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Today's Mail: Spiritual Homework Assignment

Author: Elder    (all articles by this author)
Published on: August 26, 1999

Hello fellow spirit,

I am known as "Elder". I am sending this message from an associate's email site. I can be contacted there.

I would like to place a homework assignment for all who attend your sites, in Projects X and Y, to elevate their personal frequency vibrational level so that the Earth-Shan's continuing rising harmonics (Schumann's Resonance) will not cause distress within their etheric beings/bodies. Also, to allow them to pass through the "veil/portal" when the time comes for Earth-Shan to move to the next dimensional level.

Those beings who are not rising at a corresponding level with Earth-Shan are experiencing unidentifiable physical/mental/emotional distress. A sense of unexplained vulnerability is being felt.

Those who are not at an appropriate frequency level will not be able to 'pass' easily or at all and will be left behind on this level of existence of Earth-Shan... the diseased and distressed level.

It may be appropriate to place the assignment in your Newsletter instead of in your Project X and Y sites.



August 20, 1999?? -?? Part One


(Suggested Procedure)

The following list of "To Do's" is recommended for those who are interested in advancing themselves to a higher energy frequency so they will become more able to withstand the personal inner turmoil that is occurring as the Harmonic Frequency of Mother Earth-Shan continues to increase. (Earth-Shan is presently 13 Hz on the Schumann Resonance Scale).

1. Read the first two books of the Kryon series? Book I and Book II.

2. Request the "Neutral Implant" described in Books I and II.

?***(The word 'Implant' means a mental/emotional adjustment of your spiritual consciousness, NOT

?an ET abduction implant of a physical device.)***? Your request must be expressed with strong intent

?& desire that you receive the 'Neutral Implant' and it must be spoken OUT LOUD!!

3. Read Kryon Book III to learn how to 'co-create' the changes within yourself once you have requested the 'Neutral Implant'. This may be done while the 'Implant' process is occurring, but you may choose to wait until the process has completed.

***(Order the Kryon series from your neighborhood regular/metaphysical bookstores.)

4. Read the book entitled, "The Power of Twelve" by Anne Brewer. The book explains the process of connecting your 12 DNA strands to your spiritual consciousness. This does not refer to the physical connection. The book may not be available at your local bookstore, so it can be ordered from the company: "InterLink". The address & phone number are as follows:


5252 W. 67th Street

Prairie Village, KS 66028

(913) 722-5498, FAX = (913) 722-5497

Email =

Website =

?There are two parts to the process described in the book:

a. First -request the reconnection of your 12 DNA strands to your spiritual consciousness.

b. Second -request the 'Plugins' to your endocrine system (involves the 7 major chakras).

[You do not have to wait until the 12 DNA strands are reconnected; you may request the 'Plugins' at any time during the DNA reconnection process.]

You do not have to make your requests by performing the formal ceremony described in the book. But, you do need to express your request with strong intent and desire OUT LOUD that you are to receive the processes!!

The author was the guinea pig for the initial effort by the spiritual medical team. The process will be smoother and without the difficulties the author experienced now that the process has been perfected.

These four steps will provide you with additional growth, insight and abilities for your personal evolutionary development.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #21

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