manifest in the physical world. I believe that one of those manifestations is the internet. I will explain, but first... I believe that spiritual beings, the beings who occupy human bodies, are severely suppressed in many different ways. For instance, most all, if not all humanoids, have had their telepathic abilities suppressed from them. How and why that is can be discussed later. Back to the subject of the internet. I believe that the internet was a spiritual concept that has manifested into the physical world. I believe that the internet is here for us, not so we can shop 'on-line' or look-up dinosaurs, but as a substitute for telepathic communication. We are in a sense, communicating telepathically, via the internet. 'We' are seeking similar beings and why that is can be discussed later. Let us say that I am correct in my idea that the internet is a substitute for telepathic communication.
So what. So what, if it is not used for that. So what, if it is only used for or for chit-chat. If the internet is not used as a substitute for telepathic communication, to bring similars together for a purpose, then an important spiritual concept just 'sits on the shelf' without ever manifesting into action in the physical world. Action is senior to ideology. An idea of less value or of no or negative value, will triumph over an idea of superior value that does not get put into action. Action always triumphs over ideology. Action is senior to ideology. The only way that the spiritual concept of using the internet to bring spiritual allies together for a purpose will become senior over or chit-chat, is if the spiritual concept of bringing together spiritual allies together for a purpose is manifested into physical action. Correct, on-purpose action. If that concept is not put into physical action, then any other action, whether it be of less or negative value, will prevail.
How is the internet being used by most people? It is being used by most as a 'deflector'. A deflector from on-purpose communication. Communication that is not on-purpose or on-mission, is merely a deflection from purpose or mission. If the internet is here for 'us', to use as a substitute for telepathic communication, to bring similars together for a spiritual purpose, then most all of 'us' are merely using the internet as a deflector from purpose.
How is Alexander Aldarow and his gang of 'tigers' using the internet? I believe that he is on his own path and headed in the correct direction. And in the direction that we are headed, you had better be a tiger, and you had better be allied with a gang of tigers.
I am always in communication and I am looking forward to communicating with many of you. My address is:
Be sure and use your e-mail service to compose any messages to me. These links do not always work.
See you in the future. My spiritual name is F.

Earth's Acceptance into Galactic Federation    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: anonymous / author unknown    (all articles by this author)

What is going to happen here is big, very big. We are about to be accepted into the Galactic Federation. Have you not ever wondered why we have not been 'officially' contacted by the other beings in the universe? Because we had not yet reached a maturity level to do so. We would have had a inclination to think of them as 'gods', 'goddesses' or 'angels' (as we have done in the past by the way). How could we accept other races of life in the universe when we have not yet accepted the various races on our own planet? So they have stayed away or stayed close by watching. It is very important that we realize that what we do here not only affects the earth, but affects other planets in the various universes. We are far from isolated in the universe. I read that many of you are practicing out of body practices, this is good. But you may also try practicing speeding up your vibration to a point where you can teleport your entire body to another place. This may be necessary, because when this planet goes through the shift you will have to adjust to the increased vibration. If you practice now, you may be able to take your body with you. Many will just leave their bodies.
Many have incarnated to help with this. There is so so so much we are about to experience. Get ready for the ride, folks!

Responses, Visions and a Poem    (view on a separate page)
Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)

I loved the 20th newsletter. There are things I wish to share as usual.

For Rinor:
In "The Source," the tarot card you use to identify with the source, it is part of the Thoth tarot deck, I know, because I have this deck, and the image looked quite familiar to me. There is something I could never figure out about this card... at the top is the symbol of the sun, and at the bottom, my astrological sign, the symbol of the Capricorn. If either of you find that this means something, please let me know. Also, you mention hearing the voice of a female, then seeing her. Do you remember what day this event occurred? Reading this reminded me of the other night (I don't recall which night, though), when I was undergoing extreme concentration in order to link to you long enough to say a few things, and then to break the link so that I may link up with Alex, and then to another. It was a promising time for me, a very spiritually beneficial night to say the least.
If either of you recall receiving a message from me, please let me know.


