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Responses, Visions and a Poem

Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)
Published on: August 26, 1999

I loved the 20th newsletter. There are things I wish to share as usual.

For Rinor:

In "The Source," the tarot card you use to identify with the source, it is part of the Thoth tarot deck, I know, because I have this deck, and the image looked quite familiar to me. There is something I could never figure out about this card... at the top is the symbol of the sun, and at the bottom, my astrological sign, the symbol of the Capricorn. If either of you find that this means something, please let me know. Also, you mention hearing the voice of a female, then seeing her. Do you remember what day this event occurred? Reading this reminded me of the other night (I don't recall which night, though), when I was undergoing extreme concentration in order to link to you long enough to say a few things, and then to break the link so that I may link up with Alex, and then to another. It was a promising time for me, a very spiritually beneficial night to say the least.

If either of you recall receiving a message from me, please let me know.


At a friend's birthday the other day, I noticed a cloud formation in the form of a Dragon. This is most likely a sign from Robert that he is watching over me as usual.


I stood outside yesterday and watched as a storm moved in from all directions, yes, I mean all directions. The greatest connection with nature, as I find, is to be out, "in the storm" so to speak. The winds brought an air of peace and healing. There is a high attunement in watching the pine needles and leaves being blown from the trees to the ground, and being showered with them before the healing drops from the great sky.

That is all from me for now. I will talk with the both of you soon.

Love and Light, always,


P.S. Attached is the poem I wrote about the experience listed.

??? An Afternoon In Splendor

Oh great tree,

As I stand beneath thy leaves

The warmth of your green essence wraps me within.

A green healing energy rising from my feet, to my crown.

By your essence, I feel a healing within my soul.

Great Father Sky!

Your spirit whisps around me.

The breeze that moves the leaves of my beloved Mother.

An air unseen, the breath that enters my body and gives me knowledge.

By your essence, I grow wise.

??? 8/10/99


Added on 8/23/99:

I recently remembered a dream I had from a few days back. There is a place that was once mentioned to me by one of my best friends, what he calls, "the void". It is known as the "everything and nothing", the "within and without", the universe. In the dream, I was in this place, and could see nobody. Though all around me I heard what seemed to be voices from near and far. Since this has occurred before, while I was awake, I tell all that these are not voices, rather, thoughts. Thoughts of people from near and far. Unfortunately, I do not recall what the thoughts were of, but it was as if they were all speaking in separate conversations and at the same time as if they were all spoken to me. Almost like tapping into a "universal consciousness", if you will.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #21

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