At a friend's birthday the other day, I noticed a cloud formation in the form of a Dragon. This is most likely a sign from Robert that he is watching over me as usual.


I stood outside yesterday and watched as a storm moved in from all directions, yes, I mean all directions. The greatest connection with nature, as I find, is to be out, "in the storm" so to speak. The winds brought an air of peace and healing. There is a high attunement in watching the pine needles and leaves being blown from the trees to the ground, and being showered with them before the healing drops from the great sky.

That is all from me for now. I will talk with the both of you soon.
Love and Light, always,

P.S. Attached is the poem I wrote about the experience listed.

??? An Afternoon In Splendor

Oh great tree,
As I stand beneath thy leaves
The warmth of your green essence wraps me within.

A green healing energy rising from my feet, to my crown.
By your essence, I feel a healing within my soul.

Great Father Sky!
Your spirit whisps around me.
The breeze that moves the leaves of my beloved Mother.

An air unseen, the breath that enters my body and gives me knowledge.
By your essence, I grow wise.

??? 8/10/99


Added on 8/23/99:

I recently remembered a dream I had from a few days back. There is a place that was once mentioned to me by one of my best friends, what he calls, "the void". It is known as the "everything and nothing", the "within and without", the universe. In the dream, I was in this place, and could see nobody. Though all around me I heard what seemed to be voices from near and far. Since this has occurred before, while I was awake, I tell all that these are not voices, rather, thoughts. Thoughts of people from near and far. Unfortunately, I do not recall what the thoughts were of, but it was as if they were all speaking in separate conversations and at the same time as if they were all spoken to me. Almost like tapping into a "universal consciousness", if you will.

Return to the Past: the Playground    (view on a separate page) (more articles about else)
Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)

A few days ago I came to visit Aldarow, only to find out he wasn't home.
Aldarow lives in the same area I used to live in my childhood, so I took the advantage of him not being home and began my journey, the return to the past.
This return is not new for me, because I can come always to the place I used to live in the past. I do so, I stand in front of the four floor building, looking at the 4th floor which used to be mine, looking at the window that used to be the window of my room and also looking at the sign on the window in the living room saying "For Sale".
I always do it, so it is not new to me, but the feeling changes every time... everyday that passes is a day that passes, but when I look at the building I used to live in, walk in the parking lot and the area around, that day becomes a special one, that day is a day from 1985, 1986, it's the past again, and it's great, I smile, I hurt a bit in heart, I feel happy, glad to return, watching the people who live there now, trying to find maybe a couple of people that after 12 or 13 years are still there? I never do.
But that day I did something else as well, this house I see all the time, but there was another thing to do, it wasn't in my plans, it just happened...
I kept walking, surrounding the area and kept going, the area I once lived in and had friends, some are still there, some are not... but when I look at the last time at the sign on the window before I leave I can't help but wonder, what if I'll buy this house, return it to present, only I forget that I don't really know what that is that I want at this moment, not yet.
I kept walking, seeing the faces that are the present of that place now, walking and thinking, and smiling and thinking... and there it happened, the thing that wasn't planed, I reached the playground of the area, the same playground that I used to play and have my little fun as a child, a little kid; again, this wasn't new to me, I walk there with Aldarow always, but this time at 1 P.M. the playground was empty, so the thing happened, the thing in me that pushed me to sit in the playground... I chose a sit and sat there, under the tree, near the grass and the playground and just closed my eyes, held the Jasper at my hand (Jasper is a red-brown stone, it connects the soul to earth), and just listened to the past again, to the 80?s once again, nothing bothered me now, I didn't care about the people or teenagers that walked there and saw me, I smiled and was at the past, at the place I used to play as a child, at the place where I used to meet my friends and then go to grandma's? house for a drink and maybe supper as well, it was the past!
After half and hour to forty minutes I left, a smile on my face, a laugh in my heart and the past in my eyes, my past...

Meditations of Elijah    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Elijah    (all articles by this author)

This is what after a week of "no meditating " came to me in deep meditation that began this morning at 4:30 AM and ended at 7:30. This is to the Elect, the REMNANT, The "if you will " Sons of God.
The term "peak continuity " can be applied to Man and to God in this age.

The Message

A message to they who are to come, The Elect, The Remnant, the Chosen from among men. That you may know that "Now" are ye Sons of God indeed. And this is THE promise that he hath promised, even eternal life. But the anointing which you have received of him abides in you and ye need NOT that any man teach you, but as the same anointing hath taught you, and is true, and is no lie even as it hath taught you. You SHALL abide in him.
And "now" little children abide in him that when he shall appear we may have confidence and not be ashamed before him at his coming. For I reckon that the suffering of this present time are NOT worthy to be compared with the glory that SHALL BE revealed in US.
Beloved: NOW: are WE Sons of God and it does not yet appear WHAT we shall be, but we know that when he shall appear, we shall be like HIM, for we shall see him as he IS. There in is our love made perfect, that we my have boldness in the "day of judgment". Because, as he IS, so are we, in THIS world.
For I reckon that the suffering of this present time are NOT worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in US. Therefore we ARE buried with him by baptism into his death, that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the father, even so WE also should walk in newness of life.
Therefore if WE have been planted together in the likeness of his death WE SHALL also be in the likeness of of his " resurrection ".
For again say I, as he IS, SO, are, WE, in this world. And God has both raised up the Lord and will also raise up US by his own power.
Therefore we must ALL appear before the judgment seat of Christ . That every one may receive the things done in "his body " according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. Now if any man be in Christ he IS a "new" creature, old things are passed away. Behold ALL things are become new.
Again as he IS, SO are WE, in THIS world.

Be ye therefore NOT conformed to this world but be " transformed " by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what that good and acceptable and perfect will of God, IS.


To the chosen in these days

It is to the Chosen that I submit these words that they may know that they have LIFE, even unto "eternal life". Now should WE not be about THAT task? We should, WE WILL.
If God were to speak in these days would he not speak these these words? He would and has.
This message to the Elect write I unto you, do with them as you see fit.

The message for this present day

We are NOT coming unto the end, but unto the beginning. For He, declaring the end from the beginning, and speaking of things that are not as though they were. For He it is also who hath promised US eternal Life. This IS the "promise" that He hath promised US even eternal LIFE. The "spirit of Life" IS, all there is. there IS nothing more profound. Therefor know ye not? that The "Spirit of Life" in Christ Jesus hath made US free from the "law of sin" and "the law of death". He himself has said, I AM the way the truth and the Life. Know therefor hat I AM come that they might have life, and that THEY might have IT more abundantly. even unto eternal LIFE. For He has said: If a "man " keep my sayings, he shall "never" see death. As he said also unto Martha, I AM the resurrection and the Life, he that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live, But, he that "lives" and believes in me Shall, NEVER, DIE.
This may seem of no consequence at present, but the time WILL come, when this thought will sustain you in your time of troubles
Now this say I unto you, be ye of good cheer and fear not. And above all peace, ( of mind ) give I unto you, It IS mine to give. But there again it has been with you from the beginning.
The messenger

Brain Wave Diary    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)

Channeled by Doug Lewis

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (August 14th, 1999)

It is no secret I emphatically subscribe to a philosophy advocating extreme hope and salvation for our kind. In this regard I am the eternal optimist. At the turn of the first millennium in the year 999, some farmers were so influenced by talk of impending disaster for the first year of the new century, 1000 (Y1K), they felt it useless to prepare their land for planting for the upcoming season. They resigned themselves to a despicable fate as described by the doomsayers of the time. They were not disappointed for that year did prove disastrous for them. Hunger and misery.

Perhaps if someone had captured the headlines at the time with a positive spin on the date change, much of the ensuing misery for them and their families would have been avoided?

The Mayans fell victim to their own prophecy through passively being massacred by the invading, gold lusting Spaniards. Perhaps if a different interpretive spin had been put on the prophecy for the people the outcome would have been more constructive?

Note -- there are still farmers and there are still Mayans.

If nothing else, the farmers and Mayans did collectively exercise our most important attribute -- free individual will to choose our own destiny. That is why their are still some farmers and some Mayans!

A World the way a World should be accomplished by many doing a little good a lot. This is my credo and source for daily inspiration.

As world population passes the 6 billion figure it is hard for me to imagine we do not have the capacity to achieve that imagined, wondrous World. Many doing a little good a lot takes on a new significance. Weight of numbers is a heavy thing.

Lacking is a simple universal recipe -- one that can provide a common thread leading to a successful conclusion. With that in mind I asked for and received a channeled check list documenting what things constitute a focus for individual growth achievement. The result is directly supportive of the "Life Advocate Philosophy" espoused by me in previous submissions.

Please consider the provided check list a channeled attempt at disseminating a common, galvanizing life approach transcending traditional social bias and institution aimed at uniting humanity in our quest for what it is we truly desire.

Reference: The Brain Wave Diary: (October, 1995)

Day By Day

We can achieve a state of harmony and mutual benefit being one with our habitat and wanting not. If we take this on as our new vision, we are ready to acknowledge the dawning of the new order.

The ~(Wave)~ provided an action list for easy reference by those who wish to commit to the Mission. It should be kept close at hand -- for these are simple things to be practiced daily.

? Let no one depreciate your worth and value.
? Depreciate no others worth and value.
? Smile and greet a stranger.
? Signal your position through the blue and white symbol.
? Know and understand YOUR power.
? Build strength of spirit and faith through the courage of your conviction.
? Spread the word, communicate your convictions.
? Share truths with anyone within your sphere of influence.
? Grow -- replace beliefs with better beliefs as you find them.
? If you are well with your mind, assist the less fortunate to find wellness.
? Avoid the complex in favour of simple truths and realities.
? Avoid losing the simple point to the endless babble of complexity.
? Believe what you see, not what you think.
? Learn to ask and ponder questions to which you desire true answers.
? Listen to provided answers and proceed with confidence.
? Listen to the wisdom of the young.
? Convert chaos around you to a state of calm through insistent sense.
? Support approaches that lead away from conflict.
? Support approaches offering methods of technology and manufacture considerate of our environment.
? Support honesty in the leadership you elect.
? Encourage alternative candidates if choices lack conscience.
? Do not purchase what you do not need.
? Purchase items that are considerate to the environment.
? Check all premise personally before subscribing to them.
? Avoid compromising human integrity through wrong prioritization.
? Become the governing bodies of the world through accepted, established methods.
? Open your mind to the possibilities of veiled talents. The mind is mostly uncharted and hides amazing potential.
? Laugh a lot, for surely humour is the centering mechanism of the soul.
? Treat others as you would like to be treated.

All truths are invariably simple. We sometimes pass them up for they seem too ? well, simple and shallow for our purpose. If something rings true for you, it probably is.

I have many more truths to share, but they must wait. This book needs to be slender for easy reference in daily doings. It needs to be portable and convenient to keep about. This will provide sufficient momentum to start the transformation process.

Simply seek and heed the Wave.
A World the way a World should be.
Whose World?
Why, YOURS of course!
I would delight in sharing IT, if I may?
* * * *

Respectfully submitted by:
Doug Lewis (AKA) WaveWarrior, WW to my friend *VBS*
At the site for sore eyes

Today's Mail: Spiritual Homework Assignment    (view on a separate page) (more articles about guidance)
Author: Elder    (all articles by this author)

Hello fellow spirit,
I am known as "Elder". I am sending this message from an associate's email site. I can be contacted there.
I would like to place a homework assignment for all who attend your sites, in Projects X and Y, to elevate their personal frequency vibrational level so that the Earth-Shan's continuing rising harmonics (Schumann's Resonance) will not cause distress within their etheric beings/bodies. Also, to allow them to pass through the "veil/portal" when the time comes for Earth-Shan to move to the next dimensional level.
Those beings who are not rising at a corresponding level with Earth-Shan are experiencing unidentifiable physical/mental/emotional distress. A sense of unexplained vulnerability is being felt.
Those who are not at an appropriate frequency level will not be able to 'pass' easily or at all and will be left behind on this level of existence of Earth-Shan... the diseased and distressed level.
It may be appropriate to place the assignment in your Newsletter instead of in your Project X and Y sites.
August 20, 1999?? -?? Part One

(Suggested Procedure)

The following list of "To Do's" is recommended for those who are interested in advancing themselves to a higher energy frequency so they will become more able to withstand the personal inner turmoil that is occurring as the Harmonic Frequency of Mother Earth-Shan continues to increase. (Earth-Shan is presently 13 Hz on the Schumann Resonance Scale).

1. Read the first two books of the Kryon series? Book I and Book II.

2. Request the "Neutral Implant" described in Books I and II.
?***(The word 'Implant' means a mental/emotional adjustment of your spiritual consciousness, NOT
?an ET abduction implant of a physical device.)***? Your request must be expressed with strong intent
?& desire that you receive the 'Neutral Implant' and it must be spoken OUT LOUD!!

3. Read Kryon Book III to learn how to 'co-create' the changes within yourself once you have requested the 'Neutral Implant'. This may be done while the 'Implant' process is occurring, but you may choose to wait until the process has completed.

***(Order the Kryon series from your neighborhood regular/metaphysical bookstores.)

4. Read the book entitled, "The Power of Twelve" by Anne Brewer. The book explains the process of connecting your 12 DNA strands to your spiritual consciousness. This does not refer to the physical connection. The book may not be available at your local bookstore, so it can be ordered from the company: "InterLink". The address & phone number are as follows:
5252 W. 67th Street
Prairie Village, KS 66028
(913) 722-5498, FAX = (913) 722-5497
Email =
Website =

?There are two parts to the process described in the book:
a. First -request the reconnection of your 12 DNA strands to your spiritual consciousness.
b. Second -request the 'Plugins' to your endocrine system (involves the 7 major chakras).
[You do not have to wait until the 12 DNA strands are reconnected; you may request the 'Plugins' at any time during the DNA reconnection process.]

You do not have to make your requests by performing the formal ceremony described in the book. But, you do need to express your request with strong intent and desire OUT LOUD that you are to receive the processes!!

The author was the guinea pig for the initial effort by the spiritual medical team. The process will be smoother and without the difficulties the author experienced now that the process has been perfected.

These four steps will provide you with additional growth, insight and abilities for your personal evolutionary development.

Hottest Parapsychological Websites    (view on a separate page)
Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)

Today we are giving you a list of websites were you can test your psychic abilities. If you do not consider them to be a serious trial of your powers, at least see them as something you can do for fun.

1) Electronic PSI Test ( - predict a card that conceals a circle.
2) ESP Cards ( - traditional Zener cards.
3) ESP Tester ( - guess the randomly chosen wheel's color.
4) Hexatron Psychic Trainer ( - yet another interactive Zener cards game.
5) Online Experiments ( - can you influence the Internet?
6) Uri Geller provides a test for your ESP powers (
7) Zak Martin's Online ESP Laboratory (

Closing Words    (view on a separate page)

"When you come to the edge of all the light you know, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen: there will be something solid to stand on or... you will be taught how to fly."

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